The life of a celebrity may be as flashy as a spotlight but can also be as blinding as a head light. Everyday we hear different news about different famous personalities and we can’t help but wonder if anything about them can actually be kept a secret. In as much as these people are public icons, it is also good to remember that they are humans as well, and can fall short of any hideous act like every other human. They smoke, they go to rehab, they turn homosexuals and some of the gays actually get attracted to women, and some had wives.

Presently, things are getting pretty very loose in the entertainment world as more people denounce their birth sex to a more preferred one. Prior to this age, announcing to the public that an actor was gay instantly ruined his career and so some of these men took to the more acceptable life – marrying women. Some, as at the time of their marriage, had not discovered the other side to their sexuality. This list highlights some gay entertainers who were once married to women.

1. Cole Porter

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::0cdn2.thegloss.comCole Porter was a famous American musical composer and is known for his Broadway hits ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Silk Stockings’. Although Cole was always suspected to be gay, he was married to a woman, Linda Lee Thomas, for over 34 years before she died. After her death, he had many sexual affairs with men and that brought up a controversial discuss as to if Porter was truly bisexual or if his marriage was an attempt to hide his homosexuality, because all through his many years of marriage, he and his wife never had any children.

2. Little Richard

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::1wikimedia.org82-year-old, talented Little Richard is gay to the core, but he shocked his fans when he married a woman named Ernestine Campbell in 1959. The marriage lasted for only four years and Richard finally came out in 1995 and everyone continued to enjoy his music and not care about his sexuality.

3. Richard Cromwell Cromwell was a stunning American actor who shot to fame in old films like ‘Jezebel.’. People who knew him then, noticed he preferred the company of gentlemen to ladies, yet he actually married actress Angela Lansbury. He was 35 then and she, 19, and they admitted that their marriage which lasted only twelve months, was a mistake.

4. Alan Cumming Cumming is a very interesting Scottish-American actor who has always had the ability to play sexually ambiguous roles, both feminine and masculine. He was married to a woman, Hilary Lyon for over 8 years, and in 1993 the marriage finally collapsed. He eventually came out as bisexual in 1998, and although he once had a relationship with actress Saffron Burrows, Alan eventually wedded his husband Grant Shaffer in 2007 and they separated five years after.

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5. Anthony Perkins

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::4wordpress.comBeloved actor Anthony Perkins is best known for his role as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho”. In his younger days, it was quite well-known that Perkins had various male lovers, most notably famous was musical composer Stephen Sondheim. He eventually married Berry Berenson and they had two sons together. Sadly, Perkins died in 1992 from AIDS-related pneumonia.

6. Elton John

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::5popsugar-assets.comWorld famous musician, Elton John, never hid the fact that he was gay, although he was not in a hurry either to reveal his identity. Elton has sold over 300 million records since he first came onto the scene in the 1960s. He was engaged to his secretary, Linda Woodrow, but ended up marrying then sound engineer Renate Blauel. The media instantly called it a sham and a way to cover his homosexuality and John finally admitted he was gay in 1988. Elton John was happily married to his husband, David Furnish, from 2005 to 2014.

7. Oscar Wilde

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::6irishcentral.comOscar Wilde was best known for his works ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’ and ‘The Importance of Being Ernest.,” He had numerous affairs with men while he was married to Constance Lloyd, whom he had two children with. Sadly, Wilde was imprisoned later in life for rumors of him being gay and was eventually exiled. He died of meningitis at the age of 46.

8. James McGreevey

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::7wikipedia.orgFormer New Jersey Governor, James McGreevey, was married to his first wife, Kari, for six years. He then married second wife, Dina, and they were married for eight years. It must have been difficult for James coping with the females, so he finally came out as gay, and that announcement ended his marriage and his time in office. He now lives with his husband and teaches law at Kean University in New Jersey.

9. Jonathan Plummer

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::8blogspot.comYou may have caught the reunion between Jonathan Plummer and author Terry McMillan on the Oprah Winfrey Show. But let’s start at the beginning. Terry met and married a young Jonathan. She was quite in love and he actually became the inspiration for her hit novel ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” Eventually, Plummer came out as gay and Terry became furious at the announcement, believing that he had been out to humiliate her. She took him to court for $40 million and shockingly won the case. The two appeared on Oprah in 2010 and reconciled though it’s doubtful they are now friends.

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10. Jack Wrangler

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::9staticflickr.comPorn star Jack Wrangler, had starred in both gay and straight porn, something that is very rare with men in the porn industry. Jack never hid his identity as a gay but said he could never be with a man long-term because he was “too competitive.” So he went and married singer Margaret Whiting in 1994 and they remained married until his death in 2009.

11. Vincente Minnelli

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::10theredlist.comVincente Minnelli’s bisexuality seemed to be very bicoastal. Rumor has it he would be quite gay in New York, but then straight in Los Angeles. He was married to Judy Garland for many years and had daughter Liza with her. He was also married to three other women as well, yet was always open about his gay New York lifestyle.

12. Tony Richardson


Tony Richardson was an English theater director and filmmaker who was married to actress Vanessa Redgrave from 1962-1967. The couple was known to be quite hot throughout their marriage. After they divorced, he was rumored to have numerous love affairs with both men and women though he never officially came out as bisexual until 1985 when he contracted HIV and eventually died from complications at the age of 63.

13. Rock Hudson

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::12theredlist.comRock Hudson was one of the biggest heart-throbs during the 1950s and 60s when he saw the height of his career starring in romantic comedies alongside Elizabeth Taylor and Doris Day. Although his homosexuality was well-known within Hollywood it was never made public due to his career. So, to keep up appearances he married Phyllis Gates for three years. Hudson was the first major Hollywood celebrity to die of AIDS in 1985.

14. Peter Allen Allen was married to Liza Minelli for seven years and kept his homosexual status secret for many years. The once son in-law of Vincente Minnelli, later the divorce, dated Gregory Connell and they remained together until they both died from AIDS-related illnesses.

15. Peter Marc Jacobson

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::14fenuxe.comPeter Marc Jacobson is a producer and television writer who was married to Fran Drescher for 21 years before they divorced in 1999. He was actually the guy that created the hit show “The Nanny” with Fran and they reunited to develop the show “Happily Divorced” which chronicled their marriage and his coming out. The two ex-couple are doing great on the show and remain very good friends.

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