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In the world of celebrities and famous personalities, becoming a spouse or a partner of a famous personality is an expressway to fame. It is a road that provides prestige, wealth and influence, even long after the binding relationship is over. Such is the story of Amanda Boyd, the ex-wife of Jason Dufner, one of the biggest names in the world’s most bougie sport, Golf. Her association with golf also extends to Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest name in the history of the sport. These two relationships have helped cement Amanda as one of the notable celebrities in the world. Learn more about the Alabama native by reading below.

Amanda Boyd – Biography

When it comes to the background of Amanda Boyd, very little is known. Despite the popularity that has come from her relationships with those famous men, very little time has been dedicated towards the background of a woman who once had the eyes of everyone on her due to her alleged affair with Tiger Woods. From the little we have been able to gather, Amanda was born in Millbrook, Alabama in 1988. It is believed she was raised there, going on to get her higher education at the University of Alabama which she graduated from in 2010.

Like the majority of women in America colleges, Amanda was a regular girl trying to get her education in one of the country’s prestigious colleges when her life was turned around after she met Jason Dufner, who at the time was on a PGA tour. Since then, Amanda has become of the popular names in the country.

Details of Her Divorce and Ex-Husband (Jason Dufner)

Amanda Boyd
Amanda Boyd and Jason Dufner

Jason Dufner is an American golfer who has excelled and reached the highest levels of the sport. He has won the PGA Tour five times and has ranked multiple times in the top 10 of the World Golf Ranking.

Having met Jason Dufner for the first time while she was a student at the University of Alabama in 2009, the future couple were unable to maintain a relationship after initial contact due to their respective schedules. However, a second attempt in New Orleans the following year, 2010, produced a more lasting connection between the two.

Amanda Boyd and Jason Dufner became inseparable after their second meeting, with Amanda trading her classroom and dorm rooms for hotels and golf courses in order to support Jason Dufner. As their relationship blossomed and Jason flourished on the golf course, they took their relationship to the next level after a few months, with Jason proposing to Amanda on one of the most important days in America, the 4th of July while they watched the fireworks.

News of their relationship was well received by fans of Jason Dufner and golf in general. After a beautiful wedding in 2012, which was held in Fountainview, Auburn, Amanda became one of America’s sweetheart, as the wife of a man who had won the PGA Championship.

The relationship, which had become one of the admired relationships in American sports hit the rocks in 2015. Although during the separation of the couple and eventual divorce, a cogent reason was never given for the breakup, an alleged affair by Amanda with Tiger Woods has been considered as the separation. The rumor mill was further helped by the fact the separation coincided with the breakup of Mr. Woods with his girlfriend at the time, Lindsay Vonn. Tiger’s breakup was believed to be due to his admittance of sleeping with several women, in what was one of the biggest infidelity scandals in recent history. Amanda Boyd was believed to be one of those women.

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The divorce wasn’t entirely a tragedy for Amanda Boyd. During the divorce, she received $2-3 million in settlement and was given custody of the couple’s dog, Louie.

Meet Her Parents

The lack of background information about Amanda Boyd extends to her parental background. Although we know she was born to Mickey Boyd and Elizabeth Boyd, nothing else is known of her parents. Due to her apparent ethnicity, they are believed to be white. There is no word on any potential siblings either.

Where Is She Now?

Ever since the divorce, Amanda has withdrawn from the spotlight. Having bought a three-bedroom mansion in Jupiter, Florida after her divorce, not much has been heard from Amanda. As part of her decision to take a step back from the spotlight, she also deleted her Instagram account.

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