Selling Sunset Cast: Which Realtor Has the Highest Net Worth?

Ever since the reality TV series, Selling Sunset, premiered on Netflix in the year 2019, it has attracted an equal amount of fans and detractors. While the show has been praised as highly entertaining and fun for its portrayal of all the drama involved in the work and personal life of professional realtors at luxury real estate brokerage firm, the Oppenheim Group, there are those who are not so impressed.

They bash the show for what they deem repellent and nasty behavior by the cast members and have also pointed out that undertones of sexual harassment and other untoward behavior can be found on the show. Despite such mixed reviews, fans keep gobbling up Selling Sunset and the show has so far seen three seasons within a space of two years.

The fourth season is set to make landfall in the nearest future and devoted fans can’t wait for it. Also looking forward to season four is the cast members whose celebrity profile as well as net worth have received a boost from their time on the show.

How Rich are the Selling Sunset Cast Members?

1. Jason Oppenheim 

Estimated Net Worth – $50 Million

If you say that without Jason Oppenheim, there won’t be any Selling Sunset, then you won’t be entirely wrong as he is the co-founder of The Oppenheim Group, the real estate firm upon which the series is based. Originally trained as a lawyer, Jason spent a few years in private law practice before switching to the real estate business in the late 2000s and founding the Oppenheim Group in 2013.

He has tasted much success with the firm and is now rated as the top real estate agent in Los Angeles. Jason has a net worth running into tens of millions of dollars and he has utilized it to snap up several luxurious homes. His latest purchase is a $5.125 million estate in Hollywood Hills. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom house features a cabana, spa, fire pit, theatre room, and solar-heated pool.

  • Full Name: Jason Oppenheim
  • Age: 43
  • Income Sources: Real Estate and Law Practice
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $2,000
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Law Practice and Running Oppenheim Group

2. Brett Oppenheim

Estimated Net Worth – $50 Million

Another head honcho amongst the Selling Sunset cast members is Brett Oppenheim. Brett is not just related to Jason but is his twin brother. Like his twin, Brett also studied law and practiced for several years before going into the real estate business and co-founding the Oppenheim Group.

He played a pivotal part in the success of the organization but sadly broke away in 2020 to found his own real estate brokerage firm known as Oppenheim Real Estate. Such a move has prompted insinuations that there may be friction between the two brothers but they have rejected such claims. Jason has made it known that Brett’s actions were more of a semantic change and for liability purposes; they will still work together.

  • Full Name: Brett Oppenheim
  • Age: 43
  • Income Sources: Real Estate and Law Practice
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $800
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Law Practice and Running Oppenheim Group

3. Chrishell Stause

Estimated Net Worth – $5 Million

Chrishell Stause may be one of the richest and most popular cast members of Selling Sunset but she didn’t get there by chance. It was through sheer dint of hard work which saw her overcome a poverty-riddled childhood and graduate from college.

She later made waves as an actress in Hollywood before going to reality TV. Asides from Selling Sunset, Chrishell Stause has also taken part in Dancing with the Stars. Her name has also been touted as a potential bachelorette.

  • Full Name: Terrina Chrishell Stause
  • Age: 39
  • Income Sources: Real Estate and Acting
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $5,000
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Acting

4. Heather Young

Estimated Net Worth – $3 Million

Selling Sunset is not Heather Young’s first taste of showbiz. Prior to becoming a star on the show, Young scored minor parts in several Hollywood movies including Malibu Horror Story, The Internship, and Love in the Time of Monsters. She also successfully auditioned to be a Playboy model and was Miss February in 2010.

It was after the Playboy gig that she contemplated getting her real estate license. The former Playboy model has since taken to the real estate business like fish to water and one does not foresee her giving it up anytime soon, considering the added perk of appearing on a hit reality TV series.

  • Full Name: Heather Rae Young
  • Age: 33
  • Income Sources: Real Estate, Modeling, and Sponsored Ads on Instagram
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $5,000
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Playboy Model and Actress

5. Davina Potratz

Estimated Net Worth – $1.5 Million

Selling Sunset has a few European personalities amongst its cast and one of them is the German realtor, Davina Potratz. Potratz served as the head of the new development division of the Oppenheim Group and consequently, one of the main characters on Selling Sunset.

Her part on the show is however now in jeopardy as she announced in October 2020 that she is leaving Oppenheim for a rival firm known as Douglas Ellman. Potratz hopes she will be allowed to continue appearing on Selling Sunset and her wishes may come true given that Jason paid her glowing tributes and expressed his desire to still work with her in the future.

  • Full Name: Davina Potratz
  • Age: Born in 1990
  • Income Sources: Real Estate, Modeling, and Makeup Line
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $500
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Modeling and Real Estate Agent

6. Amanza Smith

Estimated Net Worth – $1 Million

Remember that drama that Selling Sunset promises you? Well, Amanza’s life has got it in spades. The interior designer-turned-real estate agent was formerly married to NFL star, Ralph Brown. Their romance lasted for several years during which they welcomed two children. The couple called it quits in 2011, after being legally married for just two years.

Amanza and her ex shared equal custody of both kids but she bore majority of the responsibilities. Her problems were then compounded after her ex-husband disappeared in August 2019. Foul play was initially suspected but the retired NFL player later sent Amanza an email, explaining that his situation wasn’t good and as such he didn’t want to be near the kids at that moment.

