Truth About Forged In Fire Wil Willis and His Love Story With Wife Krystle Amina

It feels so amazing having the ample opportunity to bring your dreams to fruition. Wil Willis has been enjoying a wonderful post-military career, all thanks to his excellent acting skills. The prolific American movie star despite having spent most of his time in the military has found a spot in the limelight through doing what he knows how to do best. Wil has however, not completely thrown away his military background as you will always find him in force and fight-related films.

Following his time in the army, Willis first garnered media fame through his appearance as the host of History Channel’s reality series, Forged in Fire alongside Doug Marcaida and others. Asides from the show, he has equally made several appearances on other TV series and films. Learn more about the army officer turned actor below, including his much lesser-known love life.

What You Don’t Know about Wil Willis Before He Joined Forged in Fire

Born into a military family, Wil Willis first came into this world in 1975 and he celebrates his birthday on February 13 of every year. His birth took place in a military base in Portugal where his father was deployed at the time. Due to the nature of his father’s job, Wil and his family ended up travelling to different parts of Europe. However, following his father’s retirement from military service in 1991, Wil’s family moved back to the United States, precisely to California where he completed his high school education.

While in high school, Willis was academically sound and also participated in several of his school’s sporting events. Having grown up in a military background, it is no surprise that Wil easily settled for a career in the army. It was in fact (as earlier mentioned), his childhood dream. Hence, he enlisted in the U.S army right after his high school graduation in 1993.

His Military Career Milestones

On joining the U.S Army in October 1993, Wil Willis initially spent close to five years with the 3rd Ranger Battalion. While he was there, he went through the Advanced Individual Training, the Ranger Indoctrination Program and the Basic Airborne School.

After his five-year stint with the 3rd Ranger Battalion ended in February 1998, Willis went on to join the US Air Force where he served as an Air Force Pararescueman for the next nine years. During his time in the Air Force which lasted from 1998 to 2007, he worked as a Tactics, Weapons and Air Operations instructor for the 56th Rescue Squadron.

For his outstanding performances in the US Army, Wil Willis received the Sikorsky Rescue Award after a successful air rescue operation in 2001. On completing his service in the Air Force Pararescue team, Willis joined the 308th Rescue Squadron on Reserve Duty before eventually retiring from the military in 2008 in other to pursue other interests.

How Wil Became an Actor and Forged in Fire Star

After hanging his military boots, Wil Willis made a radical career shift and his decision has since paid off well! Although acting may be the last thing in mind for a veteran, Willis enrolled in the New York Film Academy in August 2008 to train in the entirely new art.

He subsequently, made his first film appearance in 2009 in the action thriller series, Special Ops Mission. Owing to his top-notch military experience, Wil dished out a wonderful performance on the show, earning himself roles in more force-related movies. From 2011 to 2013, he appeared in the Heroes Channel show, Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World.

In addition to his military prowess, Wil Willis also possesses outstanding skills in weapons handling, particularly knives. With the help of this skill, Willis landed his TV career breakthrough in 2015 after he earned a spot as the host of History Channel’s show, Forged in Fire. The competition reality show stages contestants (apparently bladesmiths) who forge a variety of weapons which among other factors, are judged based on fineness and performance with the winner taking home a cash prize of $10,000.

Alongside hosting the show, Willis also makes writing contributions Forged in Fire while weapon experts including J. Neilson, Ben Abbott, Doug Marcaida, David Baker, and Jason Knight serve as judges. The tv series premiered on June 22, 2015 and has been airing on History Channel to date.

Is Willis Still Starring in the Series – What Happened to Him?

Following his absence in the trailer of the 8th season of Forged in Fire released towards the end of 2020, news began to fly about Wil Willis’ possible departure from the series. Worried viewers hence, began to throw about questions on that note on the media. Their fears were soon confirmed after Grady Powell began featuring as the new host of the popular show, amidst load of complaints from Wil’s fans.

Meanwhile, loyal viewers of the series are still anxious to know the reason behind Wil Willis’ Forged in Fire exit. Why exactly did he leave? Although Wil is yet to open up about what inspired his quitting the series, speculations are rife that he took the step in other to stay safer from the Covid-19 threat and also to create more time for his family. In all, Wil Willis hosted Forged in Fire for seven seasons spanning 2015 to 2020. Fans are earnestly wishing that his absence from the show turns out temporary.

Apart from Forged in Fire, Wil Willis has featured in several other TV shows including:

  • Beefest (2006)
  • In the Valley of Ella (2007)
  • Special Ops Mission (2009)
  • Last Call with Carson Daly (2011)
  • An Officer and a Movie (2012)
  • Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World (2011-2013)
  • Sovereign (2015)

A Peep into Wil Willis Enviable Marital Life

Just like his careers, Wil Willis is successful in his personal life and is got an amazing family. Wil is happily married to his longtime sweetheart named Krystle Amina. The pair allegedly began their relationship many years back while Willis was still in the army.

After years of blissful relationship, they became engaged in March, 2017. Both Willis and Amina announced the new step they had taken in their relationship on the 23rd of that month on their individual Instagram pages. Per the hashtags on their posts, the event took place on Valentine’s Day at the Empire State Building in New York City.

Later in that year, precisely on October 10, the duo walked down the aisle. Their wedding came off in Los Angeles, California at Topanga’s iconic wedding venue, The 1909. The Forged in Fire star has since been enjoying a blossoming relationship with his wife and there is no sign of break up between them.

Wil Willis’ wife, Krystle Amina is an American creative artist and interior designer of Caucasian-Arab origins. She however, only gained media notice and fame as the wife of the tv host. Just like her husband, Krystle is very reserved when it comes to her personal life, especially her romantic affairs. The couple has thus, never shared explicit facts about their relationship. Be that as it may, they are both active on social media where they often share photos from their memorable moments, all of which speak volumes about their bond and intense love for each other.

Meet the TV Star’s Son with Krystle

So far in their marriage, Wil and Krytle have welcomed a child, a son whom they named Flash Orion. Willis announced the arrival of the cute male bundle on his Instagram on March, 6 2020.

Wil is apparently a family man. His frequent post of his photos and videos with his son tell how much he loves being a dad as well as the amount of time he devotes to that enviable responsibility. Krystle’s Instagram page is as well, fraught with photos of Orion, showing how much love the little chap receives from both parents.

Meanwhile, Orion is actually Wil Willis third child. The TV star already had two sons from a relationship prior to meeting and marrying Krystle. Aside from the names of his sons which are Caleb and Jacob, Wil has never shared any other detail about them nor about his past relationships. He however, doesn’t shy away from occasionally posting his photos with them on social media. Interestingly, Jacob and Caleb who are both already grown-up were present during his wedding with his heartthrob, Krystle. They also maintain an affectionate relationship with her.

Profile Summary/Quick Facts about Wil Willis

  • Full Name: Wil Willis
  • Date/Place of Birth: February 13, 1975 in Portugal
  • Nationality/Ethnicity: White American
  • Occupation: Actor, Screenwriter, TV Host, Former military officer
  • Popular TV Show: Forged In Fire
  • Spouse(s): Krystle Amina (m. 2017)
  • No. of Children: 3 (Jacob, Caleb, Orion)
  • No. of Siblings: 4
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters),
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Outside the screens, Wil Willis works as a tactical combat casualty care trainer.
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