Everything To Know About Zahra Schreiber – Seth Rollins Ex-Girlfriend

Zahra Schreiber is an American model who also has found a profession in wrestling. She was a member of the WWE NXT a professional wrestling TV program for talent developmental. She debuted in 2015 and has since then soared high despite social media buzz over some controversial uploads on Instagram that almost destroyed her reputation.

Also known as Brittney Schreiber, Zahra also worked for wrestlers like Ruff Crossing, Sami Callihan, Arik Cannon, Donovan Danhausen, and Nick Brubaker, as their managers and has appeared on the ring in a match against Morgana. Even while she was with NXT, the American model appeared in rings in some unique dress style that includes dressing as a skeleton. However, she is more popular as the ex-girlfriend of Seth Rollins.

Zahra Schreiber Biography

Zahra (Brittney) Schreiber is a native of North Carolina born April 18, 1988. The American model once said she belongs to Cherokee ancestry and that her mother, Gina James was formerly a country singer. With a keen interest to become a wrestler, Zahra Schreiber joined the House of Truth Wrestling School which was being managed by Truth Martini and Jimmy Jacobs. The wrestling school is located in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from the institution and shortly afterward and made a move towards achieving her dream of being a professional wrestler.

Her wrestling career

Zahra joined the World Wrestling Entertainment in 2014 and was officially signed to the WWE’s NXT program in October 2014. She, however, debuted as a wrestler in 2015, with DreamWave Wrestling, after her stage appearance in LaSalle as a manager for Nick Brubaker Arik Cannon, N, Donovan Danhausen, and Ruff Crossing.

Schreiber was initially rejected by the PWPIX on the ground that her body was heavily tattooed, which is against the rules for every female talent wishing to become a wrestler. Her name was first changed from the roaster before the officials resolved to have her signed in. Upon signing, Schrieber wrote on her now privatized Instagram page how humbled and excited she is to be accepted by the famous company.

Zahra’s modeling career

Her modeling career actually began way before her wrestling career. She was working as a former band manager and at the same time was known in the fashion industry as a professional model. She worked with some modeling companies before she found her root in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Her relationship with Seth Rollins

Zahra Schreiber and the popular American wrestler, Set Rollins (Tyler Black), were in a relationship long before the scandalous nude picture of her appeared on social media. The two appeared to have known each other from the House of Truth company where Seth worked with trainer Jimmy Jacobs.

Zahra Schreiber with Seth Rollins – Image Source

The relationship between them became public some times in 2015 but it ended pretty early as the couple was embroiled in some media controversy that involves nude picture uploads by Rollins. The controversial pictures were actually posted by Lieghla Schultz, Seth’s longtime girlfriend who found out he was cheating on her with the Instagram model. After the release of the pictures which have since been taken off, Zahra Schreiber and Seth Rollins decided to end their relationship and go their separate ways quietly.

Zahra Schreiber’s other relationships

Prior to Seth, Zahra dated a singer for the metalcore band of the Fallen Dreams, Chad Ruhling. The two, however, separated after spending about eight years together. After Seth, she got into a relationship with Daria Berenato (Sonya Deville), an open lesbian wrestler. The two started dating in 2016 and have been together since then.

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Release from WWE

While the controversial sexting was no big deal for Set Rollins as he was crowned champion by the World Wrestling Entertainment, it fell so hard on Zahra Schreiber who was only four months into her career in the company and was yet to make her WWE in-ring Television debut. Zahra was just hours away from receiving her official role as a manager for Sami Callihan at a live show before her career ending photos became public. The release of the Nazi iconography came as a shock for the company and as a result, she was fired on the 31st of August 2015.

As expected, Zahra was devastated by the eventual end of her career with the WWE, but she received full moral support from Seth for a couple of months before they decided to go their separate ways.

As of on January 21, 2017, Zahra Schreiber apparently debuted on REAL Pro Wrestling’s event known as New Horizons. She appeared with Aria Blake in a match against Morgana.

Height and Weight

Zahra Schreiber is no doubt a very beautiful young woman with all the nice figures that can make her stand tall among top celebrities. The outstanding model is 5 feet 8 inches (1.76m) tall. Her well-tattooed body weighs 120 lbs (54 kg).

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