What is Cardi B’s Net Worth? How Much Does She Make From Each Concert?

Cardi B has become one of the biggest names in the world of hip hop at the moment. She has established herself as one of the most influential female voices in the music genre and has won innumerable fans from around the world with her immense talent. The rapper broke into limelight in 2017 when she released her single Bodak Yellow. The song became very big not just in the USA but around the world as well. As at August 2019, the video to the song had already been streamed more than 800 million times on YouTube and has won several awards including a BET Award for Viewer’s Choice and an American Music Award for Favorite Song Rap/Hip-hop among others. All of these have resulted in a huge hike in Cardi B’s net worth.

Since her breakthrough as a rap artist, she has become one of the most sought after women in the world of hip hop, cementing herself as one of the most entertaining and brightest shining stars in the genre. In fact, in 2019, she became the first-ever female solo winner of the best rap album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. The award was in celebration of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. Today, she is followed by more than 48 million people on Instagram alone and is known for causing ripples around social media from time to time with her controversial acts.

Now, fans have often wondered how much wealth she has been able to accrue since she started her career. Having come from a small background to become one of the most important rap stars in the world, fans are interested in knowing if she has become very rich yet. Questions have also been asked about how much she earns per show. Well, we have been able to gather some information in that regard for your reading pleasure.

How Much Does Cardi B Make From Each Concert?

Having risen to the very top of the game in the rap genre of music, it is expected that Cardi B has become a wealthy person. It is also expected that she charges quite high to appear and perform at shows considering her status at the moment. So, how much does she charge for each concert or show that she appears in? Let’s see.

In July 2019, Cardi B shared a post on her Instagram page which revealed just how much she makes when she goes out to perform at concerts and the figures are very interesting. The rapper deleted the post she made on her page shortly after she shared it, however, her many fans and media outlets had already seen it before she took it down. In the post, she was trying to explain to her fans why she has not gone on a full tour, deciding instead to do one-off concerts and festival gigs. According to her, she has decided to do one-off shows because it is in her financial interest to do so.

The post she made revealed how much Cardi B was billed to make from all her concerts in the summer of 2019 and gave an insight into what she charges from all her shows. The post showed that the rapper does not make the same amount of money from all her shows; the amount of money she makes varies from show to show.

Cardi B
Cardi B on stage with her dancers

Cardi B revealed that she makes a lot more money when she performs in Europe than when she performs in the USA. For instance, the full break down of her earnings as seen in her post revealed that she was billed to receive a minimum of $300,000 for some concerts and a maximum of $500,000 for other shows in the USA during the summer of 2019. However, for her Europe shows, she was billed to receive a minimum of $400,000 for some shows and a whopping $900,000 for others shows and festival gigs across major cities.

For performing in North American, Cardi B revealed that she was billed to receive $450,000 for some shows and $750,000 for others. In total, Cardi B is billed to earn an incredible income of nearly $10 million for all the different shows. Apparently, the rapper commands a lot of influence when it comes to stage performances.

What is Cardi B’s Net Worth?

There is no doubt at all that Cardi B is a wealthy woman at the moment. Having risen to become one of the highly-paid artistes in the game, it is expected that she has raked in quite a lot of money during her career so far. According to different sources, Cardi B now has a net worth of $12 million.

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Like we have explained above, Cardi B makes her money from the different concerts she holds around the USA and around the world. She also rakes in money from her album sales and online streaming. The rapper also earns money through the different endorsement deals she has inked over the years.

It is believed that Cardi B’s reign as one of the Queens of rap is just starting and that it will wax stronger in the coming years. Apparently, she will make more money as time goes on.


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