Here’s Why Heidi Klum and Seal Divorced After 8 Years of Marriage and 3 Kids

Fans of the German-American supermodel Heidi Klum and those of her British-Nigerian ex-husband, Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel (popularly known as Seal) were rudely shocked on January 22, 2012. It was the day the couple broke the news that they would be splitting. Why were the fans shocked? After all, wasn’t it just another celebrity couple going their separate ways? Yet, it wasn’t that simple because there was something very unique about the marriage between Heidi Klum and Seal that made the breakup news particularly difficult to bear. Indeed, their marriage became an example that many of their fans were already preparing to emulate because, from the very onset, their story was exceedingly inspiring.

As such, it is not surprising that almost everyone wants to know why such a beautiful relationship also went the way of all waters. This is what we are here to probe into. But, first, let us take a brief look at how the relationship started and developed.

The Inspiring Romance Between Heidi Klum and Seal

Seal met Heidi at a very critical moment of her life: she had just broken up with her ex-boyfriend whose baby she was carrying for about the fourth month. A couple of months later, Heidi gave birth to her daughter Leni in the company of Seal who took absolute fatherly responsibility for the baby. Then, they continued gushing over one another with Heidi often praising Seal for his great fatherly and husbandly attributes, citing the kindness and love the singer showed her during and after her pregnancy.

A few months after that, Seal would be proposing to Heidi in a special edifice (an igloo) which he had constructed on a glacier just for the occasion in far-away British Columbia. To further show how much of an international romance they were involved in, the couple went ahead to get married on a Mexican beach the following year. After that, Heidi took up Seal’s surname. Then, as if all these were not enough to drive home how much they wanted the union to be highly valued, the couple started an unprecedented tradition of getting remarried on the anniversary of their wedding every year in a fun but expensive renewal-of-vow ceremony held in front of friends and family members.

Heidi Klum seal kids
Heidi Klum and Seal with their kids: Image source

The union produced a kid every year in its first two years of existence. Indeed, Heidi Klum and Seal were never seen one without the other. Seal even went as far as adopting Leni (Heidi’s daughter from her previous relationship) who took up Seal’s surname in 2009. Their relationship was such that virtually every couple in the world wanted to be Heidi and Seal. Then, all of a sudden, the story changed like a brutal tragedy. How did this happen?

How Did Their Relationship Get So Bad?

We may never know exactly what transpired that led to the divorce. But the earliest signs to the public which suggested that there was a problem emerge in the Summer of 2011 (particularly in August) while the entire family was holidaying on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Heidi – as well as those who were close to the couple – later told the story of how Seal would abandon Heidi and the children in their accommodation and go on ‘hard-partying’ for hours as Heidi herself would put it.

After that Ibiza story, the couple would later be seen together once more and for the last time. That was while they were holidaying in Colorado on December 26, 2011. By January of 2012, the fact that all was not well was getting too obvious to be hidden as Heidi attended the 69th Golden Globe Award ceremonies at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills California all alone. A few days later, it was Seal’s turn to be seen alone as he arrived in Los Angeles International Airport from London where he went to promote his new album Soul 2. It was getting clearer that something was in the offing. Yet, no one was absolutely sure. Then came January 22, 2012, and our worst fear was confirmed: the ideal celebrity couple (Heidi Klum and Seal) were calling it quits.

Heidi Klum
The couple was last seen together in Colorado in December 2011: Image source

Around that same time, a romantic relationship between Heidi Klum and her bodyguard Martin Kirsten was becoming public. A few more months passed before Heidi filed for divorce from Seal at the Los Angeles Superior Court; this was on April 6, 2012. The divorce was finally procured some two years later, in October 2014.

Why Heidi Klum and Seal Divorced

Every marital split is bound to be trailed by accusations and counter-accusations both from the marital parties and their families and friends. So, the case of Heidi Klum and Seal is no different in this respect.

As we’ve already mentioned, the first complaint that emerged from the couples was from the side of Heidi whereby she was worried about Seal’s ‘hard-partying’. Later on, TMZ reported that Heidi had another reason for deciding to end the relationship which is that Seal has anger issues. According to the website, Heidi was concerned that Seal’s bad temper would be affecting their children adversely.

Then, here is a deduction made from Seal’s side of the divide: although it has been widely reported that their split has nothing to do with infidelity, and although Heidi’s romance with Martin Kirsten (her bodyguard) became known only after they had announced their impending divorce, Seal has been reported to have complained about Heidi being out of touch with her class by dating her bodyguard. The reports depict Seal as being disappointed that he found Heidi to be overly loose.

Those who are close to the couple talk about how they have watched them grow apart over the years as a result of their career involvements. They talk about how Heidi Klum’s business interests would keep her away for a long time. A good example of this is the contracts that saw her coming up with the makeup design ‘The Heidi Klum Collection’ for Victoria’s Secret. In all, it forced her to take trips often outside the country. Heidi was also working with Germany’s ‘Next Top Model’ around that time. And, of course, she had her commitments as a model and actress, not to talk of her work as a singer since that part of her job actually offered her the opportunity to work together with her singer husband. As for Seal, he was known to have often been on tour promoting his albums such as Soul (2008), Hits (2009), Commitment (2010), and Soul 2(2011). It is believed that all these went a long way to set them apart.

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The Fundamental Reason for The Divorce

There is no doubt that the above reasons have some merits. However, they only seem to graze the surface of the matter. Consider, for example, Heidi’s reason that Seal was partying a lot. As entertainers, had Heidi Klum and Seal not been used to this lifestyle?

Then, let us consider the other reason given by Heidi about Seal having anger issues. Many have suggested that this cannot be the fundamental reason because even Heidi herself had praised Seal for his patience and kindness. No one doubts that Seal might have managed his temper poorly, but it seems clear that a more underground reason existed.

Considering the question of Heidi dating her bodyguard, this may sound serious, but it couldn’t be the fundamental reason, after all, the issue arose after they had concluded their plans to call it quits – unless the feelings had been simmering all along. As for the claim about their career involvements putting a wedge between them, it has been upheld in some quarters that it sounds ridiculous since both of them are entertainers and actually worked together on certain projects. Their careers should have actually been a source of bonding rather than a source of conflict. So, we seek further for any other cause that may be beneath it all.

From what we uncovered, an event that transpired in their family a year before they announced their separation may have been the ultimate reason for the divorce. Interestingly, other media sources seem to have lost sight of this as the root of the marital crisis the celebrity couple suffered. This reason borders on the ideological difference which arose between the two.

How did it happen? In October 2011, Seal performed at a birthday party for Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechnya who was widely criticized for human rights abuses in his country. Seal was said to have been paid $500,000 for the performance. For this, he was widely criticized by human right bodies and was required to apologize to his fans and the world for endorsing that kind of person. But Seal refused to apologize, saying on his Twitter account “leave me out of your politics”.

Then, back at home, Seal is said to have had a heated argument with Heidi over the issue which began to eat away their bond, resulting in cracks in their relationship. By our projections, the Chechnya event took place about a year before the couple finally separated. Remember, the signs for their eventual separation had been noticed for about a year as well. This points to the Chechnya event as the starting point of the crisis.

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