LeafyIsHere Net Worth: How Much Does The American YouTuber Really Make

YouTube has made millionaires out of several talented young persons and another good example of this is LeafyisHere. With a net worth of $3 million, LeafyisHere has expertly mined the power of the internet to build a fortune that most people will not get after a lifetime of work. His stream of income is however under threat thanks to self-induced problems.

The American star has a nose for trouble and has been mired in several controversies over the years. These controversies have triggered allegations of him being a cyberbully but he has been able to avoid the consequences for several years. It seems luck has run out on him as he was banned from two popular platforms, Twitch and YouTube, in 2020, putting his future earning power at risk.

How LeafyisHere Grew His Net Worth to $3 Million

He Was Making As Much As $1.5 Million from Youtube Yearly

His Youtube channel boast of about 4.9 million subscribers and a billion views. LeafyisHere owes his fame and fortune to the platform. The Utah native joined the site in 2011 but only started posting regularly in 2013. He initially focused on gameplay videos and indulged in video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft. His dexterity and hilarious commentary proved to be a big hit with fans and he soon acquired a decent following. His subscriber base however went through the roof when he started focusing on posting reaction and drama videos.

These videos saw LeafyisHere give his two cents on various creators as well as dramas going on in the YouTube community. They were often controversial and laced with profanity and so, LeafyisHere gained notoriety which boosted his subscriber base.

At the last count, he has 4.9 million subscribers on his channel with about 1.2 billion views. According to sources, YouTube pays creators from $3-$5 per 1000 views; meaning that LeafyisHere has made anything from $3.6 million to $6 million from the site. It is estimated that he makes from $282 to $4,492 daily; $1,975 to 31,450 weekly, $7900 to 125,800 monthly, and $94,300 to $1.5 million per annum.

His Merch and Apparel Brand Has Generated Thousands of Dollars

Another lucrative money-spinner for LeafyisHere is merch sales. The YouTuber-cum-Twitch streamer has an apparel and merch line which is retailed via several online stores. The eponymous brand features several items such as hoodies, sweatshirts, posters, and phone cases.

The prices of items start from $9 to as much as $51. The line may not be a household name but it is quickly snapped up by Leafy’s fans anytime it drops.

Sources of LeafyisHere’s Wealth

  • YouTube Earnings – $3.6 – $6 million
  • Merch and apparel sales – N/A

Tracing LeafyisHere’s Net Worth Growth Over the Years

When LeafyisHere opened his YouTube channel, it was just another social media account. It was only after two years that he took it seriously and started posting gameplay videos with commentary. This was in 2013 and the channel attracted sizable followership that within the next two years, LeafyisHere accumulated 100,000 subscribers and was thus able to monetize his channel. That monetization led to a net worth that steadily grew from several thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The steady growth in LeafyisHere’s net worth would continue over the next several years, as his subscribers and viewership numbers grew, and he now has a fortune estimated at $3 million. One would normally forecast further increases in the future but this is not so, thanks to the problems that the YouTuber has brought upon himself.

As earlier stated, part of what made LeafyisHere famous was the videos he made reacting to the content of other YouTube creators as well as the drama going on in the YouTube community. These reaction videos were often peppered with malicious insults; name-calling based on one’s appearance, gender, and orientation. He also encouraged fans to disrupt other creator’s views. All these led many to denounce him as a cyberbully.

For instance, in 2016, LeafyisHere was accused of making fun of an autistic creator named TommyNC2010. That same year, he was also accused of transphobic comments. These acts fetched him strikes from YouTube but he failed to turn a new leaf. In July 2020, LeafyisHere put out a reaction video insulting popular female Twitch streamer, Pokimane. The head honchos at YouTube did not take it lightly and decided that the video had violated their harassment policies. They therefore permanently banned him from their platform.

Following the ban, LeafyisHere moved his antics to a video sharing website known as StoryFire. He also took to streaming on Twitch and was active on the platform for some weeks. The gamer however inadvertently stirred up trouble once more when he used the N-word in a live video. He also streamed himself talking about hunting down and harming those who report him for his breaches of community guidelines.

He eventually attracted the attention of Twitch and they permanently banned him from their platform in September 2020. LeafyisHere is pretty much out in the cold now and his net worth might suffer unless he is able to make a success out of his stay on StoryFire or somehow get his banned Twitch and YouTube accounts reinstated.

The Gamer Owns an AMG Benz that Costs Thousands of Dollars

As he battles to maintain relevancy on the internet, LeafyisHere will comfort himself with the fact that he has built up a modest net worth that he can live off on for the next few years. The internet star previously made his home in Seattle, Washington, but later moved to the city of New York. There is no word on the exact specifications of the digs he occupies but it is reasonable to expect that it befits his status.

For navigating the notorious New York City traffic, the controversial internet star relies on his beautiful top-of-the-range AMG Mercedes. The exact model is not known but it is common knowledge that this class of vehicles features advanced engines, aerodynamics bodies, and high-speed capabilities. They, therefore, don’t come cheap at all. The cheapest and oldest models go for $13,500 while the most expensive and newest models can cost as much as $200K.


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