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The world we have created for ourselves can often be a cruel place. It can be challenging having to get through the day, which is why there is an abundance of entertainment options to relieve us of our stress. One of the many ways we have chosen is beauty pageantry and when it comes to the art in America, there is a limited number of people who are better at it than Kim Gravel.

If you are familiar with the show, Kim of Queens, you definitely are familiar with Kim Gravel, who is a former pageant coach herself. The reality TV show starring Kim has been airing since 2014 and has so far aired over 20 episodes of the show. To those who might be curious about who Kim Gravel is, we answer that curiosity in the article below. Read on.

Kim Gravel Biography

On the 27th of July, 1971, Jo Hardee and Brooks Hardee welcomed Kim Gravel into their lives as one of two children born to the family. Kim was born in Seneca, South Carolina and was raised there alongside her solitary sister, Allisyn Varalla.

Part of growing up in the modern world involves going through basic education, and whilst we are quite certain that Kim Gravel attended high school, we do not have the particulars of her high school and we cannot determine if she went to college.

However, whatever may have been the trajectory of her academic life, it hasn’t mattered as much as her life in show business. Right from a young age, Kim Gravel has had an affinity for singing and a tendency to let her opinion fly whenever she has them. The latter has made her become one of the top beauty pageant coaches in the country.

Her passion for singing and the modicum of talent she had to go along with it helped her become the lead singer and songwriter of a music group called Beloved.

How she came to compete in a beauty pageant is unknown but in the year 1991, she competed in the Miss Georgia Beauty Pageant. She went on to win the contest; hence, becoming the youngest ever to win the competition at the age of 19. This win led to other opportunities for Kim Gravel, starting with representing Georgia at the Miss America pageant and becoming a U.S Goodwill Ambassador to Japan.

With her pageantry days behind her, Kim Gravel has in turn settled into a career of training young girls who wish to be beauty queens. She has been doing this on national television via Kim of Queens which began to air in 2014.

Kim Gravel
Kim Gravel with Steve Harvey and other panelists

Also, she has featured in several other television shows, particularly alongside TV icon, Steve Harvey on his shows, Steve and Steve Harvey. She often features as a panelist on the show. Other than her television appearances, Kim Gravel is also an entrepreneur who has her own cosmetic and apparel line called Belle by Kim Gravel.

Details of Her Husband and Children

Kim Gravel is one of a few sets of Hollywood celebrities who have been able to maintain a long-lasting marriage. She has been married to her husband, Travis Gravel since the 16th of August, 2000.

Not much has been heard about their marriage in the tabloids, which in Hollywood, often means all has been well with their relationship. In addition to the love and affection they share, the couple has been able to raise two children – Beau and Blanton, two boys who were born in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Before Travis Gravel became her husband, he worked as a model for a brief period of time. Kim Gravel, her husband, and their family live in Atlanta.

What is Her Net Worth?

When it comes to the net worth of the reality TV star, an exact figure is currently unknown. As listed above, she has spent a considerable number of years in the spotlight working as a beauty pageant coach and she has made appearances in shows like Steve Harvey, Steve, and FabLife. This long stay in public life has certainly put Kim Gravel in an income realm above that of the average person. Unfortunately, that figure is unknown to us.

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Kim Gravel’s Family Facts

1. Kim Gravel maintains a cordial and loving relationship with her family members, which includes her mom and her sister, Allisyn Varalla.

2. Just like Kim, her sister Allisyn is also involved in the pageantry business as the operator of The Pageant Place.

3. The Lifetime reality TV show, Kim of Queens revolves around Kim, her mother Jo and her sister Allisyn.

4. Asides the show, Kim has appeared in a scripted drama as an actress in the TV show, Drop Dead Diva.

5. She has worked as a makeup artist for the fashion icon, Christian Dior.

6. The reality TV star is active on social media via the handle @kimgravel on Instagram.

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