Where Is Samantha Burton Now, Is She Married Or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

While a whole lot of celebrities her kind make several TV appearances before landing that single role that will make them famous, Samantha Burton did it just once and the world got to know about her. This to some may appear as mere luck, but to Burton, it is hard work and talent at work. Samantha may not be the celebrity in the Woods, but she caught everyone’s attention with her solid performance in the movie The Sandlot 2. Here is all you would like to know about the Nashville native.

Samantha Burton’s Background

Samantha Burton is an actress who became known for her portrayal of Hayley Goodfairer in the sports comedy film, The Sandlot 2. She was born in Tennessee’s state capital, Nashville on December 22, 1991. Her name in full is Samantha Brett Burton. There appear not to be any information about the parents of the actress. We do not also know if she is the only child of her parents.

However, there are reports that she attended Tullahoma High School, a public high school located in Tullahoma, in the Coffee County of Tennessee. She confirmed this when she posted a throwback picture of herself in her college years. It appears that she was the Homecoming Queen in her college then.

The gifted American actress and model stole the hearts of millions with her outstanding performance in the sports comedy movie. Consequently, her acting skills earned her massive fame and admiration in the entertainment world despite featuring in only one movie as a teenager.

An In-depth Look On Her Brief Acting Career

Samantha Burton made her acting debut in 2005 at the age of 14, in a 2005 film titled The Sandlot 2 which is a direct sequel to the 1993 American sports comedy film Sandlot. The film which starred spectacular actors and actresses like Sean Berdy, Brett Kelly, and James Earl Jones among many others, talks about the difficulties faced by Sandlot children and how they were able to combat it as friends.

It had Samantha featuring as Hayley Goodfairer, daughter of the Goodfairer family. Not only did the film gain a huge ranking on Google and other movie-ranking apps, but credits were also given to actors like Samantha for their roles in the success of the movie. But since her appearance in the 2005 film, Samantha Borton has not been seen in any other film.

Instead, she gets herself involved in more TV productions. She was Production Executive for some reality TV shows like Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder. There were also reports that the Sandlot 2 star also dabbled into modeling, although there are no records of the modeling companies she worked with.

After registering her name in Hollywood with only one acting gig, the blonde actress is said to have earned about $48k for her role according to some online sources. Her net worth, however, has not yet been revealed, as Samantha Burton is yet to make her earnings public.

What Is Samantha Up To Now?

Though a lot of her fans were hoping to see her take on more roles in the movie industry, the talented actress, however, decided to go on a long break from acting after her appearance in The Sandlot 2. It was alleged she was concentrating full-time on her modeling career.

Regarding Samantha Burton’s recent whereabouts, there is no information about what the comely actress is presently focused on, as she has mastered the art of keeping her personal life behind the prying eyes of the media. Going by her social media presence, Samantha last communicated with her fans of over four thousand on Instagram on the 2nd of November, 2016 when she shared a picture of animals being kept in a ranch.

Judging from the picture uploads on her diverse social media platforms since 2005 she made her last movie appearance to 2016, it is believed Samanta Burton is having a good time wherever she is and in whatever she is doing.

Interesting Tidbits About Samantha Burton’s Relationship Status 

Samantha is not married yet, but in the absence of juicy details we would have served you about her marital life, there are also interesting facts about the personal life of the young and beautiful actress you should know. First, Samantha was in a relationship with her co-actor in The Sandlot 2 — Max Lloyd-Jones.

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Lloyd-Jones is an English actor best known for his appearances in several other films like The fight of my daughter, Babysitting Night. He also featured in many TV series some of which include Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The heart has its reasons, and Reign: The Destiny of a Queen. Max Lloyd-Jones and Samantha were said to be in a romantic relationship that lasted from 2005 to 2006 after which they went their separate ways. Since then, the Sandlot 2 star has not been seen in a relationship with other men.

However, she posted a picture of herself with a good-looking young man whose name is Patrick Charles on her Instagram on the 15th of October 2014 with the caption “cannot wait to hang with this cool kid in T-minus 48 hours.” Following the caption, there have been speculations that the duo is possibly in a romantic relationship, as the picture of Patrick continued to flood her Instagram handle till she stopped being active on Instagram in November 2016.

Even though they are yet to make a statement regarding the rumors and their relationship status, Samantha’s last picture upload of herself and Patrick which was on 22nd June 2016, deeply suggested that the Sandlot 2 actress was relishing the loving relationship she had with her alleged beau during that time, having cited in the picture that he is good at road trips. Notwithstanding, it is possible that Samantha Burton might be married with kids by now or still single.

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No one really knows Samantha Burton’s current relationship status except those closest to her as she is quite meticulous in releasing information about her personal life to the public. So far, she is yet to clear things up about her love life, with her fans curious to know if she is married, dating someone or single.

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