Sherrill Sajak, Pat Sajak’s Ex-Wife – Biography, Married Life & Family

If you watch American television, then you may know about Pat Sajak. He has cultivated an iconic status in the American entertainment industry as a long-term host of the popular TV game show – Wheel of Fortune. His status as one of America’s most respected icons is unquestionable and this has seen a couple of women who were married to him become public personalities, like Sherrill Sajak who was his first wife.

Through her marriage to the game show host, Sherrill Sajak became a public personality and has remained one long after her marriage to the TV personality ended. In this article, we take a closer look at the life of Sherrill Sajak and her relationship with her former husband, Pat Sajak. Read on to learn more.

Sherrill Sajak’s Biography

Considering she does not have a claim to fame on her own, and also the fact that she spent only a few years in active media spotlight before she disappeared, very little is known about the life of Sherrill Sajak outside of her relationship with Pat Sajak.

We know that she was born in 1945 and her middle name is James but her last name, prior to her marriage to Pat Sajak is unknown due to the absence of information about her parents. Other childhood information such as her birthplace or her siblings is also unknown.

If Sherrill Sajak had a professional career before she got married to Pat Sajak, that is a piece of information currently unavailable to the media at this time. But like a shooting star, Sherrill Sajak was an active name in the media for a short while before she disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Her Married Life With Pat Sajak

As mentioned earlier, Sherrill Sajak resided outside the realm of media consciousness before she became known to the media and fans of Wheel of Fortune as the wife of Pat Sajak, the adored host of the game show. The couple met each other in 1978, three years before Pat began to host Wheel of Fortune in 1981.

Following the initial love and affection they had for each other as lovers, Sherrill Sajak and Pat Sajak got married in 1979 and officially became husband and wife, with the conviction that they would be a lifelong couple.

However, life often has its own plans and it came in the form of a breakout role for Pat Sajak in 1981 when he was chosen to be the host of Wheel of Fortune, the consequent fame and success that came from the role placed a responsibility on Pat’s shoulders that made it difficult for him to juggle between his vow to his wife and the challenges of his new role.

Eventually, Sherrill Sajak and Pat Sajak opted for a separation in 1986, less than a decade after they got married in front of their family and friends.

Their divorce was anything but amicable but it was made easier as the couple shared no children during their time together. Since the divorce, Pat Sajak has gone on to marry Lesly Brown Sajak, marrying her in three short years after he divorced his first wife, while there is no information about the marital status of Sherrill Sajak following her separation from the television host.

Her husband has two children

Not only has Pat Sajak been able to build a more lasting relationship with Lesly Brown-Sajak, but the ex-husband of Sherrill Sajak has also been able to raise two children with her, a son named Patrick Michael James Sajak and her daughter named Maggie Marie Sajak.

Her ex-husband is a Republican

Perhaps in a couple of decades ago, conservatives, who were politically affiliated with the Republican party were treated with respect and honor but not anymore. Her husband’s relationship with the party, which has spanned several years where he was a writer for some conservative publications like Human Events has continued to exist till date.

Sherrill Sajak’s ex-husband’s wife is a photographer

Sherrill Sajak
Sherrill Sajak’s ex-husband, Pat and his wife, Lesly Brown-Sajak

Unlike Sherrill Sajak, whose professional background is unknown to the media, Pat Sajak’s second wife, Lesly Brown-Sajak has a known professional career and it is photography. She has been a photographer before her relationship with Pat and has remained one after.

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Her former husband is a Hall of Famer

We do not know what Sherrill Sajak has achieved personally in her life due to the absence of information about her life, but whatever and wherever she might be, she can be proud to have been a part of the journey of a man who has gone on to be one of the icons in Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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