Little Known Facts About Winifer Fernandez’ Pro Volleyball Career and Rise to Prominence

Winifer Fernandez is one of the most talented and successful female volleyball players, not only in her country, but the world has become her stage. She is famously known for her consistency, sleek, smart, and fast drive on the court. Because of that, she has been likened to a cougar and a tigress.

Since she started her career in 2008 with the volleyball club Santiago, she has gone on to play for many others and has won numerous titles in the process. In 2012, she commenced her career with the Dominican Republic women’s national volleyball team, for which she still plays to much acclaim. Tracing her career timeline would shed some light on the reason she has become so popular across the globe.

Winifer Fernandez Had An Early Start

The beautiful and stunning volleyball star was born on the 6th day of January 1995 in her hometown of Santiago De Los Caballeros, Santiago Province, in the Dominican Republic. This also happens to be where she was brought up. Details regarding her family background, early childhood, names of parents and siblings have not yet been revealed to the media. That notwithstanding, the early start she had in her volleyball career indicates she grew up in a supportive home.

For her educational background, nothing much is known, especially the early stages. Reports from sources revealed that she had wanted to study Business Administration in 2013, but continued her career in volleyball instead. At the moment, it remains unclear whether she was able to obtain a degree or not.

It is interesting to note that Winifer developed an interest and passion for the game of volleyball at a very tender age, and according to her, she has always gotten the support of her family. She began to pursue her volleyball career at the age of 10 under Coach Miguel Duran. In 2009, Winifer relocated to Santo Domingo to join the junior national team.

How She Has Fared in Her Pro Volleyball Career

Though she began honing her skills at the age of 10, professionally, Winifer Fernandez began to play volleyball when she turned 14. During that period, she developed and established herself on the court as more of a winner than anything else. It is no surprise that the reputation she built for herself with the Santiago club was massive.

She won a bronze medal in the 2008 Dominican Republic Volleyball League, the same year she debuted for her club. Winifer’s impressive performance saw her moving to the Cienfuegos club and smashing some records, as well as winning the 2009 Santiago Province championship and the Best Libero award. She was with the club from 2010 to 2011 but moved back to Santiago in 2012.

Next, she played for the Telekom Baku in the Azerbaijani professional league from 2013 to 2014, and from 2014 to 2015, she moved to Rabita Baku before going on to have a short stint with Mirador, which is back in her home country. She didn’t stay too long there before moving back to Cienfuegos.

Winifer Fernandez
Winifer Fernandez (Image Source)

In her national colors, she gave one of her best performances during the Girls’ Youth Pan-American Cup where she won another bronze medal. This was in 2011, and the victory was accompanied by the Best Libero award. This great display of skills further inspired her to soar higher, and this time around, within the same year (2011), Winifer also aided the club to win the provincial tournament gold medal. Because of her wonderful display of talent throughout the tournament, she took home the Best Digger, Best Libero, as well as the Receiver awards.

Winifer’s excellent display and performance with her club saw her join the Under-20 national team, thus winning the gold medal at the 2012 Junior NORCECA Championship. She further helped the national team to qualify for the 2013 Junior World Championship. The year 2013 was a good outing for her, she became more popular, won more awards, and got more recognition. During the year, she won the “Most Valuable Player,” as well as a gold medal in the Baja California International Cup.

Later on, the Santiago Province Guild of Sports Writers gave her an award as the “Volleyball Player of the Year.” The last local club she played with is Cienfuegos from 2015–2017. With her help, the team won the XLI version of the Intermunicipal Volleyball tournament in Santiago. Winifer has continued to represent her national team amid viral internet fame she doesn’t seem to enjoy.

How Rich Is Winifer Fernandez?

With so much effort put into a career that spans more than a decade, Winifer is expected to be enjoying the financial benefits of her career. Her last estimated net worth has placed her fortune around $2 million, and she is still an active player, winning medals and recognition in the process.

For the most part, her wealth comes from her volleyball career as that’s the only venture attached to her name for now. The myriad of awards, recognition, and medals she has added to her resume speaks for the success she enjoys in her career. So far, we can’t confirm if she has any endorsement deals as she hasn’t made such information public.

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The Internet Charade That Brought Her Global Fame

Winifer’s spectacular display of talent in volleyball, plus her stunning beauty, saw her ranked by Salvadoran newspaper El Mundo as number 7 among the 10 most beautiful and coveted athletes in the world. However, all her career milestones, as well as body goals, didn’t bring her much fame compared to what a random YouTube video did.

Granted, Winifer Fernandez was famous in her own little space as a prolific volleyball player, and her stunning looks added to the spice, but she wasn’t ready for the fame that hit her in 2016 after a video of her went viral. Though she didn’t approve any of it, the video contains scenes from her performance in the 2015 U23 World Championship, which was shared on YouTube. The piece went viral, subsequently leading to fake Instagram and Twitter accounts springing up in her name with fake pictures uploaded regularly.

Winifer’s National Federation stood by her during this time, denouncing the bogus accounts, pictures, and video. The volleyball player, on the other hand, expressed her dislike for the video depicting her performances on the court. According to her, the fame that followed overwhelmed her to a point that she couldn’t handle it.

In all, it was her stunning looks that drew the crazy attention to the video. The beautiful and talented volleyball star stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches with curves in the right places. Because she’s an athlete, she’s always in the business of keeping fit

Who Is Winifer Fernandez Dating?

If the volleyball player is not single, then she must be doing a good job keeping her personal life private. Even after the July 2016 viral video that pushed her to the spotlight, information about her personal life has remained unknown.

Going through her social media feeds, or the fake accounts registered in her name, you would notice she doesn’t have personal pictures in public. Most of the pictures of her online have to do with her career. For now, we can safely say the Dominican beauty is single until she proves otherwise.

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