Elliott Spencer vs Stephen Fry Net Worth and Their Unexpected Love Story Despite Their Huge Age Difference

Dating a partner who is older than you is guaranteed to set tongues wagging but when that partner is as old as your own parent, it generates a whole new level of controversy altogether. This is exactly the type of situation that Elliott Spencer has found himself in. The comic, writer, and budding photographer, began going steady with legendary British writer, comedian, actor, and TV personality Stephen Fry, in 2014. As can be expected, the romance propelled the little-known Spencer to the peak of the limelight in the U.K. It also led to several speculations as many proffered negative reasons while he was dating the much older Fry.

Thankfully for Spencer, he and his partner have one mind and as such, all the speculation rolled off their back. They have been together for some years now and bring out the best in each other. They are also giving each other the impetus to push for new horizons in the various aspects of their professional pursuits.

Some FAQs About Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry

How Old is Elliott Spencer?

Elliott Spencer is 37 years old. This makes him 30 years younger than his husband, Stephen Fry.

How Did The Two Meet Eachother?

Well, the meet-cute took place at a house party organized by some of their friends in 2012.

When did Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry Get Married?

Their wedding ceremony took place in the town of Norfolk in January 2015.

How Many Kids do the Couple Have?

The couple have no kids at the moment and have not stated any desire for kids in the future.

What Does Elliott Spencer do for a Living?

Spencer is a comic, writer, and photographer.

Who is Richer Between Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry?

The richer partner is none other than Stephen Fry with a net worth of $30 million. Fry owes his fortune to an accomplished career that has seen him triumph as an actor, comic, writer and TV personality. When it comes to acting, he has featured in movies such as Wilde, Gosford Park, A Fish Called Wanda, V for Vendetta, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and The Hobbit Film Series. He has also appeared in TV series such as Blackadder, Veep, Kingdom, Absolute Power, and Bones. He is also popular for hosting the TV quiz show, QI for 13 years, from 2003 to 2016.

Another thing that Stephen Fry has going for him is his unbeatable comic skills. He has deployed the same alongside long-time collaborator Hugh Laurie to launch some successful shows over the years, including Jeeves and Wooster (a comedy-drama series), and A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie (sketch comedy show). By now, you should be sufficiently mesmerized by Fry’s resume but this is not the end of it. The native Londoner is also a talented writer and has penned several fictional and non-fictional books alike. He has also penned some plays. In fact, it was his revision of the play, Me and My Girl, that earned him his very first millions in 1984.

Three decades down the line, Stephen Fry is now a multimillionaire and it is something that his husband would be hoping to emulate or even better. For now, Elliott Spencer is worth a modest $200,000 thanks to his budding career as a comic, writer, and photographer. A native of Southampton, Spencer grew up with the grand ambition of becoming a comic. He operated under the stage name Mr. E and has run in the same circles as legendary British comics such as Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell. Away from comedy, Elliott Spencer is also a writer and photographer. He has the grand ambition of building up enough photograph portfolio to be able to stage an exhibition for Fry and their friends someday.

Fry was Born Three Decades Before Spencer Came into the World

Stephen Fry was born on the 24th day of August 1957 in Hampstead, London. This means that he is about 30 years older than his husband, Elliott Spencer, who was born in May 1987 to parents Robert and Melinda Spencer in Southampton. As one might expect, the huge age gap between Fry and Spencer raised lots of dust when they first commenced their relationship. Matters were further complicated by the fact that Fry is as old as Elliott’s dad, and it wasn’t long before the ugly insinuations started floating about.

Many speculated that the much younger man was only with Fry as a result of money. Some others pointed to fame as well as other aesthetics as his motivating factor. Spencer has largely chosen to ignore the talk and Fry has toed a similar line. He (Spencer) however broke his silence during a TV show appearance in 2015, stating that he does not care what people think about them. According to him, humor is what brought him and Fry together and they laugh all the time. He then went on to describe his partner as the love and light of his life.

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry’s Romance Goes Back to 2012

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry first ran into each other at a house party hosted by some friends in 2012. The friends introduced them to each other and they hit it off immediately. They started dating and by 2015, Fry popped the question. The legendary celebrity had been motivated to do so because he wanted to spend the remainder of his life with Spencer and didn’t want to waste any more time. So, he got him a ring and while they were dining in a restaurant, artfully sneaked it onto Spencer’s fork while he (Spencer) was at the loo. When Spencer came back to the dinner table, they continued their conversation for a few minutes before he now noticed the ring on the end of his fork. Of course, he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him what it signified and he promptly said yes.

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry would later tie the knot in the city of Norfolk in January 2015. They didn’t want the paparazzi to swoop on them and so, they connived with the city officials to enter a fake wedding date in the database. This tactic worked like magic and the couple was able to get married in peace and quiet. Fry later took to his social media page to share the good news and his post led to an outpacing of heartfelt wishes, including from long-time collaborator Hugh Laurie who thanked Spencer for making an honest man out of his pal.

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry remain together to date and are waxing strong. They have a penchant for globetrotting as well as attending art shows and exhibitions. Elliott has also been credited with helping Fry cope with issues such as bipolar disorder.

Quick Comparison of the Couple 

Stephen Fry Elliott Spencer 
Age 66 37
Height  6 feet 4 ½ inches (1.94m) 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Birthplace  Hampstead, London South Hampton, England
Net Worth  $30 million $200,000
No. of Movie Appearances  30 Nil
Books  14 Nil



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