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Love has never been said to be enough to keep a relationship. There are other condiments that go hand in hand to create and maintain a happy love life, and these elements include characters, habits and lifestyle among others. You would be wrong to think a guy who loves you would tolerant your ill behavior even for a short while. There are certain things that can make your boyfriend really angry, you should know them so you can work on them or better still avoid them.

1. Trying To Change Him

No one can change another person without his or her consent. So if you have been trying to change your man, you are getting on someone’s nerves. Every body has got a different and unique style that distinguishes one from the others. Do not try to enforce a change and always remember not to change the person whose qualities you had once admired. Love him the way he is cos you might not like the new him if peradventure a transformation occurs.

2. Careless Attitudes

Guys often get irritated when their girlfriend is careless about a thing. They just conclude that the way you do anything is the way you’ll do everything. If you are given a task by your boyfriend or partner try to put in your best and stay committed to the course. You never know when he is just putting your qualities to test. A carelessness is a big turn off for most men. It also applies to the way you take care of yourself. Like they might get angry and scold you for not taking out the thrash, or going out of the house looking unkempt.

3. Not Time Conscious

As little as this is, he could really get mad at you if you don’t  show up at the scheduled time. In as much as it is the culture of ladies to keep a guy waiting during dates, you should never carry that habit over to when you are already dating. If you cant meet up with the time, let him know before hand, that will even make him see you as a responsible lady with high integrity.

4. Gossiping Like A Parrot


He might love you to the moon and back but if he notices you always kiss and tell, he is bound to have some resentments about you. Guys hate such girlfriends who spill up everything little thing with anybody they desire to. There are certain things which are only to be kept between the partners and it should not fall into someone else’s ear, no matter how close he or she is. Learn to keep every secret where it belongs and everyday of your relationship will be a honeymoon.

5. Interfering in all Matters

You are the “love of his life” not the “lord of his life.” Once you have this at the back of your mind it will guide you towards some decisions and actions that are not yours to worry about. Most men would never like to have a girlfriend who has to say something on every issue that he is indulged into.

6. Disturbing

Most guys would expect their girlfriends to understand the importance of the work they are doing. He might be working so hard to finish what he is doing but then you keep interrupting his thoughts and eating into his work time with petty chats of how Kim Kardashian rocked a crop top better than Rihanna. He will definitely get mad at you even if he doesn’t show it. He expects a little cooperation from you to enable him complete the task ahead – being a man is enough trouble from him, do not make him a jobless one.

7. Flirting With Others

A girl must remember that she is committed to her boyfriend and ought not to flirt with some other guy, even when she has no intention of dating them. If her boyfriend comes to know about such type of activities then he would simply get very angry and might do something which might hurt later. Boys generally become possessive,  and aggressive in such situation, you would not want to see him in rage when he is jealous.

8. Disrespecting His Passion

When girls make fun of the passions that their boyfriends hold then it surely makes them very angry and they try to make distance from them. Like for example if he is interested in taking wild life pictures and you think it’s lame he would find it hard to be truly happy with someone who does not believe in his dreams.

9. Over Possessive

Yes, he really loves you but as long as you are not air he needs to breath. Guys want their space in relationship as often as they can get it, so don’t be around him at every second like your life depends on him.

10. Doing the Same Mistake

If he has corrected you before on a particular thing and you still repeat that mistake he can take it as an insult. He needs to know that you are repentant and adhere to his advise. Don’t forget guys like to be in charge so do your part to constantly massage his ego and everything will work out just fine in the relationship.