Mark Cuban Net Worth is $3.4 Billion

Mark Cuban is an American investor, businessman, film producer, TV personality author and philanthropist. He has been able to amass such great wealth thanks to his ownership of many businesses and investments. Among them are Landmark Theatres, NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Magnolia Pictures and more. He is the chairman of AXS TV, a cable television and a shark investor in the Shark Tank TV series.

As an author Mark wrote the 2011 electronic book “How to Win at the Sport of Business”. The book is an account of business experiences. Here all you should know about his wealth.

Mark Cuban Net Worth: Bio

Born on 31st July 1985 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cuban has always had the eye for business: at the age of 12 when he wanted an expensive basketball shoe, he had to sell garbage bags to afford it. While in high school and in college he worked as a disco dancing instructor, party promoter and a bartender.

After graduating with a B.A in Business Administration from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business he became a salesman for PC retailers Your Business software before founding his own company MicroSolution.

Mark Cuban Net Worth: MicroSolution, Business Success

MicroSolution which resold software and integrated systems immediately became a huge success. About 6 years later in 1990, he sold the company to CompuServe for $6 million making a profit of $2 million after taxes.

Later in 1995, Cuban started AudioNet with college mate Todd Wagner as a result of their mutual interest in webcasting and college basketball. Four years down the line, Audionet was changed to and had grown massively to $13.5 million in revenue and 330 employees. Performing at its peak, was published by Yahoo for $5.7 billion in stock. Cuban then began diversifying his investments to shield him from the market crash.

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Mark Cuban Net Worth

Mark Cuban Net Worth: 2929 Entertainment

Nonetheless, Cuban’s association with his fellow Indiana Alumni Mr Wagner did not end right there. They embarked on another venture named 2929 Entertainment. The venture offered interested customers vertically integrated production and distribution of films and videos. In late 2003, 2929 Entertainment bought Landmark Theatres which are a chain of 58 movie theaters. This company is solely responsible for the new version of Star Search, a popular television show.

In 2011, Cuban put his Magnolia pictures on sale but said that he’s happy to keep the production business if none was offering a fee worthy enough, Mark Cuban’s net worth continues to rise as he continues to make money from his ventures and investing the income in well-chosen and profitable ventures.

He was listed in the Guinness book of records for making a single payment of $40 million when he acquired his Gulfstream V jet in early October 1999.

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