Wu Yongning Biography – How The Rooftopper Lived And Died

Absolutely daring and unbelievably audacious, Wu Yongning was a Chinese stuntman and rooftopper who usually held countless people completely spellbound with his venturesome and dauntless stunts on social media. Wu Yongning was fond of climbing extremely tall buildings and then fearlessly hang over the rooftops to take selfies and make videos while clinging to the very edge of the buildings by the tips of his fingers. He loved scaling skyscrapers without wearing any safety equipment at all to the huge amazement of his many followers online.

Wu Yongning’s stunts not only amazed his followers, but they also gave people a cause to be concerned about his safety because what he did appeared to be very dangerous. It looked like he could fall off from the tall buildings at any time and plunge to death. Sadly, this is what eventually happened to him as he died during one of his dangerous stunts. His death caused an outpouring of serious grief around social media.

Wu Yongning’s Biography

The exact day and moth in which Wu Yongning was born remains vague, however, we know that he was born in 1991. The daredevil rooftopper was born in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province in central China. It was in Changsha that he grew up and performed many of his stunts.

Wu was born to a mother identified as Xiaofei He. His father’s name still remains unknown at the moment. He was very fond of his mother and reportedly performed stunts to aid in her upkeep with the money he made from his acts. Not much is known about whether or not he had any siblings.

Yongning came from a poor family and did all he could to support them by working hard as a stuntman to raise some money to provide food and medicine for his mother and the others.

Life And Death Of The Stuntman

Wu Yongning began to gain fame when he joined social media to show off photos and videos of himself climbing very high buildings in China. China is known to have very tall buildings and Wu had the dream of climbing every one of the skyscrapers.

Before becoming a social media sensation, Wu wanted to act in movies. According to some sources, he used to appear in movies as an extra and also performed some stunts in some other films. However, he soon gave his full attention to the dangerous act of scaling very tall buildings and performing hair-raising stunts at the peak of skyscrapers.

Wu caught the attention of people on social media when videos and photos showing him hanging off the edge of skyscrapers emerged online. The videos and photos showed him hanging from the skyscrapers without using any safety equipment like a parachute or other such items. Sometimes, he is seen doing push-ups and pull-ups right at the edge of the tall buildings.

His adventurous stunts made him so popular in China, especially among young people. In fact, he was given the nickname “the Extreme” on Chinese social media where he was seen as a super-human who was fearless and who do anything he wanted.

However, some fans were more conservative and feared for his life. They asked him to reduce the way he takes dangerous risks to perform his stunts. They warned that one day, he may plunge to his death from a tall building and it will be the end of his life. However, Wu was living his life on his own terms.

According to reports, companies usually paid Wu to perform his stunts. He was frequently approached by these unnamed companies who would ask him to create viral stunt videos for cash. Wu would accept the cash and then embark on the daring adventure to scale a skyscraper or perform some other very dangerous stunt on a very high building. It was during one of these stunts that he died.

Wu Yongning
The moment Wu Yongning fell to death from the Huayuan International Centre.

Wu Yongning died doing what he loved. On 8 November 2017, he climbed to the very top of the Huayuan International Centre which is a 62-storey building in Changsha, China. The massive building reportedly stood at an amazing 190.8 m or 626 feet but Wu was not scared to climb to its roof. When he climbed to the top of the building, he proceeded to climb to the edge of the structure and attempted to do pull-ups while being recorded. However, shortly after he has started his pull-ups, he lost his grip on the building and fell straight to his death down below. Sources reveal that Wu landed by a terrace at the bottom of the building and his body was found by a window cleaner.

Wu’s death was not immediately made public and his followers became disturbed when they didn’t see new posts from the stuntman for some time so they started questions about his whereabouts. Finally, it was revealed that he had died. The news of his death caused an outpouring of grief among his fans around social media. A video showing the moment he fell to his death was released online and was viewed by millions of heartbroken people.

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According to sources, Wu Yongning accepted to do the last stunt that took his life after he was offered about 100,000 yuan (US$15,000). He wanted to raise some money to care for his mother who was sick. Also, it was reported that he had prepared to propose to his girlfriend the next day and wanted to fund his wedding with the money he was paid for the stunt. Sadly, he never got to use it.

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