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Before the world turned a sharp focus on sexual assault, particularly from powerful men with the Me Too movement, there were a few high-profile cases that got the attention of the world. One of them was the 2003 sexual assault case between Katelyn Faber and the basketball icon, Kobe Bryant.

What started as a regular day went abuzz with reports that Kobe Bryant had been arrested by the sheriff’s office in Eagle, Colorado for an alleged sexual assault of Katelyn. Kobe was accused of raping Faber in his hotel room. What became of the case; where is the sexual assault accuser now? Learn more about these and other relevant information below.

Katelyn Faber Biography

Katelyn Faber was born on the 18th of June, 1985 in Colorado to Paul Louis Faber and Kristine Ann Faber. Not much is known about her background, other than the fact that her birth name is Katelyn Kristine Faber and she was raised in Gypsum, Colorado.

Faber was a student of the Eagle Valley Senior High School before she headed over to the University of Northern Colorado after her high school education. Her course of study at the university is unknown and neither do we know what she currently does for a living.

However, we do know that Katelyn Faber aspired for a career in music as she auditioned for the hit music reality show, American Idol, where she sang in front of the popular judges – Simon Cowell and Jennifer Lopez.

Katelyn was known to be working as a staff of the hotel Kobe Bryant was staying at in Colorado when she met the basketballer, and the alleged incident led to her becoming a nationally recognized personality.

The Sexual Assault Case

The event that transpired in July 2003 began after Kobe Bryant checked into The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, in Edward, Colorado on the 30th of June, in preparation for a scheduled surgery on the 2nd of July.

While he was there, Kobe, who was married at the time, met Katelyn Faber and had a sexual encounter with her on the 1st of July, 2003. The following day after the incident, Katelyn reported to the Eagle County police, alleging that Bryant raped her. Thus, the Eagle County Sheriff came for the basketballer to investigate the claim.

During an interview with the police, Kobe Bryant denied the allegations of rape but admitted that he had sex with Faber, suggesting that the encounter was consensual, although he never explicitly asked for consent but simply assumed it from various physical cues from Katelyn.

Following the interview, an arrest warrant was issued for Kobe Bryant on the 4th of July, with a formal charge filed on the 18th of July by the county. The hearings and the trial following the charge saw the admission of the results of a rape test kit, DNA testing, and Kobe Bryant’s testimony. The trial featured a questioning of the credibility of Katelyn Faber, who had been previously hospitalized to receive treatment for schizophrenia.

On the 1st of September, 2004, after months of investigations and court appearances, the case was dismissed by the Eagle County District Judge following Katelyn’s refusal to testify. Prior to the dismissal of the case, Katelyn had been on the receiving end of numerous hate mail and death threats.

Katelyn Faber
Kobe Bryant with his wife, Vanessa during his apology to Katelyn Faber

While the criminal case was dismissed, Katelyn filed a civil lawsuit against Kobe and after some time, both parties settled the lawsuit out of court, with the terms of the settlement undisclosed. Following the settlement, Kobe Bryant issued a public apology to Katelyn, and it effectively ended the drama.

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Where Is Katelyn Faber Now?

Following the settlement of the civil case against Kobe, Katelyn withdrew from the spotlight and much hasn’t been heard from her ever since.

A bit of research on her life today suggests she is in a relationship with one Cort Colon and has given birth to a son. The paternity of her son is unknown and so are details of every other thing one may wish to know about her.

Kobe, on the other hand, went on to cement his place in the annals of the NBA; he retired from professional basketball in 2016 after twenty active playing years, winning the NBA championship five times.

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