What is Paris Hilton’s Net Worth and What Do We Know about His Boyfriend?

What is Paris Hilton’s Net Worth in 2021?

Net Worth:‎$300 Million
Age/Date of Birth:
43 years old (February 17, 1981)
5 ft 8 in or 173 cm
Norwegian, German, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry
Nationality:The United States of America
Husband or Boyfriend:

Chris Zylka (Fiance)
Parents:Richard Hilton and Kathy Hilton
Paris Hilton is an American model, socialite, heiress, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $300 million.

Paris began modeling at a tender age while in elementary school. With her natural beauty and figure, she landed a contract with Trump Model Management, a now-closed renowned modeling agency once owned by the 45th President of the United State, Donald Trump.

While her incredible talent as a model earned a lot of lucrative deals from top brands, her TV/movie roles, family and the controversies surrounding her made her super-popular.

Paris Hilton’s Early Life

Records have it that the model was born Paris Whitney Hilton on the 17th day of February 1981. As a model, she has worked with top designers like Christian Dior, Guess, Marciano, and others. Most of Hilton’s childhood friends are now top stars including Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie’s adopted daughter.

Her film/TV career started in 2001 when she was given a cameo role to play as herself in “Zoolander”, with Ben Stiller as the lead actor and director. However, Paris became known to many when she appeared on the reality TV show, “The Simple Life” in 2003. In the same year, she got a bigger acting role in “The Cat in the Hat” movie which was moderately successful for her. Still, in 2003, Paris featured in a thriller which was directed by James Cox – “Wonderland”.

Things were ambivalent for Paris in 2003 because she got famous in every dimension. The TV and film roles she played were overshadowed by a sex tape released by her ex-boyfriend. The sex tape was titled “One Night in Paris“.

Paris Hilton

In the latter years, Paris got some significant roles in TV shows which contributed to her fame. She featured in “The O.C”, “Veronica Mars”, and “Las Vegas”. The sex tape wasn’t much of a blow to her popularity and movie roles since Paris was able to land more lucrative deals with top films. She played a supporting role in “House of Wax” and “Nine Lives”.

She also appeared in several reality shows like “Paris Hilton’s; My New BFF”. The competitive reality television show had some Spin-offs that were somewhat successful. Paris, later on, had another reality TV series, called “The World According to Paris”. These reality TV shows made her gain more popularity.

Paris is 8 inches taller than 5 feet. She weighs about 55kg and other details of her body measurements are 34, 25, and 35 inches respectively for her busts, waist, and hips.

How Much Is Hilton Really Worth and How Does She Make Her Money?

Paris Hilton

Owing to the fact that Paris Hilton was born into a super-rich family, she has always been both some good money. The heiress kicked off her career modelling when she was still a child and later signed with the now-defunct Trump Model Management during her teen years. Shortly after her modelling career went off the ground, she hit the social scene, becoming popular due to her party-girl lifestyle and gaining media attention.

Her fame went many notches higher following the unapproved release of her sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon titled “1 Night in Paris”. The tape, which was then marketed and distributed by Rick, made millions of dollars as Paris sued her ex. They subsequently settled the matter out of court with Miss Hilton reportedly receiving a $400,000 payment from the video.

Three weeks after the sex video found its way to the internet, Paris Hilton’s first reality television series, The Simple Life, in which she starred alongside her then BFF and fellow socialite Nicole Richie, premiered on Fox. It was a major breakthrough for the socialite as the show turned out to be a huge success despite initial fears that the sex scandal might cripple it even before it began.

Thanks to the new level of fame both the reality show and the sex tape launched her into, new doors of opportunities began to open for Paris: The giant fashion brand, Guess, approached her to feature in three of its international campaigns, she appeared as a  guest on “Saturday Night Live” with Jimmy Fallon, and her reality show went on to air for five seasons with high ratings.

In 2004, Hilton, together with Merle Ginsberg, released a book titled “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Cheek Peek behind the Pose”. Although the book was severely criticized by critics, it still managed to make its way to the list of New York Times best-sellers. The following year, she released a second book called “Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All To Me.”

