What is Summit1G’s Net Worth and How Much Does He Make on Twitch?

Streaming video games on online platforms such as Twitch has made millionaires out of several talented players and one good example of this is popular American streamer Summit1G. Real name Jaryd Russell Lazar, Summit1G started playing video games as a child and pursued his love for that craft well into his teenage years and adulthood. He subsequently went on to play for various e-sports organizations before deciding to go freelance and work for himself on Twitch in 2012.

Summit1G’s decision to quit professional e-sports has proved to be the most profitable one. He has built up one of the ten most followed channels on Twitch and makes handsome paychecks from subscriptions alone. He also has several endorsement deals, as well as a thriving merchandise line, to his name. All this has resulted in a net worth estimated at about $6 million, making him one of the richest Twitch streamers in the world.

How Summit1G Built His $6 Million Net Worth

The acclaimed streamer draws his fortune from several sources, including subscriptions, ad revenue, endorsement deals, and sales of branded merchandise.

He Earns About $250,000 Monthly on Twitch

A huge portion of Summit1G’s net worth comes from his Twitch channel. This does not come as a surprise seeing as it is the platform that gives him his major claim to fame. As earlier stated, the gamer started playing video games as a child and in his early adult years, took to competing in professional e-sports. He later quit that field and joined Twitch at the age of 25.

In the intervening years, Summit1G has grown to become one of the most followed streamers on the platform. He plays games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Valorant, Sea of Thieves, and Escape from Tarkov. He is, however, most famous for his dexterity at the multi-player first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is that dexterity, as well as his personality, that has enabled him to emerge as one of the top ten most-followed Twitch personalities with about 5.7 million followers and a total of 407. 5 million views.

Such impressive figures have resulted in major financial rewards for Summit1G. For instance, it is estimated that he makes as much as $200,000 monthly from paid subscriptions on Twitch. The platform has three tiers of subs, $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99, and Summit1G has sizable figures in each. He, therefore, retains at least half of the amount yielded by these subs each month. Beyond paid subscriptions, Summit1G also makes an extra $50,000 off Twitch monthly thanks to his share of ad revenue, paid cheers by his viewers as well as monetary donations by his fans. For instance, in 2015, he received a $30,000 donation from a particular user.

He Has Competed in Several Professional e-Sports Tournaments

Prior to becoming a big deal on Twitch, Summit1G previously competed for various e-sports organizations such as Mythic and A51. As a member of these teams, he took part in various tournaments during which he made up to $25,000. The young man was, however, forced to call time on that aspect of his career thanks to some gaffes. For instance, while playing at the 2016 DreamHack Open in Dallas, Summit1G was brought in as a substitute to help his team. He, however, made things worse thanks to a Molotov fail which was later voted worst CS: GO play of the decade by fans of the game.

Summit1G Has a Thriving Merch Line That Generates Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Sales

Summit1G has taken advantage of his viral fame to set up a thriving merchandise line in collaboration with Just Humans. The line features tank tops, sweatshirts, hats, and t-shirts which retail from $25 to $48. There is also a line of branded items, such as coffee mugs, stickers, and badges, which would cost you from $3 to $15 if you want to purchase one.

He Has Scored Endorsement Deals with the likes of Monster Energy and CyberPower.

As a testament to how much the gaming industry has grown in value, its stars now score endorsement deals with big brands much like Hollywood stars or professional athletes. Summit1G is not left out and he has received endorsement deals from the likes of CyberPower (a custom PC builder), Monster Energy (an energy drink brand), and Corsair (a gaming equipment manufacturer). The exact worth of these deals is not public knowledge but you can bet that it will be quite substantial.

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Summit1G Signed a Multi-Year Exclusivity Deal with Twitch in May 2020

Summit1G’s net worth also stands to grow exponentially from the exclusive deal he signed with Twitch in May 2020. Thanks to the emergence of other gaming sites, such as Microsoft’s Mixer, there is a battle in the industry for platforms to retain their best talents. This battle, as one can surmise, plays in favor of the streamers such as Summit1G. He received a multi-year deal from Twitch in May 2020. The exact worth and duration of the deal are not known but it could be as high as $2 million given that another streamer, Nickmercs, received something similar in 2019.

A Highlight of All the Sources of Summit1G’s Net Worth

  • Twitch Earnings – $250,000 monthly
  • Prize winnings from e-sport tournaments – $25,000 est.
  • Merch Line – N/A
  • Endorsement deals – N/A
  • Exclusive deal with Twitch – $2 million est.

Summit1G Ranks Second On the List of the Richest Twitch Streamers in the World

Going by the latest list of top-earning video gamers released by Forbes, Summit1G does not rank amongst the top-ten in the world presently. It is, however, no skin off his back because he has done enough to retain his position as one of the richest Twitch streamers in the world.

According to estimates, the top ten richest Twitch streamers in the world include the likes of Nightblue 3 – $2.5 million, Dr. Lupo – $3 million, Syndicate – $3.5 million, Dr. Disrespect – $3.5 million, Imaqtpie – $4 million, PhantomLord- $4 million, TimTheTatman – $5 million, and Shroud – $6 million. Summit1G ties for the second position (alongside Shroud) with a net worth of $6 million while the honor for the richest Twitch streamer in the world goes to American gamer Ninja who is worth $15 million.

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The Gamer Purchased a House for his Beloved Father in January 2020

Like most gamers, Summit1G does not really offer much insight into his personal life in order to protect the privacy and security of himself and his loved ones. This makes it a bit difficult to pinpoint his lifestyle but there is no doubt that he has made a good life for himself. The gamer has also been known to deploy his fortune to better the lives of his loved ones.

Back in January 2020, he revealed that he had purchased a house in Colorado for his beloved dad. According to him, he respects his dad so much and was quite happy that he could provide that measure of luxury and security for his dad who had lived in rented apartments all his life. The streamer did not reveal particular details about the new digs but he did mention that it was situated in a dope part of Colorado. This gives fans a pretty good insight into how awesome the accommodation is.

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