Catherine Zeta-Jones vs Michael Douglas Net Worth and Their Interesting Love Story Despite Their Age Difference

Human beings are often admonished to live their lives without caring too much about what others think of them. This is easier said than done but one couple that has implemented it in their lives, and is all the better for it, is Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.

The two movie stars struck up a romance in 1999 after meeting at a film festival. At that time, the vast age difference between them spurned several tabloid headlines but they refused to budge. They clung to each other and two decades down the line, continue proving the naysayers wrong. Zeta-Jones and Douglas have a strong marriage blessed with beautiful kids. They also remain evergreen in their respective careers and have even branched out to other ventures. The couple now ranks amongst one of the most admired in the world. They are also significantly wealthy with a combined net worth that will blow your mind.

Who is Richer: Catherine Zeta-Jones or Michael Douglas?

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have a combined fortune of half a billion dollars, with the actor alone accounting for $350 million of that sum. Douglas amassed his wealth from a glorious Hollywood career which saw him become the go-to leading man in the 90s.

From victimized male roles to powerful ones, the actor displayed his talents in a diverse body of works, including movies such as Basic Instinct, Disclosure, Falling Down, The American President, The Game, and A Perfect Murder. For these works, Douglas easily received seven-figure and eight-figure paychecks. For instance, he pocketed $15 million for the 1992 film, Basic Instinct.

Michael Douglas has also made his name and fortune as a producer. The Basic Instinct star founded a production company named Big Stick Productions in 1969 and has since gone on to produce highly-acclaimed works such as The China Syndrome, Romancing The Stove, The Jewel Of The Nile, and The Sentinel. He also produced the 1975 drama film, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The movie was a critical and commercial success, grossing $163.3 million on a budget of $3-$4.4 million. As one of the film’s producers, the film fetched him his first Oscar as it won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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On her own part, Catherine Zeta-Jones has a fortune that is said to be as much as $150 million. The beautiful Welsh actress draws a substantial portion of her riches from an impressive Hollywood career which has seen her feature in several notable flicks over the years. Some of them include The Mask Of Zorro, Entrapment, Intolerable Cruelty, Ocean’s Twelve, No Reservations, Red 2, Traffic (pay – $3 million), Chicago (pay – $8 million), The Terminal (pay – $7 million), No Reservations (pay – $7 million) and Dad’s Army (pay – $10 million).

Another avenue through which Zeta-Jones makes big bucks is endorsement deals. Thanks to her undeniable good looks and universally accepted sex appeal, she has been tapped to represent several brands such as Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics and T-Mobile (this paid her about $10 million per annum).

Beyond movies and endorsement deals, Catherine Zeta-Jones has also parlayed her fame into a lifestyle brand known as Casa Zeta-Jones. Influenced by her Welsh heritage and old Hollywood, the brand is said to embody luxury, opulence, functionality, and versatility. Some of the items they carry include bedding, bath towels, table linens, rugs, and even a ready-to-wear collection. The Casa Zeta-Jones brand is carried by the prominent home shopping channel, QVC.

The Couple Share the Same Birthday But Were Born 25 Years Apart

Much has been made of the age difference between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas and truth be told, it is quite significant. The American actor was born on the 25th day of September 1944 in New Jersey, U.S.A. This makes him exactly 25 years older than his wife who was born on the same 25th of September but in the year 1969.

As you may expect, such a significant age difference led to many tabloid articles, especially given that the actor was said to be as old as Zeta-Jones’ parents. The two love birds refused to pay heed to the cheap talk but instead moved on with their romance. Quite helpful was the fact that the actress’s parents were not bothered with the whole thing and only supported their daughter’s happiness. They, therefore, gave their blessings to the union which has sustained to date. Douglas has meanwhile revealed that having a younger bride makes him feel younger. He is also of the opinion that watching his kids grow up has made him younger.

The Zeta-Jones and Douglas Romance Dates Back to The Year 1999

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrated their 20-year wedding anniversary in 2020. To commemorate the occasion, the actor dished on details of how he met his wife. According to him, it all started when he saw her famous 1998 film, The Mask of Zorro. He was immediately blown away by “the incredible girl” on his screens and a month later, fate lent him a helping hand. The smitten Douglas discovered that both he and Zeta-Jones were attending the Deauville Film Festival at the same time. He immediately asked his people to reach out to her people and set up a drink date.

Luckily, the actress accepted and they went on to have some drinks together. From there, she invited him to dinner, more drinks followed, and soon enough, they began dating despite his use of a terrible pickup line. The couple would later get engaged on New Years’ Eve 1999 in Aspen, Colorado, and welcomed their first child, son Dylan, in August 2000.

Three months later, they tied the knot in an extravagant wedding which reportedly cost $1.5 million. It took place at the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York and a host of their celebrity pals were in attendance, including the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg, and Tom Hanks. At that time, Douglas was 56 years old while his bride was 31 years.

The couple remains together to date and has additionally welcomed a daughter named Carys (b. April 2003). They also maintain good relations with Douglas’ oldest son Cameron from his first marriage. Cameron had drug issues for several years and even landed in jail. He has however cleaned up his act and has credited his stepmom for getting him through his darkest days and not quitting on him. Zeta-Jones and Douglas now have a rock-steady union and they have attributed their success to the fact that they are open and honest with each other. They talk things out rather than hide them and let it fester.

No union is perfect though and the couple have had their fair share of challenges. Jones has required multiple treatments for bipolar disorder and depression while Douglas suffered throat cancer. The actor said in an interview that the cancer was caused by the human papilloma virus that was transmitted through cunnilingus. This led to insinuations that he may have cheated on his wife and so when the couple separated for a few months in 2013, this was reported to be the resaon. Thankfully, they choose a path of reconciliation and got back together.

Comparison of the Superstar Couple 

Catherine Zeta-Jones  Michael Douglas 
Age  51 76
Height  5 ft 6 in (1.69 m) 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Net Worth $150 million $350 million
Nationality Welsh American
No. of Movie Appearances 27 59
Total Movie Gross $2.6 billion $3.7 billion
Oscars One Two


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