Understanding Willie Garson’s Personal Life and Gay Rumors

Every great criminal or hero in Hollywood has a sidekick, and while some shows or films make the sidekick pretty much a caricature and a bubbling idiot, some simply portray the sidekick character as someone with a different but equal skillset to the lead character. In White Collar, Willie Garson played a competent and witty sidekick to Matt Bomer’s lead character, Neal Caffrey. White Collar is one of the many standout roles of Willie Garson’s long career of over 30 years.

To be the endearing and lovable sidekick of an art thief is not exactly the easiest role to pull off but Willie Garson, who is a talented actor with several years of experience logged behind him, played the role beautifully from 2009 to 2014. There is plenty to learn about Willie Garson and we cover a bit of them below.

TV Successes

Finding the right way to praise Willie Garson for his work is a herculean task. He has been a huge part of some television and film viewers’ favorite shows from the iconic Sex and the City to Hawaii Five-0. The journey to Willie Garson appearing on our screens began on the 20th of February 1964 when he was born in Highland Park, New Jersey to Muriel and Donald Paszamant, a fact which brings us to say that the actor’s full name is Willie Garson Paszamant.

As evident from some of the roles he has played on television, Willie Garson is a Jewish man. For his education, he attended Highland Park High School while he also took some extracurricular education at Camp Wekeela over a period of 11 years. Post high school graduation, Willie Garson attended Wesleyan University where he graduated with a theater degree in 1985 before he proceeded to Yale Drama School.

How exactly Willie Garson came to fall in love with acting so much that he dedicated the academic phase of his life to its pursuit is unknown but his fans all over the world are grateful he did. He made his first appearance on screen in the film, The Deliberate Stranger. It was a nice introductory role in the world of Acting for Willie Garson.

He made his debut in 1986 and in the same year, he went on to appear in five more projects, signifying a rapid identification of his talents by casting directors. He went on to appear in television shows like Family Ties, Cheers, My Two Dads, Newhart, and a couple more.

At the end of the 80s, Willie Garson began to take more roles in film appearing in films like When the Party’s Over, Ruby, Groundhog Day, Speechless, Kingpin, and many more. Alongside these multiple appearances in film, Willie Garson continued his television career and appeared in roles for shows like NYPD Blue, Mad About You, Melrose Place, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and many more.

For many actors and actresses, when the new millennia rolled around, it signified the end of an active career for them as Hollywood sought to evolve its casting choices and public image; but for Willie Garson, the story did not change as he went on to star in some of his most important roles till date, landing roles in Sex and the City and White Collar.

Outside of film, Willie Garson is a charitable man who is associated with several charities including Big Brothers and Habitat for Humanity.

Is Willie Garson Gay?

Willie Garson
Willie (Middle) on set with some co-stars

Sure, Willie Garson plays an effeminate character quite well and from interviews, it has shown he is a fine gentleman. While these are qualities often attached to gay men, there hasn’t been any confirmation from the actor affirming he is gay. For all we know, he is just a really good dresser.

However, he played Stanford Blatch, a gay talent agent, on Sex And The City, which is where the rumors originated from.

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So Is He Married?

Having spent over 30 years in the industry, there hasn’t been any strong rumor of a relationship between Willie Garson and anyone else. It is, in itself, a remarkable thing which has led some to see as him being gay while others see as him being highly secretive. Either way, Garson is not married. While he doesn’t have a wife, he does have a son.

The traditional idea of a family is going through an evolution in the modern world, where many have come to learn that it doesn’t have to be a man and a woman to be a family. You just need people who love you unconditionally and that is what Willie has for his son, Nathan Garson, a Mexican-American whom he adopted in 2009 when Nathan was seven years of age.

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