In the past, royals tangle with royals. The trend which doesn’t consider the feelings of the parties involved became deep rooted. But King Edward VIII fell in love.

It was like a fairytale love as he gave up the throne of England so he could tie the knot with Wallis Simpson (Wallis an American divorcee who the British Establishment did not like) in 1936. Though the scandal rocked the British monarchy, their love didn’t die off. The pair was married for 35 years until his death. However, now the world has evolved and so have the royals.

The change is so recent that it is believed that Princes William and Harry are the first generations of British royalty permitted to follow their hearts.

Meanwhile, if the Prince hadn’t met Kate, here are a few women he could have considered.

Victoria Adams (AKA Posh Spice)

The British Royalty have always battled to safeguard their image and so getting hitched with Victoria Adams, the Spice Girl celebrity, style icon and fashion designer, would have been a meaningful transformation to the royals’. At least that’s what many would assume, but her nickname, “Posh Spice,” wasn’t enough to make that happen.

That may not be surprising since, in actuality, there is no one as posh as the royals right? On that note, it would’ve been eye-popping especially to those in the cabal to see Prince William marry Victoria Adams and probably cause the class barrier to fall off the process.

Jessica Biel

European Royalty has the history of making marriage a factor to establish a firm political alliance. The British–American relations is yet to go down the history book on that one. Jessica Biel is no doubt the stunning version of America’s royalty. She was lauded for having a refined English accent which she earned in the course of her role in Illusionist.

The actress who started out her career as a vocalist also has made a name for herself as a philanthropist, another leisure activity we know royals for that could have led to building an Anglo-American relations through royal marriage.

Natalie Dormer

Natalie is an English actress who witnessed a breakthrough in her career after portraying Anne Boleyn on the Showtime series The Tudors, as Margaery Tyrell on the HBO series Game of Thrones among others. She was born in 1982 in Reading, Berkshire (a Royal county in England), and in case you don’t know the map quite well, this place is close to Windsor Castle, where a certain young king to be spent his childhood. Plus her role in Game of Thrones already gave her all the experiences she might have needed, right?

Poppy Delevingne

Poppy Delevingne is an English fashion model and socialite. Born in London to a property developer, she grew up among the higher social class. That childhood experience makes her eligible to stand before the kings. Plus, she is a Young Ambassador for the British Fashion Council. She has links to powerful people through her family; her grandmother was the lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret with other blood relations of hers holding high-level political positions in the past, including two Lord Mayors of London. Her social and political experience, as well as her looks already made her qualified to be named the future Queen of England.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi is the niece of Prince of Monaco, Casiraghi….clearly she’s got some royal experience embedded in her. Besides that, she holds several royal appointments as the second child of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Princess of Monaco, and the late Stefano Casiraghi. She is a writer and editor of fashion magazines which could have been a boost to Prince William status. As the eighth in line to the throne of Monaco, an accomplished equestrian she could have made a suitable partner for the Prince.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole rose to fame in late 2002 as a member of girl group Girls Aloud (popstars). The English star is a singer, dancer, and television personality. She was raised on a housing project in the north of England. She wasn’t the best student but became fond of dancing and performance. Maybe if she had loved school, she would become a human Cinderella by becoming the Princess.

Princess Madeleine, Duchess Of Hälsingland And Gästrikland

Normally, princes marry none other than princesses, especially in fairy tales. So Princess Madeleine would have easily ended up with the Prince. After all, she is stunning, smart and is a successful horse rider. Also, she is active in charity and holds a degree in art history. A perfect modern royal, and a perfect addition to our list.

Any Girl Born in 1982

A million girls around the world who are born around 1982 would have wished to become the Queen next to prince William’s heart but this dream is only real for one lucky girl; a certain Kate Middleton, born in 1982. Keep in mind that Prince William was born June 21, 1982 too.

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