  • Full Name: Amanza Smith Brown
  • Age: 43
  • Income sources: Real Estate and Modelling
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $1000
  • Career before Selling Sunset: NFL Cheerleader and TV Model

7. Maya Vander

Estimated Net Worth – $1 Million

Vander has been described as one of the most loved cast members on Selling Sunset and the reason is not hard to spot. She avoids unnecessary drama and is instead focused on doing her job to the best of her abilities. The lady also deals with her co-stars in a sincere manner and such a disposition boils down to the fact that she is a career realtor.

Vander had gone into the real estate business whilst still growing up in her native Israel. She subsequently relocated to L.A. in the early 2000s and continued her career. She would later end up at the Oppenheim Group and worked there for three years before they got the reality TV show.

  • Full Name: Maya Vander
  • Age: 38
  • Income Sources: Real Estate and Sponsored Ads on Instagram
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $2,000
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Real Estate Agent

8. Mary Fitzgerald

Estimated Net Worth – $1 Million

Mary is one of the most successful realtors on Selling Sunset and this has caused a bit of friction. Her fellow cast members believe she is unduly favored by company owner, Jason Oppenheim, who gives her more leads and listings than anyone. They also attribute this to the fact that the two used to date in the past.

While the two individuals involved accept that they dated for about six months or more, they have stressed that there is no undue favoritism going on. According to Jason, Mary gets more leads and listings because of her work rate, level of experience and expertise, as well as the money she brings in. Mary is meanwhile happily married to a model, Romain Bonnet, and he is now a cast member of Selling Sunset.

  • Full Name: Mary Fitzgerald
  • Age: 39
  • Income Sources: Real Estate and Sponsored Ads on Instagram
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $3,000
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Real Estate Agent

9. Romain Bonnet

Estimated Net Worth – $500K

Speaking of Mary’s husband, he is none other than the French model Romain Bonnet. Bonnet previously worked as a pastry chef before becoming a model. It was in the course of seeking better modeling opportunities in Hollywood that he ran into Mary who happened to be the agent showing him a house.

To cut the long story short, the two started dating and tied the knot in 2018. With Mary tapped as a cast member of Selling Sunset in 2019, Romain routinely appeared alongside her on the show. He has since morphed into a full-fledged cast member. Romain is a project manager and does construction work on some of the properties. He also remains a model on the side.

  • Full Name: Romain Bonnet
  • Age: 27
  • Income Sources: Real Estate, Modeling, and Sponsored Ads on Instagram
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $600
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Pastry Chef and Modeling

10. Christine Quinn

Estimated Net Worth – $500K

Christine Quinn may have one of the lowest net worth amongst the Selling Sunset cast members but she has not let this stop her from emerging as a queen of the show. The Texas native made a modest living as a model, featuring in Vogue and the likes. She later got a taste for luxury realtor after falling in love with structures while traveling the world.

Christine is now a breakout star of Selling Sunset for several reasons. First is the fact that she has a penchant for stirring up trouble. Secondly, she has embraced showing off her personal life onscreen. The former model met her husband, tech millionaire Christian Richard, whilst showing him a house on the show. They ended up falling in love and tied the knot on the 15th of December 2019.

  • Full name: Christine Quinn
  • Age: 32
  • Income Sources: Real Estate and Instagram Ads
  • Estimated Instagram Earning Per Post: $3,000
  • Career before Selling Sunset: Modeling and Showbiz

Who Is the Richest Girl in Selling Sunset?

The richest girl in Selling Sunset is Chrishell Stause with a net worth of $5 million. This doesn’t come as a surprise given the fact that she had a decent career as an actress before joining the cast of the hit reality TV show. Chrishell has appeared in several daytime soaps including All My Children (2005-2011), Days of our Lives (2013-2015), and The Young and the Restless (2016). She has also been featured in a few movies including 2018’s Eve of Abduction.

What Chrishell earned from these jobs is not known but it is estimated that daytime soap actors get from $1500 to $3000 per episode. Most of these soaps film as much as 250 episodes each year, meaning that Chrishell potentially earned millions of dollars from her time on daytime TV alone.

The actress-turned-realtor also got a base salary of $125,000 thanks to her appearance on Dancing with the Stars in 2020. She reached the eight round of the show, meaning that more money would have been added to her $125,000 base payment.

How Much Is the Cast of Selling Sunset Worth Collectively?

The Selling Sunset cast may have made a career out of selling expensive real estate to millionaires and billionaires but they are not slacking themselves. As a group, they pack quite the punch with a collective net worth that is more than 100 million dollars.

If you total the individual net worth of all ten members of the show, you will arrive at the sum of $120 million. The Oppenheim brothers account for the lion share of this amount, specifically $100 million. Other cast members then pitch in with their contributions collectively worth about $20 million.

Does Selling Sunset Cast Get Paid per Episode or as Real Estate Agents?

The answer to the above is possibly both. First, the cast members of Selling Sunset earn their paychecks from the hefty commissions they make from selling a particular house. It must however be noted that they don’t earn a regular salary from the Oppenheim Group and thus depend on commission alone. This is not an easy prospect as they can go for months without making one sale, thus getting nothing from the company. On the flip side though, they may sell multiple property in just a matter of weeks and go smiling to the bank.

Secondly, as members of the Selling Sunset show, they get paid for their appearance. It is however quite difficult to determine what they are paid per episode. The reality TV industry is notorious for its pay disparity and what you get depends on how popular the show is and whether you play a major part. For instance, some cast members of The Hills got $125,000 per episode while those of the HGTV series, Flip or Flop, reportedly got $50K. It is, therefore, possible that the cast members of Selling Sunset would be getting something in that region as well.

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