At $75 Million! This Is The World’s Most Expensive Cake

If you’re wondering which of the world’s billionaire’s wedding the cake was designed for, refrain from your thoughts, because this is no wedding cake but a birthday/engagement party cake presented to a super lucky daughter by her most-loved and hyper-rich dad. This has to go down in history as one of the most opulent display of love ever from a father to a child. At a whopping price tag of $75 million, it is easily the world’s most expensive cake.

The UAE family who preferred to remain concealed to the public hired Debbie Wingham, a British couturier turned baker to create this incredible 6-foot long bejeweled cake. The cake designed as a semblance of a catwalk runway, is made up of all you can find on a typical runway, from models to the front-line guests spotted with flashy handbags, shoes, shades and sophisticated gadgets including a photographer in a crouch position snapping pictures of the models, all of which are edible, but one has to be careful not to choke on the diamonds fixed on their bodies.

Dresses worn by the models are a replica of the exact dresses previously designed by the cake maker. To further realize its appearance, the cake has a digital LCD mini TV which serves as the fashion wall and a sound-activated LED lighting Bose music system.

world's most expensive cake
Cake Designer, Debbie Wingham

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The 430 kg handmade cake which took the designer an approximate 1,100 hours to finish is composed of a combined 180 kg worth of fondant and other confectioneries. According to her, parts of the cake was made from Madagascan vanilla bean with mascarpone cream and strawberry conserves and some other parts from triple Belgium chocolate with chocolate ganache and chocolate truffle cream.

The entire cake boasts a total of 4,000 diamonds; the runway is adorned with 75 three carat black diamonds and 400 one carat, 73 three carat white diamonds, on the icing are 6.4 carat yellow diamond, 5.2 carat pink diamond and 15 individual 5 carat white diamonds, all of which are worth more than $45 million.

There are also about 34,00 stones including emeralds and amethyst sprinkled all over the cake. This is extravagance on a whole new level. If all of this was made just for the engagement party then we wonder what will make up the wedding cake. If it is anywhere close to this, be sure that would let you in on all the scoop.

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Preceding the $75 million world’s most expensive cake is the $50 million cake which was created in 2013 for The National Gay Wedding Show. The six-tier cake which was created in Chester, England was stoned with more than 2000 diamonds weighing a thumping 2046 carats.

$50 million cake

Debbie Wingham, in her couture days, became famous for designing what is still today the most expensive dress in the world at a thumping $18 million. The dress known as Abaya was sewed with a 14-carat white gold thread and bedazzled with 50 two-carat black diamonds, 50 two-carat white diamonds, 1,899 black-and-white pointer diamonds and 1,000 pointer rubies all of which were set in 14-carat white gold. The most spectacular of the diamonds was a $7 million red diamond which was used to decorate the center of the dress. It was dubbed the world’s rarest and most expensive diamond.

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