How Ron Howard Achieved A Net Worth of $160 Million From Film Making

When it comes to modern Hollywood and film making in America, it would be impossible to tell the story without mentioning the name of Ron Howard, who has helped shape the industry, both as an actor and filmmaker. He is one of the few personalities who have maintained relevance in the industry for several decades, having started his career as a child actor. Today, Ron Howard, over the course of six decades, has accrued a net worth of $160 million through his work.

In this article, we took an in-depth look into how the Duncan, Oklahoma-born filmmaker achieved his net worth. Check it out below.

How Ron Howard Achieved His Net Worth

While a net worth of $160 million might seem like par for the course for someone who has spent more than six decades working in the world’s most lucrative entertainment industry, it is far from it. Ron Howard has built his remarkable net worth from decades of consistent excellence on two fronts, on the business side as a producer and the creative side as a director.

In front of the camera, Ron Howard has also had a noticeable contribution to his net worth with an extensive filmography as an actor.

Film making – Director and Producer

The primary source of Ron Howard’s $160 million net worth is his career as a director and a producer. He directed his first project, the short film, Old Paint in 1969, and he directed his first feature-length film, Grand Theft Auto, eight years later, in 1977.

Over the course of the next five years, he honed his skills directing several TV movies like Skyward, Coton Candy, and The Time Crystal before he got his first directorial success on the big screen in 1982 via the film, Night Shift.

Since making his directorial splash as a talented director capable of making an artistically pleasing and commercially successful film, he has gone on to direct more than 40 movies and a couple of TV shows, with several major titles like Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind and more.

Along with winning several awards to his name, including earning 39 nominations from the Academy Awards, Ron Howard had made his incredible net worth from an ultra-successful directorial career that has seen him make more than $4.2 billion in box office revenue worldwide from less than 30 films.

Some of his most successful movies are The Da Vinci Code ($758m), Solo, A Star Wars Story ($392m), Apollo 13 ($353.5m), Angels and Demons ($485.9m) and a few more.

As a producer, Ron Howard’s net worth comes from his investment in various films, TV shows, and documentaries, via his production company and investment vehicle, Imagine Entertainment, which he established in 1986.

Ron Howard net worth
Ron Howard (left) with co-founder of Imagine Entertainment, Brian Grazer

Via Imagine Entertainment, Ron Howard, who is the Chairman of the production company, has overseen the production of more than 100 movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Some of the notable projects he has produced include Felicity, The Great Escape, Parenthood, Arrested Development, Cowboys & Aliens, Sports Night, and several others.

As a producer, he has enjoyed success at the box office, with over $2.6 million in global box office revenue from 27 movies alone.

Combined as a director and a producer, he has earned more than $6.8 billion at the global box office, building his significant net worth off the profits of his impressive return.

Behind the camera, Ron Howard has also worked as a writer, as a music performer and a music producer.


Before his film making career pushed him to a net worth of $160 million, Ron Howard’s first significant accumulation of wealth came from his acting career.

He made his first appearance in front of the camera in 1956, in an uncredited role in the film, Frontier Woman. He got his first named character role in The Journey as Billy Rhinelander in 1959. A year later, he began starring as Opie Taylor in the TV series, The Andy Griffith Show, appearing in a total of 225 episodes of the show between 1960 and 1968.

During his time on the show, Ron Howard earned income from appearing in other projects like The Music Man, Route 66, The New Breed, Gomer Pyle: USMC. After leaving the show, he appeared in other roles like Bob Smith in The Smith Family, Richie Cunningham in The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, and Happy Days.

Although he transitioned to a career behind the camera, Ron Howard has continued to make appearances as an actor and has appeared in more than 80 movies and TV shows, increasing his net worth in the process.


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