What Is Colin Cowherd’s Net Worth? How Much Does He Make In A Year?

Being a natural on the job as well as an easily recognizable name in sportscasting, Colin Cowherd’s net worth has always been a matter of interest to many. The TV/radio personality gained popularity over the years for his unique journalistic style and contentious perspectives. Colin is famed for his opinion-based sport studio programming on the radio. Interestingly, the sportscaster’s popularity has soared as much as his media profile.

Since he joined FOX Sports in 2015, the network has recorded remarkable viewership growth on the studio programming. Specifically, the year 2017 was the best ever for daily studio shows on FS1. It is, therefore, unsurprising that FOX Sports execs placed some anchors/pundits like Colin on high salaries. Curious to find out the exact value of Cowherd’s net worth and annual paycheck? Here’s an insight into the broadcaster’s career earnings.

Brief Bio of Colin Cowherd

Born during the baby boom era on January 6, 1964, Colin Murray Cowherd was raised in his hometown of Washington. He did not have the best of childhoods but one which he described as dark and isolated. This was mostly because the sportscaster’s parents parted ways when he was still a youngling. Moreover, he had to live through several other marital attempts his parents made after their split. As a youth, Colin found succor on the radio broadcasts of baseball games, while also playing other sports mostly by himself. More so, during his college days, Colin Cowherd was an active student and was part of the school’s basketball and football teams.

After school, Colin first earned a living as an educator before delving into broadcasting. Prior to ESPN, the sportscaster’s job history include San Diego Padres where he was a play-by-play sports commentator, followed by the role of a sports director with KVBC. He continued with his career in the sports media thereafter, gradually carving a niche for himself in the field while also gaining the required experience in other media companies such as WTVT and later KGW-TV.

Colin Cowherd
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Cowherd had a major breakthrough in 2003 when he landed a job as a reporter in the highly sought-after radio network, ESPN Radio.

Given his commentary prowess, he was able to gather audience on his side and by the following year, he kicked off his renowned show The Herd with Colin Cowherd. During his 12-year stint with the popular media outlet, Cowherd also anchored other shows such as the Colin’s New Football Show, among othersThe sportscaster eventually left ESPN in 2015 following a highly publicized controversy involving baseball players from the Caribbean.

Colin Cowherd moved to another job with Fox Sports same year on a four-year deal. He is also famed on FS1 for his very popular broadcast show The Herd with Colin Cowherd. In addition to that, the sports anchor also runs The Herd Podcast Network which he launched in 2018, featuring daily and weekly podcasts and new shows from other renowned football analysts.

Besides his broadcasting gigs, Colin Cowherd’s net worth was also accumulated from writing. He is an accomplished author with no less than two books under his belt. His book You Herd Me! was his first written work published in 2013, later that same year he published his second book I’ll Say It If Nobody Else Will. Other books he authored include Raw: My 100%, Unfiltered, Grade-A, and Inside Look at Sports, all were published in 2015.

How Much Does He Make In A Year?

After his first four-year deal with Fox Sports, Colin Cowherd landed a new deal with the network. His contract renewal with Fox Sports and iHeartRadio includes a four-year extension to continue hosting the show The Herd with Colin Cowherd, though he relinquished his role as co-host of FS1’s afternoon TV program Speak for Yourself. Cowherd also co-hosted Speak for Yourself with Jason Whitlock but he has now been replaced in that role by ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley. The new deal also requires Cowherd to continue his contributions to Fox NFL Kickoff on Sundays during football season.

Although the reported average salary for Fox Sports anchors is estimated between $40,000-$1 million, Cowherd’s experience and talents as a sports pundit earned him much more. When he joined Fox Sports in 2015, Cowherd reportedly pulled in more than $6 million in yearly earnings. The viewership statistics for his show The Herd greatly soared between 2016 and 2017, recording a 49% year-over-year increase. The Speak For Yourself TV show was not left out. It not only got a remarkable viewership boost between 2016 and 2017 but also recorded a 53% increase over the same time period.

Interestingly, Cowherd now makes more as he continues ownership of his radio program which is syndicated on iHeartRadio and simulcast on FS1. By implication, in addition to his iHeartRadio salary, Cowherd gets a share of the show’s net revenue.

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What Is Colin Cowherd’s Net Worth?

In addition to his $6 million yearly earnings, Cowherd also receives a share of the net revenue from his renowned show. The charismatic and talented sports pundit also makes money from guest appearances on radio and TV. Colin’s numerous efforts in the field of broadcasting have apparently paid off. Besides his Los Angeles-based home, the sportscaster has no less than two other luxurious homes in different cities including Manhattan Beach and Utah. Colin Cowherd’s net worth is currently pegged at $14 million.

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