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Humanity has an insatiable demand for entertainment and that demand comes in different forms. From music to movies to sports, there is an unending need for humanity to find creative and talented people who are willing to pursue a career entertaining other people. In sports, particularly the Ultimate Fighting Championship popularly known as UFC, there is no shortage of men and women fighters, giving their body in the entertainment of an excited public. One of them is Nate Diaz.

Fans of UFC are bound to be familiar with Nate. He is one of the big shots in UFC. While all other forms of entertainment demand creativity, Nate Diaz can be described as an expressionist who has chosen the octagon as his canvas. You will learn more about this UFC superstar below.

Nate Diaz Biography

Nate Diaz was born on the 16th of April, 1985 in Stockton, California. The identity of his parents is unknown and some of the other details about the UFC fighter’s background but we know he has an older brother, Nick Diaz who is a former mixed martial arts fighter.

Perhaps inspired by his brother, Nate took up an interest in mixed martial arts at the age of 11 while he attended Tokay High School. He began to train with his older brother and eventually found he possessed the talent and skill to make it as a professional fighter.

Often times, fighters in the UFC credit their difficult upbringing as the reason they became fighters in the first place, but Nate Diaz, a man who abhors clichés would prefer to tell another story, even though he shares the difficult upbringing with several of his peers.

Whatever Nate Diaz credits as his inspiration to become a professional fighter, it led him to his first professional fight on the 21st of October, 2004 at WEC 12. His first match was against Alex Garcia, who he defeated via a triangle choke. His first win has served as a platform to eventually go on and take on several other fighters including big names like Donald Cerrone, Connor McGregor, Gray Maynard.

Nate Diaz in a fight with Connor McGregor
Nate Diaz in a fight with Connor McGregor

With Connor McGregor, Nate Diaz established a rivalry that has become a mainstay of the UFC, It started in The Ultimate Fighter 5. He and Connor have a record of being the highest UFC pay-per-view buy rate for their fight at UFC 202.

Over the course of his career as a professional fighter, Nate Diaz has fought over 30 matches, winning over 15 of them and losing at least 10. His fighting style and technique has earned him a couple of Fight of the Night Honors and Performance of the Night bonuses.

It is also worth knowing that Nate Diaz is a vegan. He has been one since the age of 18. He is also a Cannabis advocate and he runs his own Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school with his brother, Nick. The school is located in Lodi, California.

What is Nate Diaz’s Net Worth

Just like the climb into the octagon, Nate Diaz has climbed to the top of mixed martial arts sport, becoming one of the biggest names in the UFC, rivaling superstars like Ronda Rousey and Connor McGregor. He has become big enough to secure lucrative endorsement deals and command a high salary for his fights. This has helped him to a total estimated net worth of $5 million.

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His Wife or Girlfriend

In the world of sports, where everyone from your manager to your coach to your agent is out to feed on your talent for their own selfish gains, it is important to have people who are always there to look out for your best interest. While Nate Diaz has his brother, Nick Diaz, a fellow fighter to look up to, he can also look to his longtime girlfriend, Misty Brown.

There is no confirmation from Nate Diaz seeing has he prefers keeping his private life away from the media but evidence suggests he has been dating Misty Brown since 2012 and that long-term relationship has produced not only love and affection but also a baby girl that arrived in the world on the 6th of June, 2018.

Height and Weight

As an athlete who is involved in a very physical sport like mixed martial arts, physical fitness is paramount. Nate Diaz, who has a height of 6 feet and an accompanying weight of 77kg is an extremely fit athlete who has been able to leverage on his physical prowess to build a record of over 15 wins as a fighter.

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