Who Is Yasmin Vossoughian’s Husband and What Are Her Career Achievements?

Journalists may not command the billboard treatment, have their name engraved on skyscrapers and be followed around by a horde of photographers who want a picture of them, but they provide a service that is undeniably critical to the continued existence of order in our society. This makes them one of the most respectable groups of people in the world. Among them, Yasmin Vossoughian stands tall as one of the best. A renowned international news anchor, Vossoughian’s career breakthrough came in 2005 when she became a correspondent for Al Gore’s Current TV.

Notwithstanding, her journalism career spans almost two decades, during which she has interviewed leaders from across the world, including Newt Gingrich in Washington DC, experts in water filtration and environmental protection in Singapore, Fatah youth in the West Bank, as well as victims of malaria and HIV/AIDs in Africa. She has also covered Hollywood celebrities, as well as life in Tehran, Iran, particularly for the youths in the country. Most recently, she has been anchoring shows like Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Life Before an Illustrious Career as a Correspondent

Yasmin Vossoughian was born on the 3rd of October, 1978. While we do not know how many sisters or siblings she has, we know she has a sister who was a physician and a brother who pursued academia. Yasmin was born into a family of Iranian immigrants and is the last daughter of Dr. Ahad Vossoughian and Shamsi Vossoughian.

She attended two different high schools, completing her basic education at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Massachusetts. She graduated in 1996 to proceed to college at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, where she studied Economics and History.

During her time in the school, she nursed the idea of working inside Beltway, but that quickly changed after her internship on Capitol Hill as a young woman. She realized that she didn’t want to work for the government but instead would love to work in a position where she could question the government. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and History in 2000 and started a career path to her liking.

From Fresh Graduate To International Storyteller

Upon graduation, Yasmin Vossoughian began her professional life at E! Entertainment Television, working in her first professional role as a production assistant. With the network, she learned all the most important ethics of her profession, especially what matters during interviews.

Her experience while working for an entertainment network like E! also afforded her the chance to interview Hollywood personalities like Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, and Salma Hayek.

After time spent on the Hollywood focused TV network, she went on to work for Style Network, where she served as a producer. For years, she performed in that capacity before landing a job as an on-air reporter at DTV, an internet-TV company based in Germany.

While she worked for DTV, Yasmin Vossoughian got the chance to report on important events like New York City’s mayoral elections and the infamous September 11 attacks in New York.

Groundbreaking Works That Changed Everything

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Although Yasmin Vossoughian started out with the top media outlet E!, her big break didn’t come with any job she did during the time.

Instead, she caught widespread public attention in 2005 when she joined Current TV, another internet and broadcast network as a host and producer for live news/ entertainment shows.

on that role, she did one of her most significant stories yet as a journalist, heading to Tehran, Iran, to make a documentary about the underground life of youths in the city. The excellence of the production and the story itself earned her the CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2006.

After that accomplishment, she moved to Headline News (HLN – starting from 2014) and continued to perform in that capacity, anchoring different types of beats, including entertainment and breaking news.

Before this time, she had also reported for the local New York City Cable news channel NY1 where she covered stories such as Hurricane Sandy’s ruins and the aftermath. She was also a significant part of the innovative online video news program oneminutenews.com, known to present a humorous digest of widely discussed news online.

She joined MSNBC in 2017 as an on-air host/anchor and also as a producer. As a producer, she is credited for shows like Up With David Gura and as a host for Morning Joe First Look.

The excellence of Yasmin Vossoughian comes in the delivery of her news reports and ability to hold the attention of her audience, but she also does all of this while looking physically admirable. Her beauty is expressed through a body that has an average height with a slim body profile. However, her exact body specifics are not known.

The Financial Benefits of Her Efforts

As stated earlier, Yasmin Vossoughian has been working as a journalist for several years, starting from E! network to a giant media company, NBC, as a correspondent, anchor, and producer.

There’s no doubt that an international correspondent with incredible work accomplishments such as Yasmin will have financial benefits that equal the efforts she puts in her job.

So, it’s not shocking that through her career journey, she has been able to amass a significant net worth, in the lucrative journalism industry, estimated to be $10 million by most financial review sites.

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The Man Who Helped Nudge Her To Success

Yasmin Vossoughian
Yasmin Vossoughian with her husband, Whittaker Lindsay Clifford

If Yasmin Vossoughian is accused of having it all, she would be guilty. She has a thriving career and to go along with it, she got herself a perfect companion, who became her husband in June 2016 after years of dating.

Her husband, who is named Whittaker Lindsay Clifford, doesn’t have a lot of information about him but is known to work for his family’s business, Clifford Associates Inc. Clifford has been a pillar of support and Yasmin’s biggest fan for many years before their marriage. The two have found a way to sustain their friendship of many years, even after transitioning into a married couple.

Their love has birthed its own fruits, in the form of a son, born on the 15th of October, 2016, and named Azur Vossoughian Clifford. The family welcomed another child, a son, Noor Ahad Clifford on the 8th of August, 2018. All four members of the family live in New York City.

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