Who Is Stella Maeve (The Magicians Actress) & Does She Have A Boyfriend?

The show, The Magicians has been on the air since 2015 and fans of the show, in that time, have been introduced to several talented actors and actresses who have brought the show’s amazing story to life. One of them is Stella Maeve, who plays the character, Julia Wicker on the show.

Other than her work on The Magicians, Stella Maeve, who has been working as a professional actress since 2005, is also known for her role in the Chicago P.D franchise as Nadia. She might be a young actress but she has proven to be a talented woman with a high ceiling. Here is a quick look at her background and her journey as an actress.

Who is Stella Maeve?

Stella Maeve was born on the 14th of November, 1989 in Nyack, New York. As far as her background is concerned, not much is known about Stella, who so far is only known to have been born Stella Maeve Johnston. She is a Native American of the Blackfoot and Cherokee tribe.

Details regarding her education and journey to Hollywood remain under wraps but she made her first appearance in front of the camera in 2005 in the short movie, Liminality, where she played the character, Kat. In the same year, she appeared in her first feature-length movie, Transamerica, playing the character, Taylor. She made her full debut onscreen when she appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order.

Having shown enough of her talents in her debut year, Stella Maeve continued to receive casting calls and made subsequent appearances in various movies and TV shows. Although she was yet to secure her footing as a leading or supporting actress, she continued to appear in minor roles in major projects, taking advantage of her time in popular films and shows to showcase her abilities.

She made appearances in Gossip Girl, Brooklyn’s Finest, The Runaways, House, Grey’s Anatomy and several others. Finally, in 2013, she got her chance to play a major role on the show, Golden Boy, starring as Agnes Clark. Although the show spent just a season on the air, Stella impressed in her role and continued to secure significant roles in other projects, such as the movies All Together Now, Company Town and Dark Summer.

On Television, she appeared as Nadia Decotis in the Chicago P.D show and reprised her role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She began to appear in The Magicians as Julia Wicker in 2015 and has remained a major cast of the show to date. Since making her debut, Stella Maeve has built a filmography with over 40 movies and TV shows and with age and talents on her side, she is expected to add a lot more in the future.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Stella Maeve
Stella Maeve with boyfriend turned fiance, Benjamin Wadsworth

Stella Maeve did have a boyfriend, the operative word here being ‘did’ because her boyfriend, Benjamin Wadsworth, has since turned into her fiancé. There are very little details about their relationship but they got engaged on the 10th of May, 2019 after what is considered to have been a considerable period of being in a relationship.

Stella Maeve’s fiancé, Benjamin Wadsworth, is also an actor who has appeared on the show, Deadly Class as Marcus Lopez. He has appeared on others like Dad vs. Lad, Teen Wolf, Let the Right One in and several others.

Prior to her relationship with Benjamin Wadsworth, Stella Maeve has reportedly been in a relationship with notable personalities like the musician, Kid Cudi, whom she attended a few public events with back in 2013, including the premiere of the movie, Red 2 where the two of them were involved in a lot of public display of affection. She has also been involved with Jordan Rock and was believed to be in a relationship with a The Magicians co-star, Arjun Gupta, although it was never confirmed.

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Other Facts About Her

She has a body height of 5 feet and 3 inches and she weighs 53 kg. Her body measurement, which defines her bust, waist, and hip sizes are measured at 34, 23.5, and 34 inches respectively. Additionally, she has dark brown eyes and hair.

Stella Maeve has a noticeable presence on social media on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, she has the profile, @StellaMaeve14, and @stellamaeve on Instagram.

She met her fiancé, Benjamin at San Diego’s Comic-Con in July 2018.

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