While on her first book in 2004, the heiress also started her own line of perfume as well as a nightclub franchise and by the end of 2005, she had already started working on designing her own line of jewellery. In June 2012, Hilton debuted as a DJ at a pop-music festival in Brazil and has gone on to establish herself among the highest-earning DJs.

As it stands now, Paris Hilton earns an average of more than $10 million from product sales annually, not less than $100,000 for club appearances, and a reported $1,000,000 for a 1hr. 30 minute DJ set. All these gave the socialite an estimated net worth of $300 million.

The Socialite Inherited Some Money From Her Family

Born into the super-rich family of the Hiltons, who are widely known for the Hilton Hotels & Resorts Group established by Conrad Hilton in 1919, Paris Hilton and other children of the family were looking forward to receiving large chunks of money as an inheritance from the family fortune. But things changed in 2007 when news emerged that Barron Hilton, Paris’ grandfather, had decided to donate 97% of his wealth to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

This left very little, approximately $69 million, for the rest of his family to share, including his eight children and many grandchildren, among them Paris. An estimate reported by Daily News revealed that the heiress who was initially supposed to receive $100 million might have ended up getting just $5 million.

Some of Her Highest Grossing Movies and How Much They Made:

  • The Hillz (2004) – $114,197,520
  • The Cat in the Hat (2003) – $101,149,285
  • Raising Helen (2004) – $37,486,138
  • House of Wax (2005) – $32,064,800
  • National Lampoon’s Pledge This!(2006) – $19,733,089
  • Wonderland (2003) – $1,060,512
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) – $146,750

List of Her Most Popular TV Shows:

  • The Simple Life (2003–2007)
  • Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (2008–2009)
  • Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend (2009)
  • Supernatural (2009)
  • Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF (2011)
  • The World According to Paris (2011)

What We Know About Her Boyfriend, Carter Reum

Paris Hilton has had her fair share of the ups and downs that usually come with giving your heart to the ‘wrong’ people, but she appears to be having a time of her life since she began dating her current boyfriend, Carter Reum. The duo became a pair in November 2019 but knew each other long before then. Speaking to PEOPLE in early September 2020 about her relationship with Carter, Paris said, “I’ve known him for 15 years. Then [Reum’s sister Halle Hammond] invited us to Thanksgiving, and we just had this incredible chemistry. We had our first date and haven’t spent a night apart since. It’s pretty amazing”.

She also revealed that the months-long coronavirus pandemic which forced everyone to stay at home has helped them grow very close to each other. “The amount of time we’ve had together is what would normally take five years!”, said Paris. Speaking further, the love-struck beauty also said that Carter reminds her of her dad and makes her feel safe and happy. “I finally found the right one,” she told PEOPLE.

Carter’s Background

Meanwhile, Carter is a published author and an entrepreneur. He was born Carter Milliken Reum on February 5, 1981, in Wayne, Illinois, but was raised in Chicago alongside his brother Courtney, and sister, Halle. He attended Elgin Academy from 1990 to 1995 and four years later, he enrolled at Columbia University in the City of New York. There, he studied business/managerial economics, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA (second in his class) in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

He Is A Successful Entrepreneur

Being the son of Robert Reum, who was once the chairman, president, and CEO of Amsted Industries, a company based in Chicago, it is no surprise that Carter as well as his brother towed the entrepreneurial path. The Reum brother jointly established and built the all-natural brand of vodka known as VEEV Spirits, which they eventually sold to a larger company in 2016 in order to start up and pay more attention to their investment firm M13.

Yes, this means that he is also an investor. According to his official bio, Carter has actively invested in several brands, including Suja, Surf Air, Birchbox, Munchery, Blue Bottle Coffee, Pinterest, Matterport, Lyft, and Bonobos. In recognition of his contributions and achievements as an entrepreneur, Carter Reum has been named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list, INC’s list of 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, Richard Branson’s best-selling book “Screw Business as Usual”, and the Goldman Sachs Builders + Innovators list of 100 “Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” in America.

