Who Is Freddy Dodge From Gold Rush? Details Of His Net Worth & Daughter

Freddy Dodge is not a familiar name in the entertainment industry and this is simply because he is not in any part of the show business. However, he is a popular figure if not on various news outlets then on the internet. He has in many ways proven that hard work and complete dedication to passion is important for a successful career. Freddy chased gold since he was eight years old and even today, he has not allowed any obstacle to deter him from reaching his goals. Today, he is famous for being an important member of the reality TV show Gold Rush.

Who is Freddy Dodge?

Freddy Dodge is a well known professional Gold miner, businessman, and a reality TV personality best known for his role in the reality TV series, Gold Rush. Also a member of the Dodge Family, he is a skilled prospector whose designing ability and unique way of solving problems has helped him build a reputation as one of the best gold recovery experts and gold-table builders in the industry. He is in fact, a complete example of persons with a strong passion for gold mining.

Born in USA’s city of Walden, Colorado, on December 30, 1966, Fred was raised by his parents on his grandparent’s cattle ranch located in Colorado. He developed an interest in gold mining and joined the business in a creek, at the age of eight and from there, he began to develop gold mining and recovery skills. He eventually became a member of the famous Hoffman crew of the widely watched show Gold Rush.

Freddy’s educational background and qualifications have not been revealed but his professional career began with the Hoffmans and Mazaruni Claim. He appeared briefly in the first and second season of Gold Rush but began to appear regularly on Gold Rush spinoff, Gold Rush: The Jungle, as a member of the Hoffman Crew, traveling to Guyana in South America. The show Gold Rush which started airing in 2010, reflects the activities by various miners who are head over heels in ensuring they earn huge income from gold mining mostly at the Klondike region of Dawson City, which is in Yukon, Canada. The show also details the various technologies and techniques with which the individuals use in digging out gold for themselves.

Freddy Dodge was named as a cast member of the show in the fourth season of the series and one of his notable activities in the show was how he tried to help the Hoffman crew to design a wash-plant (Monster Red”) and to mine the QOD claim. He even went on to ensure that the plant caught over 4000 ounces of gold for the company. The TV show has so far completely aired its eight seasons

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Meet Dodge’s Family?

Freddy is a married man, his wife’s name is Lisa Dodge and they got married in 1997. They have two daughters named Sammi Dodge and Nikki Dodge. Nikki is said to be ambitious like her father and has shown interest in his mining business. She has also appeared with her father in the Gold Rush series and although her parts have not gained as much fame as her father’s, she has contributed to the development of the series.

Freddy Dodge and his daughter Nikki – image source

Freddy Dodge has an older brother named Derek Dodge, he is also a gold prospector, an old fashioned miner about a generation older than Freddy. Derek also owns a specialized machining company known as Dodge Machining. Freddy’s father-in-law is Raymond Griess and Irene Dodge is his brother’s wife.

What is Freddy Dodge’s Net Worth?

Freddy has gained much wealth from his mining business thanks to his over four decades-long experience with companies engaged in the overall gold mining setup. Among other things, he is known for quickly identifying a problem and helping to solve it. Even when he left the Hoffman crew in Gold Rush season 4, to join his brother Derek and his Carmacks claim, he continued to play a role that remains key to the success of the mining expedition hence, his fame increased as well as his wealth.

The gold miner’s net worth is estimated at $400 thousand. He is quite popular on the internet with over 10k followers on his Instagram page and over 68.7K Followers on Twitter. Outside his mining business, Freddy Dodge is a skilled shooter. He also coaches people on gun safety.

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