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If you thought video games are a waste of time, your view will certainly change when you try out a few role-playing games (RPGs). These are video games in which a player becomes one of the characters in a simulation of real-life challenges. Playing the game to win entails that you have to take on the challenges and survive through them. By doing so, you acquire or hone important life skills without actually passing through the bitter experiences yourself. One of the favorite RPGs among video game enthusiasts today consists in the Five Nights At Freddy’s (also known as FNaF) series. The FNaF series was created by Scott Cawthon.

“Playing Five Nights At Freddy’s can easily turn you into a security guru,” said one social media comment. Yes, that’s certainly what the series is aimed at. It helps to hone your security skills by placing you in the midst of animatronic miscreants desperate to harm you. And, you just have to survive their antics and skirmishes.

So, in this post, we take one deep but brief look at the life and career of The Five Nights At Freddy’s creator, Scott Cawthon. We shall delve into his bio, age, net worth, family and so many other facts about him.

Who is Scott Cawthon? (Biography, Age and Other Background Info)

Scott Cawthon is generally known as a video game designer and animator. But, he is also a best-selling author. What are the influences that shaped this icon?

Reliable sources have it that Scott Cawthon was born on July 26, 1971, in the highly stimulating city of Houston, Texas. He, however, had a tough childhood. His family was poor and so, he came into the Planet struggling to survive by means of sheer determination.

We have not found any record of Cawthon’s elementary or high school days. But, there are indications that he probably did not have the opportunity of going to school. According to him, his determination to succeed by sheer grits led him to start developing Christian-themed indie games very early in life. But, whereas he saw this as a service to God, those early attempts of his were a colossal financial failure. It was such that – at a point – Scott began to regret ‘wasting’ his years developing video games instead of spending those years going to school.

However, whereas he could not afford to pay his way through college, he decided on the option of attending a nonprofit institute, The Art Institute of Houston. It was at the institute that Scott gave an enabling form to his game design skills which he started manifesting from childhood.

According to Cawthon, the first game he ever created is called ‘Doofas’, which he made ‘as a child’. If ‘as a child’ means before he was eighteen (which it should be), then it means he started designing games before 1989 and probably far earlier than that. But, his earliest credited attempts at animations can be traced to 2000s. That was when he created the following games: RPG Max (2002), Bogart (2003), Lost Island (2003), Legacy of Flan (2003), Legend of White Whale (2005) and Weird Colony (2006). That was also when he created the following Christian-themed animated films: Noah’s Ark: Story of The Biblical Flood (2005), Pilgrim’s Progress (adapted from John Bunyan’s work, 2005), A Christmas Journey (2006).

Family Details

Scott Cawthon family
Scott Cawthon and his family: Image source.

Several online sources are unanimous that Scott is married with at least two kids. There are even photos where he poses with his family as said (such as the one posted above). But then, that’s about the only detail available as regards his family members. We are not able to get either the name of his wife or those of his kids.

The only other detail available about Scott’s family is where he resides with them. Reports have it that he resides in Salado in Texas with his family of three. It is obvious that Scott wants his family life to be kept totally away from public glare.

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Net Worth

After years of failure in his video game designs and film animations, Scott Cawthon finally hit it big with his FNaF franchise which has been running since 2014. With the success of this franchise, Scott has gone ahead to create its sequels. It is being reported that he has earned as much as $30 million from the FNaF franchise alone. He has also created other successful series such as There’s No Pause Button and more.

Apart from the franchise itself, its sequels and other series made by Cawthon, he has also made novel adaptations of the series which have become bestsellers. For instance, he published the novel ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes’ in 2015. ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s: The Twisted Ones’ followed in 2017. From all these sources, Scott has pulled together a growing net worth of $60 million as widely reported.

Other Facts About Scott Cawthon

  • Scott Cawthon is of American nationality and belongs to the white Caucasian race.
  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • He is a dedicated Christian, which shows in his video game designs and film animations.
  • His height and weight are still under review.
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