Carter Reum Has Published A Book

In 2018, the entrepreneur published a book titled Shortcut Your Startup: Speed Up Success with Unconventional Advice from the Trenches, which he co-authored with his brother Courtney. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge the brothers shared in the book, it turned out to become a bestseller. Carter has also been a contributing writer for Inc. Magazine from January 2015 to date.

Paris Hilton Has Nearly Gotten Married Three Times

In her quest to find that one person with whom she will live happily ever after, Paris Hilton has dabbled into a whole lot of relationships and romantic associations with many men in her celebrity circle. She has even gotten very close to tying the knot on three different occasions but they eventually never worked out and to date, she is still single and searching for her knight in shining armor. Find out about her would-have-been husbands below.

Chris Zylka

Prior to her involvement with Carter, Paris Hilton was engaged to her actor and model boyfriend, Chris Zylka. They started dating in 2017 after meeting at an Oscars after-party. The couple subsequently announced their relationship officially on Instagram in February 2017 and later made their first appearance as a pair during the premiere of season 3 of Zylka’s show The Leftovers. Hilton and Chris kept on ‘tormenting’ their fans with their constant show of love for each other on social media and after dating for some months, they announced their engagement. Zylka proposed to the socialite in January 2018 with a 20-carat engagement ring reportedly worth $2million.

Image Source – Instagram/parishilton

He popped the question on a snowy mountaintop during New Years weekend while they were on a ski trip in Aspen. The duo went on to share the good news with their fans on social media in a long-deleted video. Also confirming their engagement, Paris announced that Zylka is her best friend and the love of her life. She expressed that she is excited to be engaged to the actor proclaiming he’s perfect for her and that she has never felt more happy, safe, and loved. Chris also conveyed that he feels like the luckiest man alive. To him, Paris is the most beautiful woman and he can’t wait to become her life partner.

Not long after, the party girl heiress began making wedding plans alongside her soon-to-be husband and in February 2018, Paris said she was having fun searching for wedding dresses and looking for a venue for her wedding day. Zylka on his own part was also preparing to spend the remaining days of his life with Paris Hilton by drawing a tattoo of her face on his forearm as a sign of his love for her. While the couple planned for their wedding, they were also busy with work. Hilton traveled a lot, attending various red carpet events while her fiance filmed his show.

Unfortunately, the couple’s busy schedule interfered with their wedding plans and as a result, they announced in August 2018 that they had moved their wedding date further, having realized that doing so would help accommodate their schedules better. Speaking to  Us exclusively, Paris said she didn’t want to rush the wedding because she wanted it to be perfect. “I want to go directly from wedding to my honeymoon, not to just rush off to work, because it’s the most special day of your life”, she added

Three months down the line, the music took a different turn as it dawned on the couple that their relationship was not making headway. Consequently, they felt it was better to terminate the engagement. Fans speculated that their jobs, which kept them apart most of the time, was a major factor that led to their breakup. That aside, a source close to the duo said, “Paris realized that it wasn’t meant to be and he wasn’t right for her. There were some problems along the way. She’s done.”

Paris Latsis

Paris Latsis and Paris Hilton image source

Miss Hilton has also been engaged to Paris Latsis. Born Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis in 1982, the young man is a Greek shipping heir, movie producer, socialite, and shipowner. The duo began dating sometime in 2004 and after about eight months they raised the bar on their relationship by getting engaged in May 2005. According to E, People.com reported that Latsis popped the question after Paris came back from a publicity tour for her thriller, House of Wax.

The proposal was not done the usual way as the superwealthy shipping heir came prepared with 15 different rings from top jewellers like Tiffany and Harry Winston for Paris to choose from. She definitely chose the best sparkler to adorn her finger though there was no word on which she picked. Following their engagement, the couple threw a weekend barbecue, celebrating with 75 of their family and friends at their Hollywood Hills home.

