Tyson Fury Net Worth and All The Ways He Makes His Money

With a net worth of $30 million, Tyson Fury ranks amongst one of the wealthiest boxers in the world. He is also one of the most colorful personalities in the sport and is revered for his enigmatic behavior, including singing impromptu. Such a charismatic personality has earned Fury comparisons with the great himself, Mohammed Ali, and this is high honor given that he nearly lost it all.

Having made a name for himself in the boxing circles as a youth, Fury went on to leave up to expectations by winning several heavyweight belts in his 20s. He was bound for greatness but a slew of mental health and alcoholism issues stopped him in his tracks. They were also doping bans which would leave him out in the cold for about three years. Fury would later make his comeback in 2018 and has not looked back since. He has reclaimed one of his heavyweight titles and now has a good shot at reclaiming others, which would earn him a huge payday, possibly quadrupling his fortune.

Tyson Fury Has Earned Tens of Millions of Dollars from His Bouts

A primary source of Tyson Fury’s net worth is unsurprisingly his career in the ring, a career that goes way back to his childhood. Thanks to a family background that features lots of boxers, Fury was trained in the sport by his father as early as the age of ten. His father later landed in jail and two of his uncles took over his training. The young Fury would spend his teenage years representing both England and Ireland in various youth boxing tournaments. He won several titles, including the ABA super-heavyweight champion, and turned pro at the age of 20 in 2008. Since then, Tyson Fury has featured in not less than 31 bouts and has yet to taste defeat. He has rather won 30 of those fights and drawn only one.

Such a formidable record has seen him win several titles, including the WBC Heavyweight Champion, The Ring Heavyweight Title, WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, WBO, IBF, And IBO Heavyweight Titles, European Heavyweight Title, British Heavyweight Title, Irish Heavyweight Title, English Heavyweight Title, and Commonwealth Heavyweight Title, etc. It also means that Tyson Fury has made great money in the ring. For instance, he earned $9 million from his comeback bout against American boxer Deontay Wilder in 2018. The match resulted in his only draw to date but he made no such mistakes in the February 2020 rematch which he won convincingly. The win was quite a moving comeback for Fury. It was also made sweeter by the fact that he earned a total of $30 million from the bout.

He Signed a $103 Million Deal with ESPN in February 2019

The success of Tyson Fury’s comeback fight with Deontay Wilder in December 2018 catapulted his profile to a new stratosphere with many organizations seeking to do deals with him. Amongst them was ESPN and Fury penned a $103 million deal with them which will see his next five fights broadcast exclusively on the network. The 2019 deal remains in place to date and has already seen three bouts done. They include Fury v Tom Schwarz (June 2019), Fury v Otto Wallin (September 2019), and Fury v Wilder (February 2020).

It, therefore, means that the next two fights that Fury participates in will see the conclusion and would mean that he has received the full contract sum. Meanwhile, asides from the ESPN deal, Tyson Fury is also the beneficiary of an agreement with the WWE which saw him fight one of their superstars, Braun Strowman, in October 2019. He won the fight, which took place in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and received a payment of $16.6 million for his participation.

Fury is a Bestselling Author and Also Makes About $7 Million A Year From Endorsement Deals

Tyson Fury made the 2020 Forbes list of the highest-earning celebrities in the world and part of the reason behind this was the purse he made from his bouts. Another contributing factor was his endorsement deals. The gypsy king has been sponsored by the likes of Reebok, EA Sports, Wynn Resort, and Wow Hydrate and makes as much as $7 million per annum from these deals.

Another lucrative source of income for Fury is earnings from his book. The English-Irish fighter has penned two books; The Furious Method (p. November 2020) and Behind the Mask: My Autobiography (p. September 2019). Both books have been best sellers with the autobiography being quite exceptional. It sold about 200,000 copies, justifying the royalties that Fury received, and landed on the New York Times bestseller list.

Fury Potentially Stands to Make as Much as $140 Million From His Blockbuster Bout With Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury’s $30 million net worth is pretty impressive but it is still way off from some of his peers and this is because of the setback he endured from 2015 to 2018. His absence from the sport saw his net worth crash to as low as $78,000 in 2018. He then embarked on his lucrative bout with Deontay Wilder in December 2018 and his fight purse from the bout made his net worth rise to $6.8 million for 2019. It then rose to $9.2 million in 2020 before rising to $30 million now. There is strong reason to believe that Fury will double his net worth over the next 12 months thanks to the proposed blockbuster fight with Anthony Joshua.

The bout, which has been months in the making, is highly anticipated as victory either way will see a unification of all the heavyweight titles in boxing. There is therefore a huge yearning for the fight and financial details have been sorted out. The contract shows that each fighter will take home about $140 million whether they win or lose. There is also a rematch clause and as such, Fury could end up walking away with nearly half a billion by the time the whole thing is over.

Highlights of All His Sources of Income

  • Purses from professional boxing bouts
  • $103 million deal with ESPN
  • Sponsorship deals with the likes of Reebok, EA Sports, Wynn Resort, and Wow Hydrate
  • He is a bestselling author

Spanish Mansions and Gypsy Mobiles: A Peep Into Tyson Fury’s Lifestyle

Tyson Fury is equally parts humble and extravagant and this reflects in his lifestyle. The WBC heavyweight champion could easily afford to live in California or Las Vegas with his net worth but he still insists on residing in the English seaside town of Morecombe. He and his family make their home in a five-bedroom and four-bathroom home worth $770,000. The pad is quite plush and offers a magnificent display of all the career belts that Fury has won.

Outside his Morecombe home, Fury also owns a magnificent mansion in Spain. It is not known how much he bought the house but a peep at the snaps he showed off on Instagram will clue you into the fact that it is quite exquisite with massive pillars. Asides from houses, Fury owns several luxurious vehicles, including a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce. His pride and joy are not these pricey cars though but rather a gypsy wagon which he spent four years restoring. It is gold-painted and gold-leafed.

The Boxer Famously Gave Away His $9.7 Million Fight Purse To Charity Endeavours

Tyson Fury is also doing his bit to help out his society. Back in December 2018 when he fought Deontay Wilder, he toured parts of L.A. and was stunned by the level of homelessness that he saw there. He, therefore, resolved to give away his $9 million purse from the fight to charities in the United Kingdom so that they can use it for the purpose of building homes for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

Beyond giving out money, Fury also never hesitates to share his own struggles with the public. This is to ensure that other people can learn from his story and perhaps get a second chance at life. Fury also did his bit to help out during the battle against the pandemic. He sold a bunch of customized PPE and donated part of the proceeds to the fight against the virus. He also collaborated with his sponsors, Wow Hydrate, to donate tens of thousands of electrolyte water drinks to NHS Staff.


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