Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau – John Cena’s Ex, Does She Have Kids?

Elizabeth Huberdeau could as well be as famous as her ex-husband even though she shares no career similarity with the WWE superstar John Cena.

Liz Cena, as she is fondly called, is no new person on the screen. She has maintained her stance in the cadre of celebrities even after her separation from the multiple-time Wrestling Champion. Let’s enjoy more facts about the beautiful entrepreneur.

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, on the 28th of  September 1979. All information concerning her parents have been kept away from the public but information concerning her education shows that she was raised in Massachusetts where she attended and graduated from Springfield College.

Elizabeth was not so much a public figure until she got into a relationship and eventually married John Cena, an American professional wrestler, rapper,  actor, and TV host who is best known for his appearance for the Raw and SmackDown brands. John Felix Anthony Cena who is also a West Newbury, Massachusetts native was born on April 23, 1977, belong to English, French-Canadian, and Italian ancestry, he was raised a Catholic.

He became famous in the early 2000s, after taking some training at a California-based Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW). However, his relationship with Huberdeau apparently began in their college years as they both attended the same college. The two got married in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009. The news about their marriage was first heard from WWE champion who announced it while promoting his 2009 movie 12 Rounds with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, saying “I’m gonna get married this year.”

Cena and Huberdeau lived together as a couple until May 2012 about three years after, when the two decided to call off their marriage.

How She Became John Cena’s Ex

John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau separated in May 2012 but their divorce papers were finalised sometime in July the same year. In his reasons for divorce, Cena revealed that they both saw the need for separation after they engaged themselves in some serious argument about the renovation of their home.

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John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau’s separation raised lots of rumours with some blaming Huberdeau for fuelling the whole matter by accusing Cena of cheating on her with several women. Huberdeau’s attorney also gave a tip on the matter by saying they received tips claiming Cena was unfaithful during his marital union. Huberdeau’s attorney went on to state that they were making investigations in relation to Cena’s “unfaithfulness before and after their separation.” There were also speculations that Cena cheated on Huberdeau with Nikki Bella, Cena’s next girlfriend.

While Elizabeth Huberdeau felt totally “blindsided” by Cena’s sudden decision to put an end to their three-year-long marriage, Cena, on the other hand, felt it was necessary, blaming his decision on his lost matches at that period.  Despite their differences, Cena and Huberdeau managed to settle amicably.

How Much Is She Worth?

Despite being heavily hit by the failure of her first marriage with the WWE superstar, Elizabeth Huberdeau still managed her way to the top list of influential women in the country. Currently, the West Newbury, Massachusetts native still manages her career in real estate business. As a successful real estate agent, Elizabeth buys, construct or refurbish properties and buildings to make a living. Liz no doubt earns quite a fortune to live a comfortable life. This is outside her huge parting package from her former husband’s net worth of roughly $55 million.

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Does She Have Kids?

Huberdeau’s three-year-long marriage to John Cena ended without an offspring to show for it. Even when they were in a relationship during their high school years, there were no reports of the couple expecting any child.

It is said that John Cena never wanted a child, instead, he prefers a family of just two people and nothing more. This may appear strange to many who thought the WWE star loves children following his involvement in the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

John Cena has also related how he feels when talks about raising children saying he feels as if there’s a time bomb over his head, regarding the discussion.  The issue about children was also said to be among the reasons for his separation from Bella. According to reports, Nikki Bella was vocal about her desire to become a mother but during their intimate discussions, Cena simply responded by saying he would be unable to grant her that since he didn’t want kids.

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