Ok! Hold on, before you start to get all cynical. Yes! I agree with you, it is utterly absurd, ridiculous, bizarre, incredible, (add yours) to buy water for $100,000 but then you can’t erase the fact that such water was made, and is in existence. Call it the most expensive sh*t, won’t judge, but there are mega flashy people out there who have the excessive cash to throw around, and don’t give a hoot spending a fortune on even was is supposedly natural and free gift from nature.

The Beverly Hills 9OH2O, Luxury collection, Diamond edition bottled water sold at a price of an incredible $100,000 per bottle is the most expensive water in the world and has a limited quantity of just 9 bottles. The water, produced by Jon Gluck founder and president of Beverly Hills Drink company has won the award of world’s best water.

Jon Gluck, Founder of 90H20 - phoshield.com
Jon Gluck, Founder of 90H20 – phoshield.com

So what are the contents of this extraordinary luxurious water that makes it exceptional? – Though the water is proven to be super healthy, it is the exterior features that bite a greater chunk of the price tag. The water comes enclosed in a silver casing identical to a suitcase, alongside 4 baccarat crystal glasses – you didn’t expect much water to be drunk with the conventional glass, did you?  The bottle itself designed by jeweler Mario Padilla has a white gold cap, encrusted with 14 carat bling: 600 G/VS white diamond and more than 250 black diamonds.

Thank heavens there are no edible diamonds, the price tag would be running into millions of dollars. So the water (free of diamonds) derives its source from the fresh spring waters flowing from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  To increase the health value, it is further instilled with calcium, potassium and silica, minerals which contributes to its fruity taste and flavour – “in 2 chains’ words”: It tastes like food…lol!


Purchase of the water ‘gadget’ which can be delivered anywhere in the world, comes with a year-long freebie; supply of the company’s Lifestyle collection brand, which sells for $72 a piece.

Even the popular rapper (2 Chains) well-known to go around with diamond and gold chains, didn’t buy the idea.

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