Who is Ylan Mui, How Much Is She Worth And Does She Have A Husband?

Ylan Mui is a distinguished international reporter who has earned it all in the world of journalism, thanks to her never-dying passion for her career. Her excellent performance has also seen her work with internationally-recognized pay TV news channel the CNBC.

Mui joined the CNBC in February 2017 and became the cable network’s White House Correspondent with her primary focus being on economic and regulatory policy. Prior to this time, the Asian American news reporter worked with The Washington Post where she not only gained all the needed experience but also made a remarkable rise to fame. Here is more to know about the gorgeous reporter.

Who is Ylan Mui?

Ylan Mui is an American citizen born on December 24, 1980, in the city of Orleans, Louisiana. She is the daughter of Vietnamese parents who immigrated to America after surviving the Vietnamese war of 1954. It is said that her father is a medical doctor who now works in a clinic in Orleans while her mother uses a room in their home for spar services. Mui also has an older female sibling and a younger brother.

Mui first had her basic education at Mary’s Dominican High School before she transitioned to Loyola University where she received a BS degree in Communications. She also attended the American Journalists Association’s Executive Leadership Program where she further got herself trained on various leadership skills necessary for her future career in the communication industry.

Meet Her Husband 

The CNBC Whitehouse journalist is a married woman. She tied the nuptial knot with her now-husband, Adam McClintock, in August 2008 and together they have two children, a boy, and a girl. Their daughter Eleanor McClintock was birthed on July 20, 2012.

Ylan Mui
Ylan Mui husband, Adam McClintock

Despite her busy schedule, the Asian American reporter still finds time to look after her family. Mui is fond of taking her family on vacations where they spend quality time together. In 2015, the couple took their children on a trip to Disney.

She Started as a Receptionist and Obituary Writer

Like many who did not begin their career with their dream profession, Ylan Mui’s first job was not related to her preferred field of profession. Instead, she began as a receptionist before she got a job as an obituary writer for a New Orleans-based native town journal known as The Times-Picayune. Her hard work and talent soon earned her a job at The Washington Post where she worked for fifteen years covering Federal Reserve, consumer finance and the economy. While at the Washington Post, Ylan Mui was also known for covering catastrophic events like the Hurrican Katrina and BP oil slick.

 Her Job at the CNBC 

Having worked as a contributor for the CNBC in 2013, Ylan Mui officially joined the cable network February 2017, after about 15 years of service at The Washington Post. With the CNBC, the New Orleans native’s main focus is primarily on economic and regulatory policy. Currently working at the network’s bureau in Washington, D.C., Mui’s reportings often appears on CNBC’s digital platforms and on television.

Her Salary and Net Worth

Ylan Mui’s net worth should be very attractive following her fast-rising career in the world of journalism. Her display of excellent reporting skill is key to her rise to fame. Mui’s salary as a CNBC reporter is estimated at $61,255 which s bound to increase in a short space of time considering her fine reporting skills. As per the figures she generated as net worth, it is unknown as Mui is yet to reveal how much she is worth.

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She Has Non-Biological Grandparents

It may sound shocking to know that the people Ylan Mui recognizes as her paternal grandparents are not biologically related to her. The couple only took care of her father at the time he arrived in the United States from Vietnam. They accepted him as their son and Mui’s father took them as his own parents. Since then, her parents and grandparents live as one big family.

She is a Member and VP of AAJA’

Ylan Mui is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), where she served as the ViPresidentent of the Washington, DC section. Additionally, she is an alum of AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program.

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