What Happened Between Amanda Boyd and Jason Dufner, Who Are Her Parents and Where Is She Now?

Amanda Boyd was living her life as a regular young woman in Auburn when a blind date set up by a friend set her on a path to fame. Boyd was introduced to PGA Tour winner Jason Dufner, a professional golfer known for his successes as well as the meme, Dufnering. This partnership would later lead to marriage and one of the most dramatic stories in the history of modern golf, causing fans and observers to scramble in search of everything there is to know about her.

What We Know About Amanda Boyd’s Parents and Background

When it comes to the background of Amanda Boyd, very little is known. Despite the popularity that has come from her relationships with famous men, very little time has been dedicated towards the background of the woman who once had the eyes of everyone on her due to an alleged affair with Tiger Woods. From the little we have been able to gather, Amanda was born in Millbrook, Alabama, in 1988. We believe she was raised there, before going on to get her higher education at the University of Alabama, where she graduated from in 2010.

Like the majority of women in American colleges, Amanda was a regular girl trying to get her education in one of the country’s prestigious colleges when her life changed after meeting Jason Dufner, who at the time was on a PGA tour. Since then, Amanda has become one of the famous names in America, featuring in sports bars all over the country.

The lack of background information about Amanda Boyd extends to her parents. While it is commonplace for family members of notable people to become public personalities themselves, Amanda’s parents have remained in the shadows during the positive and negative period of their daughter’s time in the spotlight.

So far, all we know is that the former wife of the golf star was born to Mickey and Elizabeth Boyd. Due to her apparent ethnicity, they are assumed to be white. No other information is known to the public at this time. Furthermore, we cannot say if Amanda has any siblings either.

Her Relationship with Jason Dufner

Jason Dufner is an American golfer who has excelled and reached the highest levels of the sport. He has won the PGA Tour five times and has ranked multiple times in the top 10 of the World Golf Ranking. Jason has also won the PGA Championship and finished in the Top Four of the U.S. Open on two occasions.

Having met Jason for the first time while she was a student at the University of Alabama in 2009, the future couple were unable to maintain a relationship after initial contact due to their respective schedules. However, a second attempt in New Orleans the following year, 2010, produced a more lasting connection between the two.

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Amanda Boyd and Jason Dufner became inseparable after their second meeting, with Amanda trading her classroom for hotels and golf courses to support Jason Dufner. As their relationship blossomed and Jason flourished on the golf course, they took their relationship to the next level after a few months, with Jason proposing to Amanda on one of the most important days in America, the 4th of July, while they watched the fireworks.

News of their relationship was well-received by fans of Jason Dufner and golf in general. After a beautiful wedding in 2012, held in Fountainview, Auburn, Amanda became one of America’s sweetheart, as the wife of a man who had won the PGA Championship.

Infidelity Supposedly Ended Their Marriage

Tiger Wood’s sex addiction and infidelity scandal did not only affect his career but the lives of many connected to him, including the marriage of Amanda Boyd and Jason Dufner. The official cause of their divorce was the ‘irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.’ But anecdotal and financial evidence suggests that infidelity may have been the root cause of the early end of the young couple’s marriage.

Their marriage was still in its relative infancy when news broke that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, the woman he dated for two years, were parting ways. The cause of the separation was attributed, to infidelity on the part of the Major champion—this time, with Amanda Boyd.

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According to confidential sources, throughout their relationship, Tiger Woods had a ‘thing’ for Amanda, and the new bride reciprocated his attraction. Their supposedly innocent flirting developed into a full-blown affair, with instances of Woods flying Boyd across the country for their tryst. Amanda Boyd’s supposed affair with the golf superstar reportedly came to an end after Lindsey Vonn caught them.

All of this, of course, is anecdotal, and neither party has confirmed any of it. In fact, Woods’ agent categorically denied the allegation. However, the timing of the reported affair, its discovery by Vonn, and Amanda Boyd’s divorce from Jason Dufner suggests there might be some truth to it. There is also the added fact that Amanda Boyd bought a $675,000 home in Jupiter, Florida, close to Tiger Woods’ estate shortly after her divorce.

The divorce wasn’t entirely a tragedy for Amanda Boyd. During the divorce, she received $3 million in settlement and got custody of their dog, Prince Louie. She also got a Mercedes SUV and now owns a mansion by herself.

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What Has Amanda Boyd Been Up to?

Ever since the divorce, Amanda has withdrawn from the spotlight. Having bought a three-bedroom mansion in Jupiter, Florida after her divorce, not much has been heard from Amanda. As part of her decision to take a step back from the spotlight, she also took a break from social media.

Also, Tiger Woods is in a very public relationship with his girlfriend, Erica Herman. So, it is impossible to say if her reported affair with the pro golfer amounted to anything.


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