These are The 10 Most Expensive Car Accidents in the USA

For every advancement in technology, where we abandon old structures and models, we gain new problems, and the invention of cars has resulted in the existence of car accidents, which in the entire world, cost $518 billion per year with $230 billion occurring in the United States alone. The most expensive car accidents in the USA have been down to the cost of the damages to the car and property, medical costs and lawsuits.

Some of the most expensive car accidents in the USA have involved luxurious cars due to the high cost of insurance for owning them. Considering how often these happen, it is worth knowing just how much some of the priciest accidents cost. Check out our top 10 most expensive car accidents below.

10 Most Expensive Car Accidents in the USA

10.    Bugatti EB110 – $500,000

Emile Ratelband Bugatti EB110 accident


The owner of this particular Bugatti was Emile Ratelband, who is a well-known guru, which is a good thing because when this vehicle was involved in a car accident, he needed the calm and positivity he preaches to maintain his composure after he was informed that his car had been involved in an accident with his mechanic.

At the time of the accident, the car was being driven by his mechanic for a routine check-up but his routine check-up turned into a major incident when the driver lost control as a result of what he claimed to be oil spill on the road, causing the car to crash into a pole. With damages estimated at half a million, it became the lowest among the most expensive car accidents in the US. Thankfully, the mechanic did not have to pay it. Whew!

9.   Mercedes Benz SL 300 – $750,000

One of the finest Mercedes Benz ever produced, the Mercedes Benz SL 300 was one of the priciest cars in the world, costing over $1 million for potential buyers.

And just as it was as expensive to own, its accident was equally a pricey one. Coming in at number nine among the most expensive car accidents in the world, this Mercedes Benz SL 300 was crashed into by a Ford truck owned by the city of Seattle. This second accident on our list that was not directly caused by the driver.

Thankfully, when a public vehicle is responsible for the damages to your car, there is very little to worry about, but it did set taxpayers in Seattle $750,000 in damages. Another good news, the driver was fine.

8.    Bentley Azure – $1 million

Bentley Azure - $1 million accident

There is a popular joke that women do not know how to drive, and while granted it is a terrible and sexist stereotype, this particular accident did not do much to prove it wrong.

This accident involved a Bentley Azure and Ferrari F430 which spiraled into other luxury cars. The former was driven by a woman who ran into the Ferrari and sparked a chain reaction that involved an Aston Martin Rapide, a Porshe 911 Turbo and a couple of Mercedes S Class.

Considering a lot of spectators were present during the accident, this eighth most expensive car accident in the US is believed to have happened during a race. Thankfully, every single car involved suffered minor damages that totaled just between $1 million and $1.5 million.

7.   Jaguar XJ220 – $1 million

Jaguars, in the wild, might be exceptional creatures that are capable of surviving from difficult situations but that cannot be said of this Jaguar car. This particular series has witnessed a few crashes by millionaires and billionaires who could afford this piece of modern machine.

This particular Jaguar XJ220 was being taken on a joyride by the driver when he lost control while he was speeding and fell into a ditch. The damage to the car was worth an estimated $1 million.

6.     Ferrari Enzo – $1.3 million

Steven Eriksson Ferrari Enzo crash $1.3 million crash

Another Ferrari Enzo which found itself among the most expensive car accidents in the US is this one which happened in Malibu in 2005. The driver, Steven Eriksson was driving the car at 196 mph before it met its fateful end on the Malibu highway. Thankfully, the driver was okay and did not sustain any major injury although the same could not be said for the car which was a total wreck. The car accident cost the insurance company an estimated $1.3 million in damages.

5.    Eddie Griffin’s Ferrari Enzo – $1.5 million

Most Expensive Car Accidents

There are several things the world knows Eddie Griffin for. He is a successful comedian who starred in the sitcom, Malcolm & Eddie, appeared in the movies Double Take, Undercover Brother, Norbit, and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, but one thing you are less likely to know him for is contributing to one of the most expensive car accidents in the US.

Eddie’s contribution came in the form of his Ferrari Enzo, a car model that is not particularly known for its safety, with over 14 of them crashed all across the world.

His accident was caught on camera by bystanders, and thankfully, the Enzo was sturdy enough to leave all its drivers safe after the accident, including Eddie who stood on the damage and posed for pictures. The car has since been fixed and has returned to the front lawn of the popular comedian.

4.    Bugatti Veyron – $1.6 million

Bugatti Veyron $1.6 million car crash

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the most popular luxury cars in the world, known to non-car enthusiasts. It is the most expensive production car ever released in history, there were only 300 of this Bugatti Veyron made in the entire world, and two of them have suffered crashes already.

This is the first one and its accident came via the folly of the driver who thought it was okay to speed at 100mph with a supercar in the rain. As excepted, the only outcome of that decision was an accident and it happened with the driver running off the road. The driver had only owned the car for a week, but we doubt that was the most difficult thing he had to face was the accident. The damages ran into $1.6 million.

3.   Pagani Zonda F Clubsport Roadster – Est. $2.6 to $3.2 million

Most Expensive Car Accidents

We mentioned earlier that the most expensive car accidents in the world are filled with luxurious cars, which is the price its owners have to pay for owning one of the rarest objects in the world.

This Pagani Zonda F Clubsport suffered the unwanted misfortune of joining this list when it crashed at the hand of Steffen Korbach. He was driving the supercar at just under 200 mph before it met its end at the hands of a very strong barrier. The car was completely totaled but thanks to the car’s premium safety design, Steffen and his friend walked away with very little injuries. Sadly, but thanks to Steffen, there are now only 23 of these cars in existence.

2.     Ferrari 250 GT Spyder – $10.8 million

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder damaged by hurricane

Second among the most expensive car accidents in the US is this Ferrari 250 GT Spyder which was bought at an auction on the 18th of May, 2008. The car was bought for $10.8 million, making it a record price for a 1961 250 GT California Spyder.

But just as the price of his car is unique, so did the damage and unfortunate accident that happened to it. Unlike every other car on this list which suffered its destruction at the folly of man, this Ferrari 250 GT Spyder found itself on this list due to the work of Mother Nature.

Parked on the beach, this car was destroyed by a hurricane which took no exceptions when it waged war on the beach. We offer a minute condolence to the owner of this car.

1.     Ferrari 250 GTO – $28.5 million

Most Expensive Car Accidents

For people who collect cars, who are willing to spend millions of dollars on a car as an investment and a status symbol, high insurance fees and high risk of accidents are a part of the deal, but sometimes, it can be a very expensive deal.

The number one accident on among the most expensive car accidents in the US came in 2012 when the American investor and millionaire, Christopher Cox took his 1962 Ferrari GTO car for a spin in France.

He had used the car during a Ferrari race in France, surviving without a scratch but the unfortunate incident that would result in the most expensive damage to a car came after he left the race. While speeding, he hit a car in front of him and he was hit by another car from behind. Thankfully, Christopher and his wife, who were both in the car were fine, although they sustained some minor injuries. The car cost $28.5 million in damages and has already been fixed anew.

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Other car accidents that cost a lot of money that did not necessarily happen in the United States include a Koenigsegg Agera R which is one of the most expensive cars in the world. Driven by a Chinese man who lost control of the vehicle and drove into the sidewalk’s pylons. The car was not totaled but repairs cost $4 million.

Another was in Beijing that cost the insurance carrier, $1.8 million. The crash happened just after the premiere of the car race movie, Fast and Furious 7. Two young men decided to experience some of the adrenaline race in the film and crashed their Lamborghini and Ferrari. Both of them, thankfully, suffered only minor injuries.


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