Life at twenty gets on the fast track and everyone wants to see to it that their twenty-something year old makes the best out of their youthful age. Contrary to popular belief, being in your 20’s isn’t all fun because a lot of things go on within that age bracket. Leaving college and entering the real world is enough shock for most people in their twenties, the last thing they need is continuous pressure from concerned folks who seem to be on their neck, or rather buzzing on their ears every now and then about certain things. People in their twenties are considered to be in the prime of their life, and so need constant reminder to keep them on track. But the truth is they have been hearing same old lines from family members, friends, neighbors and even parents and are sick of hearing these phrases. Here are twenty of them.

1. Aren’t You A Little Too Old To Be Wearing That?

You sometimes feel reluctant letting go of some old teenage clothing of yours because they were your favorite and made you feel young. Despite having better and more matured clothes now, you still feel stuck in your tight skinny old jeans and your wardrobe is in constant battle with apparels of two different worlds. Then someone drops the bomb the moment you step out of your closet – “Aren’t You A Little Too Old To Be Wearing That?”

2. So, What Are Your Plans For The Future?

The moment you become a graduate everyday comes with a set of awkward questions and probing inquiries. With every new person you meet, you know exactly what they are going to ask you and you have to really stop yourself from getting angry at them. Its difficult to find the most appropriate response to give because you are not yet sure if you can share your future plans with anyone just because they asked.

3. Don’t Tell Me You’re Still Single!

It is desperately tragic to still be single in your 20’s, especially in your late twenties. Those who are unlucky to find love get the added bonus of hearing this statement at every social occasion, including weddings and child naming, and this questions only adds to the pressure of not having a spouse.

4. Did You Buy That Yourself?

If you don’t have a job yet and you are seen with expensive things, you will surely get this question. The assumption is you are jobless and should be broke and so you are probed anytime you decide to treat yourself to something really nice.

5. You Could Move In With Your Parents!

For a 20 something year old youth, the suggestion of moving back in with your parents is like experiencing sudden death. Unfortunately, people who often raise this topic are trying to help you save the little cash you don’t even have without thinking of how you will take the suggestion after you must have experienced the real world outside the roof of your family house.

6. How Many Jobs Have You Had

Getting a job is one of the hardest struggles that any 20 something faces, so when you’re reminded of your career-based failings at every moment, it feels a little like a slap on the face. Jumping from one job to another might be seen by other people not in your age range as not being serious, but to you, that’s a way of weighing the best and at the same time keeping your options open.

7. Any Plans To Settle Down?

You still act like a child and you don’t even drink coffee, yet all of a sudden, the entire world seem to want you to get married and procreate. The fact that you don’t even understand taxes yet seems secondary; you should settle down and start looking to the next generation. Is that something you want to be often reminded of at twenty something?

8. Maybe You Should Try Online Dating!

When it seems like the right one is not forthcoming then this suggestion pops up. Everyone comes up with their own ideas of how best to get you hitched. Online dating becomes your next bet, but then would that solve the problem of not meeting the right one?

9. Aren’t You Worried You’ll Get Left Behind?

When this question comes around, you shed a little tear. Yes, you want to say, I fear it every moment of every day, but instead, you shrug and walk away. Next time, maybe you’ll tell them what you really think – You are not in a race with mankind so you can’t be left behind.

10. Have You Thought About Insurance?

Apparently, as soon as you turn 20, you’re supposed to have your entire life together, insurance included. The fact that you don’t even own anything worth insuring makes this questions completely unimportant to you at the moment, but then you can’t stop the person from asking same question again the next time s/he see you.

11. You Do Want Kids, Though?

In your opinion, you still are a kid, so the thought of raising your own kids leave you in panic. Majority of humans want to have kids but not when they are in their twenties and are yet to put their life in order. That question should be more appropriate when you are settled, married and ready for the baby drama.

12. How Many People Do You Live With?

Living in a one bedroom apartment with 4 other people is not uncommon for people in 20 something, not because they love to blend in with the crowd, but due to the obvious reason that they can not afford to stay alone at the moment.Asking this question only reminds them of their unhealthy financial status.

13. You Spend Too Much Time Online

As long as you are staying with your folks or someone else, they will notice your internet habit and comment on it. Generally, everyone has something to say about the way you live and if they aren’t criticizing your job, they’re worrying about your computer habit. All 20 somethings spend a lot of time online, so everyone else is just going to have to deal with it. If you expect answers from all the questions you often ask them, then they need the internet to get the information needed to upgrade their lives, career and finance.

14. What Is Facebook?


When older folks are not schooled about gadgets and social media they look for the nearest 20 something year old to ask for help. Because a 20 something is expected to be a technological guru. Anyone who has been down the social media route with parents will know the pain associated with this question and as soon as it is asked, you write off your entire evening’s plans and attend to their social media illiteracy.

15. How Much Rent Do You Pay?

You’re officially an adult but people have no problem with treating you like a child. No detail of your life is left unturned and if it’s to do with money, it seems like everyone has something to say about it. They want to know how much you are spending on rent when they have a free house for you.

16. What Do You Do All Day?

20 somethings without a job are open game for older generations and most people see no problem with probing into every element of your life. You feel like asking them what they get up to, but instead, you shrug and throw yourself on your bed without voicing the sarcastic response in your mind “I sleep all day.”

17. How Much Money Do You Make?

Landing your first graduate job is a huge milestone if you’re a 20 something and rather than congratulating you about it, people only seem concerned with the amount of money you’re making. You try to hold out and leave them in the dark, but eventually, you give in and show them your paycheck.

18. When I Was Your Age…

This is the mother of all irritating statements. As soon as someone says these fateful words, you switch off entirely. This question is targeted to make you compare yourself to either the people around you or the one dishing out the statement.

19. Thirty Is Around The Corner

What is it with other people and you ageing? The people you meet seem to forget that you are aware of how old you are and don’t need a reminder about how close you are to the next significant decade. You’ve been counting the days since you turned 20; you don’t need a reminder.

20. Is That A Grey Hair?

You officially enter the world of adulthood when you find your first grey hair and for many people, it comes a lot earlier than you would have expected. When someone notices it before you, though, it’s somehow more humiliating to get a strand of your hair pulled out in public with the embarrassing question “Is that a grey hair?”