Shimon Prokupecz’ Career Until CNN and Fun Facts About His Sexuality

Shimon Prokupecz may be one of CNN’s most promising Justice Reporters today, but he did not start that way. The American journalist, like many others, has had to gradually move his way up to this current point in his career. And while information about Shimon Prokupecz’s CNN career may be readily available, but the same cannot be said of his personal life – particularly his sexuality – which has been a hot debate for almost as long as he has been in the spotlight.

From details of his career progression to his romantic affiliations, here’s all we know about Shimon Prokupecz, including the facts about his sexuality.

Shimon Prokupecz’s Road to CNN

A New York native, Shimon Prokupecz was born on 4th February 1978. There is a scarcity of information about his early life, family background, and what have you. Nonetheless, it is no secret that the journalist grew up in his hometown of Brooklyn. We may not know where and how his education began, but we do know it culminated in an English degree from Hunter College.

Before his CNN, Shimon Prokupecz’s career saw him work at several jobs within and outside journalism. Shimon’s earliest official job record was in the legal field where he served in an auxiliary capacity for the Brooklyn District Attorney. His knowledge of the English language combined with some extra training landed him the paralegal role right after school. An experience that played into his current role as a correspondent for CNN’s Crime and Justice Department.

After his stint at the District Attorney’s office, the ambitious man deemed himself ready to venture into his real passion; journalism. Shimon Prokupecz’s new career path led him to reputable New York-based networks such as WABC-TV and WNBC. During these early days as a journalist, He served as an assignment editor at the former station for a while until he got an offer with the latter.

Throughout his time at the WNBC, Shimon worked in the capacity of a producer for the Network until he left, after which he began at CNN.

More On Shimon’s Career at CNN

Shimon Prokupecz Career
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From his earlier role as a paralegal to covering several high profile investigative cases for a network as reputable as CNN. The curious Hunter college graduate has certainly come a long way since he started.

Shimon Prokupecz began his career at CNN in 2013 and has held several positions, serving the network in different capacities. Thanks to the experience he garnered as a producer at his former station, he was able to continue in the same capacity at his new work. Prokupecz started with the network at its bureau based in Washington D.C. and he made sure to leave his footprint.

Back at the D.C bureau, one of Prokupecs’ most outstanding feats was his contribution to the unveiling of the Russian interference with United States election case. The Journalist had to leave Washington after he was transferred back home to serve the New York Bureau as a Law Enforcement Producer.

As an FBI and law enforcement report specialist for the network, he has covered multiple other investigative cases, many of them high profile. He has also reported on many breaking news stories and covered a variety of law enforcement agencies in the U.S.

Notably, Prokupecz is recognized for his outstanding coverage of the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting, Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as for his several articles on Robert Mueller and the Russian investigation. The journalist had to return to Washington D.C. in 2017, where he has worked as a crime and justice reporter for CNN ever since.

Shimon Prokupecz doesn’t just inform and entertain on the mainstream media but also social media. While the journalist may not be present on all popular social media platforms, he is very active on Twitter and Instagram where he has amassed a strong fan base. He connects with fans on a more personal note on his Instagram account where he shares a variety of posts ranging from work to fun activities like his fitness routine.

What You Should Know About His Sexuality

Shimon Prokupecz Sexuality
Shimon’s stylishness has led many to suggest he’s gay: image source

The journalist’s sexual orientation has always been a subject of interest for many people. Owing to his sense of fashion and unwavering support for the LGBTQ community, Shimon Prokupecz has left a lot of people wondering about his sexuality.

The CNN journalist has been quite private with details of his personal life. He is one of those public figures who prefer to keep details of their love life under wraps. Consequently, the media has been left with just mere speculations.

A section of his fanbase says he is gay while the other swears the journalist is attracted to women. Is Prokupecz gay or straight? These fun facts will answer all your questions.

Shimon Prokupecz’s sexual orientation

Shimon Prokupecz is known to have several gay friends with whom he often spends quality time, but that has not been enough to establish the journalist’s sexuality. He has not been romantically linked with any man in the past. Thus, barring a very private coming-out party we missed, Shimon’s sexuality remains a source of contested debate.

He is not married

Despite the secrecy shrouding Shimon Prokupecz’s relationship status and sexuality, we do know that he has never been married. The only person he has ever been romantically linked with is a woman simply identified as Katy.

Shimon Prokupecz may have had a girlfriend that we know

The journalist sparked dating rumors after flaunting some photos of himself and the lady together on social media. But the speculations remain unconfirmed to date. If Shimon Prokupecz’s social media photos are anything to go by, then it could be a pointer to the obvious as regards his sexuality.

We may not know who this Katy person is, but we certainly know who she isn’t. Shimon’s supposed girlfriend shares a name with his fellow journalist and best-selling author, Katy Tur. But the fact that the lady has been happily married to her husband, Tony Dokoupil since 2017, brings us back to where we started.

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