Xenia Seeberg: 6 Facts About The Lexx Science TV Series Actress

If you’ve watched Knocking on Heaven’s Door, you may vaguely recognize Xenia Seeberg. If this doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe her role in sci-fi Lexx would. It was this 1998 role that thrust the German star in the limelight despite starting out her acting career four years earlier. And since making it to the spotlight, she has only continued to prove her acting skills in more notable roles such as Beyond the Limits, 80 Minutes, etc. The talented actress has also shown that she has a lot more to offer than just acting by debuting her musical career with a good number of hit singles to her credit.

Who is Xenia Seeberg and How Old is She?

Xenia Seeberg’s full name is Anke Wesenberg and she was born in Geldern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Her birth date is April 4th, 1968, the same day one of the world’s most famous right activist, Martin Luther King was killed. Xenia holds Latin and philosophy degrees.

Fascinated by acting, Xenia went on to Lee Strasberg school in Manhattan, New York and studied theatre. With refined skills, she launched her career in 1994 but could only land bit parts. She first became hit with audience when she starred in the film Knocking On Heaven’s Door titled based on Bob Dylan’s song released the same year. With her newfound influence, she gathered more notable roles in movies. In 1998, Xenia Seeberg soon found her a sure-footing in the movie circle when she joined the cast of the science fiction television series Lexx as Xev Bellringer. She followed this up with a role in Total Recall 2070 and also intrigued movie lovers with her role in Beyond the Limits.

In 2005, having gained numerous fans, Xenia Seeberg starred in Der Clown co-starring with Eva Habermann, who first starred as Zev in Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories. The role not only catapulted her to the spotlight but also drew the attention of top men’s magazine Playboy which made her its Covergirl of that year. Another notable credit of Xenia includes 80 Minutes. Her performance in Annihilation Earth also had a broad appeal. Xenia has also ventured into music and is known for her hit singles including Heatbeat which she released through EMI Electrola label.

1. Is Xenia Seeberg Married?

Xenia, like many women, has survived several broken relationships and stands strong, regardless. The actress was first married to Dar Clown co-star Sven Martinek. The two got married in 2003 but unfortunately, their marriage couldn’t survive past 2011. Their union produced a son named Philip-Elias who was born in 2005.

Xenia Seeberg
Xenia Seeberg and her son Philip-Elias (image source)
Apparently, divorce couldn’t stop Seeberg from falling in love again. She gave herself another chance at love when she fell in love with Sven Kilthau-lander, a successful entertainer and manager at Universal Music. Three years into their relationship, the duo parted ways for an unknown reason. As it stands now, it is not certain if Xenia is dating or planning to marry anyone basically because she has decided to shield these details from the eyes of the public.

2. How Much Does She Make From Her Career?

Xenia is yet to specifically reveal how much she makes from her acting and musical gigs. But it is known that she makes enough money and is already a millionaire with a net worth estimated at $1 million. This amount is expected to increase as her career continues to grow.

3. How Tall is Xenia Seeberg and What Does She Weigh?

From just looking at Xenia, you will understand why she has continued to excel in her career in the showbiz. She is undeniably beautiful and more amazingly, she has been able to maintain well-proportioned body shape over the years. Her vital statistics aren’t known but she is 5 ft 8 inches and weighs 140lbs.

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4. She Still Does Music 

Xenia hasn’t stopped making music. She still churns out songs even as her acting calendar gets busier each passing year. Currently, she sings with the band Vertikals where she functions as the lead vocalist.

5. She is Multi-Talented and a Linguist

Indeed, Xenia has many skills which include the ability to speak different languages fluently. Apart from English and German languages, she is also a fluent French speaker which sort of separates her from many other stars in her class.

6. Did Xenia Seeberg Have Plastic Surgery?

There have been many changes in Xenia Seeberg’s look over the years and some have been credited to plastic surgery and lip implants. The strange look which possibly resulted from plastic surgery mishap was in the past mocked as every parent’s nightmare.

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