You Would Never Notice But These Famous Companies Have Hidden Messages Right On Their Logos

Unless you’ve been living below a rock without an Internet connection, you must have seen the logos of famous companies like McDonald’s and Amazon countless times.

Often times, we see the logos of famous companies, but seldom notice the outstanding meaning hidden in them.

While many however don’t even know there are reasons companies design their logos the way they do, some others know but can’t figure out the hidden messages behind the logos.
You’d think that, given how often they’re in front of our eyes, we’d pick up on little subtle distinctions and maybe even hidden messages in these equally famous logos, but evidently that’s not the case.

How did we miss these? Look closely and find the hidden messages within these logos:


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FedEx logo shows the wise use of negative white space in logo designs. And incase you are wondering the exceptional message hidden in this one, just keep looking at the letter ‘E’ and ‘X’ and you get the image of an arrow in the space. The arrow reflects an image of a competent and skilled company speaking about its delivery accuracy and looking forward to a positive future. In fact, it shows this company is always moving forward! Now, have you ever noticed the arrow between the “E” and “X”?


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Here, the visible yellow smiley is very clear  to almost all the eyes that behold Amazon logo. The logo clearly speaks about customer satisfaction. However, the  key purpose is to represent Amazon as the absolute shopping destination with access to every product. Thus, the smiley extends from a to z implying that it offers an A to Z services to its customers.

Baskin Robbins

Have you ever noticed what the pink “3” and “1” that help make up the “B” and “R” represent? Anyway, the Baskin Robbins offers to their customers  31 chains of ice cream flavors. Thus, the pink highlight within the letters of B and R reads 31 if removed.


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The logo of one of the world’s regularly used sites has the shape of a globe with unfinished puzzles. The globe is inscribed with letters from various written systems, while its completeness explains that information gathering is continuous and unending.


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We have the google logo countless of times without pausing one second to think out why they chose different colours for their logo. Anyway, the logo is a pattern of primary colors except that the letter ‘l’ is dipped in secondary color just to show that Google is quite different from the others. That it doesn’t go by the book, it breaks rules, rebels, creates path-breaking discoveries and  transcend boundaries.


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A close glance at the beloved redhead’s collar, you can see the word “MOM” made up of the vertical blue lines and broach. Which shows that Wendy is branding itself as a safe, home-made mom cooked eatery.


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The company located in San Francisco found a way to represent the popular architectural marvel, the Golden Gate bridge. Their ‘ electromagnetic wave’ like logo is  a demonstration of the  2 towered suspension bridge as Cisco company, is a pioneer in the field of networking. Thus, Cisco through their logo defines what it does and where they’re situtated.


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The logo of one of the world’s most popular sports companies, Adidas represents a mountain that demonstrates the challenges and obstacles the athletes will meet on their way to success through their famous three stripes. They converted the popular three stripes which they are known with into a mountain which represents the challenges their athletes will face on the way to success.

Le Tour de France

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The world-popular cycling event has a very  bright sports logo which depicts a bicycle riding the word “Tour.” Take a close look at how the ’ O’ forms the back wheel, ‘u’ acts as a seat, ‘R’ creates the figure of a man while an extra yellow dot completes the bicycle set-up. Also, the event is always held in summer season and hence explains the importance of the yellow circle.


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The “L” and “G” make up an excited face, showcasing how the company is friendly with customers and also how they would like their customers to feel. The circle with inscription of L and G represents the world and functional technology while the smiling face depicts dedication and customer happiness.

Yoga Australia

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Should you glance closely, you’ll see Australia in the whitespace between the yogi’s right arm and leg which is the shape of the Australian continent and as such the logo denotes what it is about and where it is.

Families / Marriage

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Here, the ‘ili’ in Families looks more like a lovely small family and the “RR” in Marriage represents a couple reciting their vows. Hence, the spotlight on the letter ‘i’ represents mother, father and child.

Sun Microsystems

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There is no way you would look anywhere in the diamond-shaped logo and not see the word “SUN.”

Northwest Airlines

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Notice the triangle points northwest, while the italicized “N” becomes a “W. Even though, this logo is redundant, it carries with it sufficient detail within a smart design by employing proper negative space.


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In 1960, the fast food company was looking for a new logo, they sought out psychologist Louis Cheskin’s assistance. He insisted the popular yellow golden arches in the M form should not be erased because they resemble “a pair of nourishing breasts to consumers.


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While it’s uncertain if this was a concious move by the Coca-Cola company, but based on the unusual connection coca-cola had with Denmark when they started, they found a way to inscribe Danish flag in their logo. Doubting? have a close look at the second half of the logo precisely on the alphabet ‘o’ of ‘Cola’.

Sony Vaio

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Everybody knows much about Sony’s product, but how many know about their logo? The Vaio logo is made up of the analog and digital wave patterns. Very smart!


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The swing of the golfer featured in the Spartan logo also creates the bust of a Spartan warrior.

Formula 1

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Another famous company that knows the importance of white space. The whitespace between the black “F” and red streak create a numeral 1

Hope For Children Initiative

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A good logo representing the continent of Africa but a close look at the sides, you’ll notice two people coming out of the white space, a child and adult. While the child looks up to the adult. The organization focuses on health of which children are the beneficiaries thus the silhouette of a child and a concerned adult.

Would you have noticed these hidden messages without help?  I never would have known that there was a hidden message right in these logos. This will you ponder the kind of hidden messages that are still out there.

Source: UNB Facts

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