25 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

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For anyone in love, an engagement ring holds a special place in their relationship. It embodies a promise of marriage and love to eternity. As such, individuals lay great emphasis on the look, make and of course the money value of the engagement ring they present to their lovers. Likewise, the woman receiving the ring feel appreciated and highly valued if they are offered their rings of their dreams. It’s not uncommon, as such, for the rich elites, celebrities and loyal couples to spend a tidy sum of their wealth on buying pricey rings just to awe their partners, and the world by extension. From Jennifer Aniston’s $1 M ring present from her fiance Justin Theroux, to Beyonce’s tickling treasure from her love Jay-Z, the world is awash with examples of individuals who wouldn’t worry to spend a part of their fortune to please their loved ones. But which are the most expensive engagement rings ever gifted by celebrities and the financially endowed?

25. Angelina Jolie

16-carat emerald-cut diamond

Price: $250,000

14 Apr 2012, USA --- CORRECTION - WRONG PHOTOGRAPHER - HANDOUT - An undated handout picture shows the engagement ring on the hand of Angelina Jolie in Hollywood, USA. After seven years together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged, a spokesperson of Brad Pitt confirmed on 13 April 2012. Photo: Howard Pasamanick / HANDOUT / EDITORIAL USE ONLY / MANDATORY CREDIT --- Image by © Howard Pasamanick/dpa/Corbis

Brad Pitt’s attraction for the star actress began in 2004 after they both played the two major roles in the Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie. They became one of Hollywood’s power couple, with millions of fans rooting for them. In 2012, after seven years of being together Brad Pitt proposed with a ring he co-designed with Robert Procop, which totally blew Angelina away. The ring is a tablet-shaped diamond embedded in a thick band of smaller stones. Though they’ve faced various tensions in their relationship, Brangelina as they are called by fans, got married in August 2014.

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24. Kate Hudson

9-carat emerald-cut diamond platinum tapered baguettes

Price: $250,000

kate ring

The Muse rockstar, Mathew Bellamy proposed to the actress with a 9-carat ring in April, 2011. After series of unsolved problems in their relationship, the actress was spotted many times without her rock on her finger. In 2014, an almost 4-year engagement came to an end.

 23. Kate Middleton

12-carat sapphire ring surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, set in 18-carat white gold

Price: $500,000


Prince William proposed to his long time girlfriend with the same ring his dad, Prince Charles  proposed to his mom, late Princess Diana with. Kate couldn’t feel more honored to ‘rock’ it. In 2010, the Prince popped the question in a trip to Kenya and presented her his mom’s 14 solitaire diamond, sapphire ring. They became a royal couple when they got married in April, 2011.


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