Addison Rae Net Worth and Details of How The TikTok Millionaire Makes Her Money

With a net worth that is as much as $5 million, one would be forgiven for thinking that Addison Rae is some sort of Hollywood celebrity or high-profile athlete. The truth, however, is that she is none of the above but rather a social media star who specifically uses Tik Tok. Since joining the popular short-form video app in June 2020, Rae has enjoyed such a meteoric rise that many magazines have been scrambling to understand just how she did it.

In just under seven months, the native Louisianan has become the second most followed individual on Tik Tok. She has received sponsorships from several well-known brands, including Reebok, and has collaborated with celebrities such as the Kardashian clan. Throw in a makeup line and an upcoming movie appearance, then you will understand why Rae is not only one of the most popular personalities on Tik Tok but one of the highest-earning as well.

Addison Rae Earns About $15,000 for Each Sponsored Post on Tik Tok

According to Forbes, one of the major revenue streams for Addison Rae is sponsored content on social media. This enigmatic young lady earns as much as $15,000 by posting stuff on behalf of companies and this is mind-blowing given that she has not spent up to a year on the app. Companies that Rae has worked with thus far include the online women’s clothing store, Fashion Nova, and the watch manufacturing company, Daniel Wellington. She also has a fruitful collaboration with the likes of American Eagle, Reebok, L’Oréal, and Hollister.

She Has Merchandise Deals with American Eagle and Reebok

Another major contributor to Addison Rae’s net worth is merchandise deals. The Tik Tok star has collaborated with the likes of American Eagle and Reebok to produce her official merch line that can be purchased online. The line features hoodies, sweatshirts, notebooks, mugs, phone cases, and even skateboards. These items range in prices, from $14 to as much as $40, and are quite popular with fans of the Tik Toker. This ensures that she generates revenue running into six figures from her online store each month.

Rae Also Serves as the Global Spokesperson of American Eagle

Addison Rae’s fruitful collaboration with American Eagle saw her appointed as the main global spokesperson of the company in July 2019. Under the terms of the deal, she has appeared in traditional TV and print ads for the teen clothing company. She has also appeared in digital-based ads for the company. One of these campaigns was the July 2020 AExME Back to School Campaign which was done virtually due to the covid-19 pandemic. Rae did the shots in her room and revealed that she loved American Eagle because of their message of inclusivity.

Addison Rae Launched Her Own Beauty Line in 2020

Addison Rae is not just content with representing other people’s products but has also taken steps to floating her own. Buoyed by advice from the likes of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, the young lady launched her makeup line in August 2020 known as the ITEM beauty collection. The line features several products, including bronzer, jelly eyeshadow, brightening powder, mascara, lip oil, and brow definer. Each of these items can be bought in the online store.

One attractive thing about Rae’s brand is that it is vegan and cruelty-free meaning that the products were not tested on animals.

She Has an Exclusive Podcast Deal with Spotify

Anyone who is familiar with Rae’s work on Tik Tok would know that her family also has a major presence on the platform themselves. Well, the family collaboration does not end there as the young lady and her mother, Sheri Nicole, also have a joint podcast titled Mom Knows Best. The podcast follows mother and daughter discussing issues such as life, love, and family as well as other issues that most children will be embarrassed to discuss with their mom.

Mom Knows Best is exclusive to Spotify, meaning that the platform must have paid Rae and her mother a handsome cheque to secure the rights to their podcast.

The Tik Tok Star Is Set To Feature in Her Very First Movie

Do you still need proof of Addison Rae’s prolific career? Well, the Tik Tok star has made inroads into the movie industry with her first appearance coming in the 2021 movie, He’s All That. This is a remake of the 1999 classic movie, She’s All That, in which a high school jock attempts to turn a nerdy outcast into a prom queen after being dumped by his girlfriend.

In the gender-swapped remake, Rae would get to play the lead role of an influencer who attempts to turn a nerdy boy into a prom king. There is no revelation on what she would be earning but Hollywood actors on average earn about $52,000. Given that Rae would be playing the lead role, it is reasonable to assume that her pay could be as high as $250,000 or even more.

Highlights of All The Revenue Sources That Have Contributed to Addison Rae’s Net Worth

  • Sponsored Social Media Posts – $15,000 per post
  • Merchandise Deals – $1.5 million
  • Endorsement Deals – N/A
  • Beauty Brand – N/A
  • Podcast Deal with Spotify – N/A
  • Movie Appearances – $250,000 est.

How Addison Rae Became the Second Most-Followed Personality on Tik Tok in Just Under Seven Months

As earlier stated, Addison Rae has enjoyed such a fast rise on Tik Tok that many magazines have profiled her in order to understand her success. As the story goes, Rae grew up with a love for dancing as a child and pursued it into her young adult years. While in her first year of study at the Louisiana State University, she regularly hung out with friends who were not only enthusiastic about dancing but posted their routines on Tik Tok. It wasn’t long before Rae started featuring in the background of her friends’ videos and she found that she loved the whole experience.

From being a background act, Addison Rae created her own account and started posting her own videos in earnest. This was in July 2019 and her content, which comprised choreographed dances and lip-syncs, quickly caught on with the crowd. By November 2019, Rae had garnered millions of fans on Tik Tok and was making money from sponsored posts for the likes of Fashion Nova. This motivated her to drop out of school in November and move to Los Angeles to focus on social media full time. In the city of Angels, the young lady continued pushing out her exciting content on a consistent basis. She also joined a Tik Tok dance collective known as Hype House, and this helped her to become even more famous.

Today, Addison Rae has as many as 77 million followers on the platform (Twitter – 4.7 million, Instagram – 36.1 million, and YouTube – 4.63 million) and her content has been liked about 4.9 billion times. The likes of Forbes and WSJ have profiled her meteoric rise and she landed on the cover of Glamour UK digital edition in 2021. Rae has attributed her success to the fact that she consistently puts out content across various social media platforms with as many as three posts each day. Another factor is that she makes a conscious effort to connect with her fans, commenting on their posts and even sharing them.


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