UberHaxorNova’s Net Worth and Things To Know About The Twitch and YouTube Streamer

The name ‘Uberhaxornova’ is certainly a strange one to an average English speaker. Interestingly, however, the name has become so popular it has an English Dictionary entry. But, even more, strange is the fact that the name – even in the dictionary – originated from the legacies of a young Youtuber and Twitch game streamer still under thirty years of age. Well, that’s his screen name as well.

Another proof of how popular UberHaxorNova, as a person has become is that his Youtube channel (UberHaxorNova) currently has over 3 million subscribers. Then, at the point of writing this, his Twitch page has over 7,300,000 views and still counting. The question now is “what makes this personality so special and popular?”

In this post, we are taking a look at the biography and other facts about UberHaxorNova (to be abbreviated as just ‘Nova’). Here we shall have the opportunity to consider Nova’s background, age, net worth and more.

Who is UberHaxorNova?

Nova was born James Richard Wilson Jr on June 1, 1990, as per wiki sources. He is one of the many celebrities being thrown up by the social media culture.

Although popular as a Youtuber, gamer and comedian, details about Nova’s childhood and family background are terribly scanty. While we cannot access considerable details about his childhood influences and educational background, it is reported at least, that he was raised by his mother alone in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There is also the report that Nova was once a casual worker at Twizzler’s Candies. Then, it is also reported that he has an ancestral root in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico.

Almost all of a sudden, the next thing the world knows about UberHaxorNova are his exploits as a gamer Youtuber. He has since lived in Colorado and California apart from Pennsylvania where he grew up. So, let’s dig further into this obviously extraordinary personality by considering other facts about him.

He became Famous By Being Eccentric.

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UberHaxorNova and Tammy Bowdrie: Image source.

Let’s even start from the choice of the name ‘Uberhaxornova’. In the dictionary entry of the word earlier cited, the first entry typically defines the word ‘uberhaxornova’ as ‘a man who went from a skinny manchild who would make you laugh from his rage in nonsensical games in 2012 on YouTube, to a man who is a fatter version of your local drug dealer who wears a beanie all the time and occasionally laughs like a madman who just took a hit from a bong, but yet continues to make you laugh from his shenanigans on CowChop and videos of nonsensical games in 2016‘. What a dictionary definition!

The second definition of the word says it means “a mental state that you develop if you watch videos of his (UberHaxorNova’s)! you will develop a brain with thoughts of brown and horden. You will quit your job and start making youtube videos, your lung will (sic) develop an odd thing that allows you to laugh in odd ways“.

These definitions say it all – the eccentric persona of the personality behind the name. Then, beyond the dictionary view, the millions (and perhaps billions) who view his videos on Youtube and Twitch are familiar with his wild emotions and gags that have given him his unique trademark.

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He Has Been Ranked Among The 20 Most Popular Youtubers On The Planet

On November 10, 2014, UberHaxorNova was placed 20th on Business Insider‘s list of ‘The 20 Most Popular Youtubers In The World’. According to Business Insider calculations, Nova got that score with 1.38 billion total Youtube views and 2.77 subscribers. Anyway, he has since exceeded these figures certainly. So, he is possibly among the 10 most popular Youtubers currently.

Again, in April 2015, Lolwot corroborated the above Business Insider listing by including UberHaxorNova in their list of ‘The Top 20 Youtubers In The World’. Although he was not given any particular position, he got the listing with 2.8 million subscribers and 14 billion views.

What is His Net Worth?

UberHaxorNova’s net worth is placed at $2.2 million. Nova gathers his net worth mainly from his gaming commentary videos on Youtube and his gaming live streaming on Twitch.

His most popular Youtube channel is named ‘UberHaxorNova’ which has gathered over 3 million subscribers since April 4, 2008, that it was launched. But, he also has other two popular channels which are ImmortalHD and Cow Chop. At the time of writing this, ImmortalHD has over a million subscribers since December 10, 2008, that it was launched. As for Cow Chop, it has currently accumulated close to a million subscribers since February 2,9, 2016 that it was launched. Then, UberHaxorNova’s Twitch Channel so far has more than 1.3 million views just at the point of writing.

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