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The popularization of Hip Hop as a music genre by artists like Kanye West, Drake and Jay Z has turned Hip Hop into a universal language, no longer unique to members of the African American community but a global tongue that is spoken by anyone regardless of their cultural background. This is evident so far with the popularity of a number of hip hop stars like Young Signorino, a young Italian rapper who does not belong to the African American community,

Young Signorino has become one of the most recognizable names in Hip Hop both in his home country, Italy and across the pond in America and other parts of the world for fans of the genre. His single, Mnh ha ha ha, has become a national and international phenomenon, driving up his popularity. So, for the curious, who would like to know who the young Italian rapper is, check out details about everything you need to know about him below.

Early Life and Career

He is known to his Italian and global fans as Young Signorino but his real name is Paolo Caputo and he was born in Cesena in 1999 to unknown parents. So far, much of his childhood has remained unknown with the majority of background information about the rapper staying outside of media reach.

Young Signorino’s interest in music developed at a young age and like a typical Gen Z, he took to social media to express that interest. As early as the age of 17, he began to record and upload some of his songs to YouTube and began to get some light exposures to members of the Italian hip hop community. He did not get much traction in his starting year until 2018 when he was approached by two of the biggest and most important producers in Italian music, Low Kidd and Big Fish who made the decision to work with him after coming to the conclusion he was a talent worth exploring.

The resulting relationship between Young Signorino and the two producers elevated the quality of his music and has now transformed him into one of the leading names in Italian Music Industry. As a rapper, Young Signorino’s music is focused on the modern Hip Hop subgenre, trap music which has been popularized by acts like Migos. He released his most popular song till date, Mnh Ha Ha Ha in 2018 which quickly became a global sensation, sparking memes and parodies and every other element that follows a successful and popular song in the modern age.

While his popularity is witnessing a steady growth, his personality and philosophy have been a source of controversy for both his fans and followers of the hip hop genre, especially in his home country, Italy. Young Signorino’s personality and style involve face tattoos and a lot of weirdness, which often reflect in his dressing style, artworks for his songs and the promotion of hard drugs and alcohol, which once led to the ban of his account on the giant social media network, Instagram.

As a result, Young Signorino has become something of a dividing personality in Italy, with a group of people considering him the best thing in Italian music while others see him as the worst and the death of Italian music.

Personal Life

Although he is a young man with a rising career, Young Signorino is a father. He became a father in 2016 through a relationship with an unknown woman.

Young Signorino
Young Signorino with his sister

Since he became famous, Young Signorino has become the toast of many female fans but the artiste has reiterated his decision to remain single. His reason to stay single so far remains a secret yet to be disclosed by the rapper.

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Other Facts About Young Signorino

For Young Signorino, his looks are a strong part of his brand and personality and his often strange dressing styles are brought to life via a body that is 5 feet 8 inches in height and weights 60 kg. Additionally, he has a body measurement of 34, 29, and 35 inches for his chest, waist, and hips respectively.

Although he is a young rapper who is yet to release an album, the popularity of his single, Mnh Ha Ha Ha has made a significant amount of money for him to boast a net worth of 900,000 euros.

He overdosed on psychedelic drugs at the age of 17 and fell into a coma.

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