Expressing her affection for Latsis in the months that followed, Paris Hilton told Us Weekly, “I’m so in love and grateful to have found such an honest and loyal person. I feel like we were meant to be, and I’m happy to have found someone to spend the rest of my life with.” Sadly, The Parises called off their engagement in September 2005 and in a statement announcing their separation, Hilton said that over the months following their engagement, she came to realize that parting ways was the right decision for her. She also added that they were still best friends and she would always love him.

Addressing the topic in a longer statement through Elliot Mintz, The female socialite explained that she was simply not ready to be married. According to her, she has seen people rush into marriage too quickly because they love each other and then break up eventually, “and I do not want to make that mistake”, she said. Being a young girl with a very active career, Hilton also said that she was not ready to give that up considering how hard she worked to get to where she was. She, however, acknowledged that Paris was a good man, saying “I love Paris. He is my best friend, and it will be that way forever. This man treated me as no man ever has. We will also be business partners and have movies in the works”.

Jason Shaw

Paris Hilton and Jason Shaw image source

Paris Hilton got involved with a model named Jason Shaw in 2001. At that time, she was barely 21 while Shaw was eight years her senior. In 2002, they got engaged but later broke off the engagement the following year for reasons best known to them. However, they remained friends. In 2010, there were speculations that they had rekindled their love after they were spotted together enjoying dinner at Woo Lae Oak in Hollywood at about 10 p.m. This was shortly after Paris parted ways with her on and off boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, in March.

Not long after, the heiress reportedly confirmed that she was seeing her ex-fiance, Jason Shaw, but also made it clear that they were taking it slowly. Speaking in a recorded interview with TV host Ellen DeGeneres that was published by The Daily Star, she said, “We’ll see what happens. I love him so much. We’re very close and I’ve known him a very long time.” Hilton also confessed that it was not easy dating new people. “It is hard. You meet people and you don’t know what their intentions are,” she added. Their relationship obviously failed to work out a second time as the socialite went on to date other people.

Beyond the foregoing, it is known that Paris once dated  Edward Furlong, Rick Salomon,  Nick Carter, Stavros Niarchos, Benji Madden, Doug Reinhardt, Cy Waits, River Viiperi, and businessman Thomas Gross. It was Salomon who released the “One Night in Paris” sex tape.

Profile Summary
First Name:Paris
Last Name:Hilton
Also Known As:
Star Princess PH Ms. Blue Baller
Model, socialite, businesswoman
Famous For:being a reality TV star
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Buckley School
St. Paul the Apostle School
Marywood-Palm Valley School
Educational Qualifications:
Catholic faith
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
43 years old (February 17, 1981)
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Birth Place:
New York City, U.S.
Nationality:The United States of America
Norwegian, German, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry
Country of Residence:
The United States of America
Physical Attributes
5 ft 8 in or 173 cm
55 kg or 121 pounds

Eye Colour:
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Hip Size‎: ‎35 inch
Dress Size‎: ‎4 (US)
Shoe Size‎: ‎9 (US)
Marital Status:
Chris Zylka (Fiance)
Family and Relatives
Richard Hilton
Mother:Kathy Hilton
Siblings:Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Barron Hilton II, Conrad Hughes Hilton
Other Relatives:
Grandparents: Marilyn June (née Hawley) and Barron Hilton
Uncles/aunties: William Barron Hilton Jr, Hawley Anne Hilton, Steven Michael Hilton, David Alan Hilton, Sharon Constance Hilton, Daniel Kevin Hilton, and Ronald Jeffrey Hilton.
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth:
‎$300 Million
Salary:$10 million a year
Source of Wealth:
Business, modeling, fashion

Other Things You’ll Want To Know About Paris Hilton

In 2010, Paris Hilton landed herself in jail after she violated her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. She was sentenced to 45 days in the county jail. She was previously sentenced to three years on probation but violated the items, which led it to be suspended.

Paris Hilton first became famous after her sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon which was first released in 2001 got released in 2003 as 1 Night in Paris. This shot her to almost instant fame all over the world, but it was her reality TV show, The Simple Life that sustained her fame.

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