His Majesty’s Reserve Gurkha Cigar Is One of The Most Expensive Cigar In The World

Many people are against smoking, either as a result of religious beliefs or for health reasons, but there are a group of people who can’t wrap their heads around why religion should be the judge of what goes into their system and don’t give a hoot about what the ministry of health has to say about their health. Some of them can’t seem to get enough and don’t mind dropping relatively large sums on a single stick, not even if it costs $2,000 per stick like in the case of His Majesty’s Reserve Gurkha Cigar, which at that price tag is the world’s most expensive cigar.

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The Dominican Republic handmade cigar is retailed at the Ritz Carlton Resort’s Bachelor Gulch’s Bachelors Lounge, in Colorado at the price of $2,000 per stick. So what exactly contributes to its rather ridiculous price tag? His Majesty’s Reserve Gurkha Cigar features an 18-year-old Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper and a 12-year-old Dominican binder and filler. The inside contains a 16-year-old tobacco infused with 40-100 years old Louis XIII Remy Martin Cognac. It will take a duration of two hours for a full smoke of this 7½ x 52 double corona cigar. Since a box contains 20 sticks, we’re guessing it will cost something around $40,000. Now that is some price for a pack of cigars!

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