A lot of youths think they have so much time on their hands, they forget that they also have so much task to complete. The time between your 20s and 30s is probably the most adventurous potential and should be put to maximum use. Once you turn 30, you begin to feel old and unconsciously tend to slow down on some things, only focusing on those that are most important. In the midst of your peak age, trying to get a degree and all that, there are several goals you should set and things you should accomplish before 30 comes knocking on your age. These things will eventually make a bigger part of your lifestyle, attitude and memory when you get older. Here are some of the things you must to do in your 20s if you haven’t achieved them already.

1. Learn a New Language

Most people wish they learnt a second or even third language when they still could, even the world’s richest, Bill Gate regretted not learning a new language. Wherever you find yourself in a new place, grasp the opportunity to learn their language and culture. Get materials and practice their accents also, keep practicing till you no longer need handouts to communicate. Every human should know how to speak at least three other language aside his native language.

2. Go Bungee Jumping

This idea may seem crazy to you, but it’s just a good way to face your fears and do something against common sense. There is a valuable lesson in every act and once you are done with bungee jumping you will find out one new thing – how to face your fears and increase your tolerance level. It is best to go through and come out of this challenge when you are in your 20s.

3. Get Your Life In One Pack

This is the best time to put everything about your life in order. Get education, get understanding, build a network of friends, and restart your life and set it on the right foot.

4. Visit a New Continent

Travelling renews the mind and should be done often, especially between the ages of 20 to 30. If you are 29 and haven’t left the shores of your continent then you should consider doing that the next holiday. Its an opportunity to experience different cultures as well as meet interesting people. This might involve lots of cash but the experience is priceless.

5. Face Your Worst Fear

Fear is a thing of the mind, it is not real and makes you see things the way they are not. Twenty something is the best age to get ride of your phobias – identify them, face the and deal with them. You will need that ability to help younger people go through similar challenges and it will only be embarrassing is you carry your phobia over to 30.


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6. Travel to at least 20 Countries

A well traveled man is a broad minded man. Each new country you visit adds a different lesson and unique memory to your youthful days. The more countries you travel to, the better you can compare them and draw conclusions from people’s behavior, language and culture. You can also learn  a new side to yourself in a new environment.

7. Make At Least One Friend In Every Country You Visit

Traveling somewhere without making a new friend there is a huge loss of money, time and resources. By interacting with local people, you may have a chance to learn about the secret facts of that location and also explore some mysterious places. It can lead to a great friendship that might inspire another visit, and this time you may not be paying hotel bills if your new friend is generous enough to host you.

8. Take a Spontaneous Trip

This may not be a wise thing to do, initially, but the lessons you will gather from it will eventually make you wise. You don’t have to travel far, but the idea is for the trip to be unplanned. Pack a few things and set out to an unknown location for the weekend. You are still young and need this adventure to pump up your adrenaline. Be prepared to face what life throws at you during the trip and remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

9. Boost Your Financial Stability

Before you turn 30, make sure you have secured enough funds to take care of you for at least 6 months. It is almost mandatory that you get a good paying job and avoid getting lost in debt with the help of marston group when the kids start coming.

10. Stand on Top of a Mountain

This is a nice way for acrophobic people to face their fears. The view from the top of a mountain is invaluable and amazing. You literally feel the power of nature and see how small we actually are compared to the natural forces.


11. Create Your Personal Emergency Fund

You don’t expect to be seeking aide from friends and family members when you are in your 30s. This is the more reason you should put away some of your earnings in an emergency fund account. Most experts suggest your emergency fund should allow you to cover at least 3 months of living expenses without struggle.

12. Create An Online Business On The Side

There are endless ways to make some extra money online and you need this money to put yourself in order before time eludes you. You can use your skills to create an ebook, or offer online courses. If you are good with web designs you can make a lot of money managing websites for people. Don’t forget that once you are 30, you will not have all the time in the world to think about an online business when you have more pressing issues on your mind.

13. Develop a Habit of Daily Exercising

An average adult begins to add weight between his late 20s and all through his 30s. This has nothing to do with how well you feed or how rested you are. It is natural that your body growth kicks off again within this period. The older you are, the more likely you are to lead a sedentary lifestyle so to avoid this hazard, start creating healthy exercise habits during your 20s. You can start with 20 minutes everyday of body-weight workouts or go for a quick run.

14. Start Eating Healthy

Diet-related problems are a huge concern in today’s world for older people. They face these challenges due to accumulated unhealthy eating lifestyle they carried over from their 20s. More than one-third U.S. adults are obese and if you read about the fattest people on earth, you will find out they had poor eating habits. If your plan is not not be obese later in life, then start inculcating the habit of eating right – more of unprocessed food.

