Rod Stewart vs Penny Lancaster Net Worth and Their Interesting Love Story Despite Their 26-Year Age-Gap

Dating someone who is much older is fraught with several challenges, including harsh public opinion, but there are some celebrity couples who have been able to weather that particular storm. One of them is the duo of Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster. The British rock star and TV personality first emerged as an item in the year 1999. Many wrote their romance off because of the huge age gap between them. The fact that Stewart was also notorious for his several marriages, divorces, and breakups did not also help matters.

It is two decades down the line and Stewart and Lancaster have gone on to prove the naysayers wrong. They have not only remained firmly together but now have two children. They also maintain good relations with not only the singer’s children from his past relationships but also with his exes. Such harmonious co-existence means that the couple is energized to do well in their respective careers. Stewart continues to wow audiences all over the globe with a mixture of old and new hits alike while Lancaster is now a foremost TV personality in her motherland.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Couple

How Old is Penny Lancaster?

Penny Lancaster is 53 years old which makes her 26 years younger than her famous husband

How Did She Meet Rod Stewart?

They met in 1999 when she approached him for an autograph at the end of a concert.

When Did Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart Get Married?

The couple tied the knot on the 16th day of June 2007.

How Many Children Do They Have?

The couple has two sons together namely Alastair and Aiden.

What Does Penny Lancaster Do For a Living?

Penny Lancaster is a TV personality.

Who is Richer Between Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster?

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster have a combined net worth of $320 million. Individually, Stewart is worth $300 million while Lancaster is worth $20 million. Such disparity in wealth is to be expected given their level of individual achievements. For Rod, he is one of the greatest rock stars that the world has ever seen. In a magnificent career spanning five decades, he has released ten No.1 albums and his singles have topped the charts as well. He has now sold about 250 million records worldwide making him one of the bestselling artists in history.

Another lucrative source of income for Sir Stewart is tours and Las Vegas residencies. The singer has embarked on several sold-out tours over the years, including his 2016 Hits Tour which generated about $6.7 million from just four stops. Five years before that, Stewart signed a two-year deal for a Las Vegas residence that fetched him at least $56 million. The singer has also cashed in from selling future royalties to his music. He reportedly securitized his music royalties for a loan of about $15 million in the late 90s.

Penny Lancaster may not be as accomplished as her legendary husband but one cannot deny the fact that she is doing well in her own right. The Essex native has built an impressive resume as a multi-talented showbiz personality. Lancaster first started out as a model in the 90s. She subsequently switched sides to become a professional photographer down the line. She has since gone on to appear on several reality TV competition shows, including the 2007 edition of Strictly Come Dancing. She also served as the face of lingerie brand, Ultimo, in 2002 and was paid £200,000.

Lancaster is now most famous for her time as a guest panelist on the popular talk show, Loose Women. The show is a staple of British TV that features women debating a wide range of topical issues. It has been on since 1999 and Lancaster first joined the show in 2014. She has continued to appear on it to date though not quite consistently. It is not known exactly what she earns on the show but it will be quite massive given that some of her fellow panelists make as much as £3000 for each episode that they appear on the show.

What Is The Age Difference Between Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster?

Rod Stewart was born on the 10th of January 1945 while his wife, Penny Lancaster, was born on the 15th of March 1971. This makes for a 26-year-age difference between the couple and such a gap generated lots of comments when the couple first got together. These comments have since quelled down with people having realized that these are two adults who are doing something that is totally legal in private.

Lancaster has meanwhile spoken about the age difference between her and Stewart, confessing that her greatest fear will be that she might end up alone. According to her, now that Stewart is in his 70s and she is in her 40s, it, therefore, means that by the time she gets to the 70s, he would most likely be up to a 100 and may have kicked the bucket by then. Such a possibility frightens the model-turned-TV personality but she is working to accept the reality that it may just be only her someday in the future.

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How Did Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster Meet?

Several celebrities have been known to fall in love with non-celebs over the years and one of them is Rod Stewart. The legendary British musician first met his future wife in 1999 when she approached him for an autograph. The young lady had done so on a dare by one of her friends and luckily for her, Stewart not only gave her an autograph but ended up inviting her to come and photograph him at a concert. The singer had given that invitation without any ulterior motives as he simply wanted to help out Lancaster who was still in photography school and trying to work her way up.

Stewart would eventually ask Lancaster out about six months after that initial meeting and they began dating in earnest. They subsequently got engaged atop the Eiffel Tower several years down the line. The couple later tied the knot on the 16th day of June 2007. The ceremony took place at the medieval La Cervara Monastery in the Italian holiday resort town of Portofino and they honeymooned on a yacht moored in that same city. Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster have been together for more than two decades now and their love shows no signs of waning.

The legendary singer has described his wife as his everything and stated that no words can adequately capture how he feels about her. According to him, she has taught him lots of good manners and also helped him become a better person. For his own part, he has helped her to gain a lot of confidence in the course of their romance.

The couple are not hoarding all this love for themselves as they have gone on to welcome two sons; Alastair (b. 27th of November 2005) and Aiden (b. 17th of February 2011). Stewart also has five additional children from past relationships (including two past marriages) over the years. They are Sarah (b. 1963), Kimberley (b. 1979), Sean (b. 1980), Ruby (b. 1987), Renee (b. 1992), and Liam (b. 1994). The rock star maintains good relations with not only his kids but also his exes as well and Lancaster is toeing a similar line. According to her, she knew prior to marrying Stewart that he came with a lot of baggage and exes and she resolved to show them genuine kindness. That tactic has paid off as everybody is largely on good terms with the other. This factor made them all get together for Kimberley’s 40th birthday in 2019.

Quick Comparison of Rob Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Rob Stewart  Penny Lancaster 
Age 79 53
Height 5 feet 10 (1.78m) 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Birthplace  Highgate, London, England Chelmsford, Essex, England
Net Worth  $300 Million $20 Million
No. of Albums  31 Nil
Grammy Awards  One Nil



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