Is Michael Ballard Dead? Here are All The Facts You Need To Know

You can call him the king of bikers, Michael Ballard has evolved, fine-tuned, operated and has driven bikes non-stop for more than ten years. He is able to turn his passion into the world’s largest biker bar known as Full Throttle Saloon. It’s located in South Dakota and bikers of all ages meet there every year. He rose to fame following his reality television series titled Full Throttle Saloon showing on truTV since 2009.

Before he garnered fame, Michael passed through series of difficulties before he was able to stabilize his business. He has been working alongside Jesse James Dupree and his wife Angie Carlson. Ballard has successfully organized several bikers’ events such as Sturgis Rally and Off-road Rally over the years. In addition to creating wealth out of his passion, he was listed as one of the most successful CEOs of 2015.

Is Michael Ballard Dead?

Many celebrities have often been caught in a celebrity death hoax and Michael Ballard is not an exception to it. Ballard is a popular name in the United States and there are many people who bear the name Michael Ballard. However, the difference is in their middle names and this has made it difficult to differentiate which of the Michael Ballard that has kicked the bucket. In 2016, rumors emerged saying that the Full Throttle Saloon CEO has passed on, but that was not true. It was a case of mistaken identity where someone else dies but because their names are similar, many of his fans thought he was the one. The rumors were put off since Michael is still alive, hale, and hearty. There are other interesting facts you need to know about Michael Ballard and you can find them below, read on.

All The Facts About The American Business Person

1. Michael Ballard was born in 1964

The American entrepreneur, CEO and television personality was born in the United States in 1964. There is no information about his childhood and his educational background but a mere a look at the talented star would tell you that he received a quality education. He holds American nationality, his ethnicity is not known and he is 5 feet 7 inches. Ballard started participating in bikers rally since he was very young and he got his first power bike a long time ago.

2. He Started the Full Throttle Saloon Since 1999

Michael Ballard
Ballard with Jesse James and Angie

Being entrepreneurial minded Michael thought of establishing something that could bring all the bikers in the United States together and that was the origin of Full Throttle Saloon. The bar first started on a small scale and later, he acquired 30 acres of land in South Dakota where he put up facilities such as large concert stages, a tattoo parlor, zip lines, wrestling ring, dozens of stores, burn-out pits, restaurants, and parking lots that contains more than 2000 cyclists and bike riders who participate in Sturgis rally.

He began the business along with his partner Jesse James Dupree who is an American rock star and Angie Carlson, his girlfriend. Jesse James keeps the place warm with his band’s extraordinary performance. Angie, on the other hand, contributes to the success of the bar through her own show Angieland. Being gorgeous, sexy and smart; she believes that butt is everything and her butt is one of the world’s most photographed butts. Angie along with other beautiful ladies works as models for the business, they often sit on biker’s heads for photographs and this has made Full Throttle Saloon very unique.

Furthermore, Michael started a reality television series called Full Throttle Saloon in 2009. The show which showcases the daily operations of the bar abruptly came to an end on the fifth season following a fire incident in 2015.

3. The Full Throttle Saloon Was Set Ablaze in 2015

On September 8, 2015, a devastating fire outbreak destroyed the Full Throttle Saloon. After thorough investigations, it was discovered that the fire started behind the main bar where the keg cooler was kept. The kegs crinkled the power cord which in turn got heated up and eventually set a cardboard box beside it on fire. The unfortunate incident took away all the things Michael had worked for over seventeen years and it sure took him a lot of time and resources to rebuild.

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4. Michael Married His Long Time Girlfriend and Business Partner Angie Carlson

It was a much-anticipated wedding between Ballard and his long-term sweetheart Angie Carlson. The duo has been working together for a very long time; they are also business partners and co-owners of Full Throttle Saloon. They became a couple in early 2012 and in August the same year, they sealed their love in a nuptial bliss held in Kansas City. Their wedding took place during the Full Throttle Saloon’s Bikers Rally. Despite the age difference between them, the perfect couple love and respects each other a lot. They have a daughter named Emily Grace Lynn Ballard, born on March 30, 2014. Angie and Michael have been living happily and there’s no sign of divorce yet.

5. He has a Huge Net Worth

Michael Ballard has made a lot of money as an entrepreneur. He reportedly earns about $100,000 from each episode of Full Throttle Saloon TV series. His net worth, when combined with that of his wife, amounts to $10 million. They are currently living a lavish lifestyle along with their daughter Emily.


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