What Kim Kardashian Will Never Tell You About Hair Extensions

The hair is the glory of the woman and once that is out-of-place, she is most likely going to lose her groove. Celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian are well-known for wearing beautiful extensions on a regularly basis. It’s not a surprise then that they own and rock different hair/styles of divers colors pattern and length which every other lady envies. Kim Kardashian in particular would be most grateful to hair extensions for giving her great artistic looks that keep her fans glued to her personality, and since her dark bouncy hair is envied by all, Kim will never share her secret with anyone. She wouldn’t want to share that gorgeous look with any other person anyways. Unfortunately, we are willing to tell you what you need to know about hair extensions before you decide on getting one on your scalp.

Quick Basic Facts About Hair Extensions

1. Extensions can be braided in, glued in, woven in, or clipped in – that is if you only need a follicular boost for a special event.

2. Extensions do not only add up to lengthen your hair. You can choose to add volume also, which is perfect for fine, limp or thinning hair.

3. With extensions you can turn that bob into a mane as long as your hair is at least 3 inches long. Although the extent of your transformation may be limited if your hair is very short.

4. You can also add highlights or color to your hair with the use of extensions. You have a variety of color to choose from, ranging from mild to wild shades.

5. The process of getting an extension on isn’t painful at all, so it shouldn’t hurt a bit. If it does, then your hair stylist isn’t a professional.

6. The process requires 4 – 6 hours, so you may like to book your stylist on a day you are a bit free and have no urgent event to attend.


Price of Good Hair Extensions

Sorry to bust your bubble about giving you an exact price here. Just know that hair extensions are not cheap and the price range is not static. Depending on the quantity you get, how you get them attached and the type/grade of hair you use, the cost can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. This does not include the money you spend on maintenance – you still have to visit the salon every six to eight weeks to wash, blow dry and style your hair.

A hairstyle can make or break your look so the specialist or hair designer who will apply your extension should be experienced and have photos of previous works to show for it. You wouldn’t want to spend so much paying for a hair that will be ruined due to inadequate fixing techniques. Also make sure you understand how the extension will be removed, and how not to damage your natural hair while taking it off. A couple of ladies have had bald spots after their extensions were badly taken out.


What to Look Out For

“Individual strands allow a customized, more natural look,” says celebrity hairstylist and salon owner Philip Pelusi of New York City’s Tela salon. “You can play with the color or length, and fill in spots that need it more than others – it’s a more accurate way to get the desired look.” When picking out hair extensions there are some important questions to ask to avoid getting the wrong hair.

What are the extensions made from?  Extensions are either synthetic or 100%-natural human hair and human hair extensions are more expensive.

How will the extensions be applied and removed? Leave that to your hair stylist to decide, but s/he has to be a professional.

Can you choose from a variety of weights? Off course you can, depending on the style you choose and the look you want to have.

A renowned hair stylist recommends Safieh method of Thermo Plastique fixing of extensions. This method involves a relatively gentle process that can be removed without damage to your hair and this method makes the micro bonding points to be are barely visible. He also said that older methods, especially glue, are damaging, while tracks (sewing) can be too heavy, and metal clips wear out and are hard to brush through.


The essence of using an extension is to have the most natural look you can achieve,” says Tony Promiscuo, owner of Atlanta’s Godiva Salon, who notes that while synthetic types are most plentiful, human hair is superior in its viability. (In addition, synthetic hair cannot typically be heated, so styling options are limited –  meaning forget the blow dryer and curling iron if you can’t afford 100% human hair. But if you can, why not, who doesn’t want to look hot and sexy like Jennifer Lopez?

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