15. Skydive

This is one extreme thing you should do before 30. Chances are you might not have the opportunity and courage to cross this hurdle when you get older, but then it will be nice to experience the unstoppable power of gravitation and see the world from a different perspective.


16. Become a Disciplined Person

Self-discipline is an enormously useful skill when it comes to making your dreams become a reality. Without discipline, you cannot stick to your commitments and work toward your goals. Becoming a person with rules will have a positive impact on your later life and now is the best time to train the dragon in you.

17. Be An Early Riser

Only lazy people sleep till 8. am. Most successful people go to bed late and wake up early. In whatever field you find yourself you need to be up and doing and not sleep till the cock crows. Be the one to wake the cock and you will realize how much you will achieve in a single day.

18. Write A Five Year Foresight About Yourself

This is a simple act that sounds silly but will make you aspire more. Write a composition about a day in your life, five years from today. While you write consider to answer these questions: Where will you wake up? Who will be by your side? What will your house look like? What will be your profession? This exercise will trigger your desire to have a better future, because of it looks good on paper, it will look good in reality.

19. Discover Your Secret To Happiness

And make sure to do these activities as often as possible. You can have all the money in the world and a career that society considers the most successful, yet you can feel miserable. It’s because the real happiness comes from experiences, self-realization, and contribution. While you discover the world checking off the things from this list, try to find out which environment makes you the happiest person in the world.

20. Read at Least 100 Books

Imagine how much knowledge you would have gathered if you have actually read 100 books. Books hide incredible value and knowledge and no matter the problem you are facing, one book has the solution. So while others in their 20s watch movies and play video games, draw invaluable knowledge from decent books of different genres.


21. Write a Book

A vast reader will definitely want to write a book. And if you have been practicing #18, it won’t be difficult for you to share you ideas and opinion through a book. All you need is a topic idea and  writing materials. These days its easy to type on the go using your smart phones, devote 30 minutes a day to writing and before your 30th birthday you should be launching your first book. In a year or even sooner, you’ll not only drastically improve your language skills but also finish your first book.

22. Go Offline For a Whole Month

Some people in their 20s will say this is impossible but if you can’t control the time spent on the internet at this point you will probably addicted to the internet when you turn 30. Imagine what you can do with all the time you spend on Facebook, twitter and other social forums. You can even do a TV fast for one month. This will help you focus and give you time to do things that are more productive.

23. Donate to a Local Foundation

The amount of your donation doesn’t matter, but that you have the heart to give is enough. Imagine if everyone like you donated a dollar a month to a foundation of choice, the world will be a better place where no child goes to bed hungry.

24. Stop Being A Daddy’s Boy

Its time to grow up and stop waiting for your dad to give you approval on every single matter. Make your own choices and live your life the way you want to. Sooner than 10 years you should be fathering your own child. Only a man can father a child. Once you scale pass this, you are ready to embrace your next round figure age.

25. Take a Picture Every Day for a Whole Year


Most people at their 30s pretend they don’t have time to take pictures, some probably do not know what the word selfie means. Plan to take a picture every day and at the end of a year you will be amazed at the changes you made within the last 365 days. This might even help you track your physical transition into the your 30th anniversary on earth.

26. Learn To Say No

Saying no at the right moment is a habit which guarantees you a better life. However, the tendency in most people is quite the opposite. They say yes way too much and end up with unnecessary commitments and responsibilities which don’t add any value to their lives but frustrates their future.

27. Imbibe The “DIY” Attitude

“Do it yourself” movement grows in popularity and some of the ideas people come up with are seriously unbelievable. You are young, innovative so you have what it takes to create anything you want to without paying someone else to do it. Test your manual skills by building your own wardrobe, baking your birthday cake or as simple as doing your laundry yourself. This will boast your creativity as well as self confidence.

28. Spend a Night Under The Stars

It’s a beautiful scenario to watch the stars and allow your mind wonder. It opens you to a whole new world and helps you create pictures of how life at 30 will be.

29. Build Your Integrity

You can choose to take an integrity challenge but the best way to go about this is to be aware that having integrity succeeds having wealth. Build business relationships with people having in mind that your paths will cross again as you get older. Be sincere and open with friends and colleagues and they will trust you with their life, ideas and even money – that is your integrity at work.

30. Help a Homeless Person to Get Back to a normal life

Our life isn’t only about ourselves but also about the people around us. There are many folks who really need help but are ignored by  the society. Take it upon yourself to help one homeless person when you are in your 20s, support them with the basic human needs and by the time you are 30, your good must have grown taller than your age. Don’t forget that life at 30 may not be as realistic as it is futuristic, but in all embrace it with all gladness – 30 is just a number.

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