What is Elizabeth Warren’s Net Worth, How Much Does She Make as Senator?

Ambitious, smart and beautiful, Elizabeth Warren is a US Senator who is regarded as one of the strongest women in American politics and is known for her progressive politics and populist views on the US economy. She has gradually risen through the ranks to become a senior United States Senator, having handled the position since 2013.

As a result of her respected position in the nation, people have often asked how much the politician is worth and if she is even worth much at all. Others have wondered what she earns as a Senator of the United States. We have gathered some facts about the politician for your reading pleasure.

Elizabeth Warren’s Background Details

Elizabeth Warren was born on the 22nd of June 1949, in Oklahoma City, in the USA. She is now known as Elizabeth Warren but her birth name has been revealed to be Elizabeth Ann Herring.

The politician was born to middle-class parents identified as Pauline Herring and Donald Jones Herring who raised her as a Methodist. She grew up with three older brothers and shares a close bond with them. Growing up was not quite easy for her at some point because her father lost some of his fortunes following a heart attack. The family had to make do with whatever little they had to survive.

Elizabeth Warren has always been a brilliant woman. While still a young girl, she stunned people with her public speaking skills and actually became a star member of the debate team at Northwest Classen High School where she had her high school education. She eventually won a debate scholarship to George Washington University following a series of very brilliant performances in debating championships around the USA. However, she left the school after just two years so she could marry her high school sweetheart called Jim Warren.

She later enrolled in the University of Houston where she studied Speech Pathology and Audiology, graduating in 1970. After she got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter called Amelia, she decided to stay at home to care for her baby but when her daughter turned 2, she made a move to further her education and enrolled in Rutgers Law School at Rutgers University–Newark to study Law.

Elizabeth later rose to become a law school professor who specialized in bankruptcy law. She taught in different universities, including the prestigious Harvard University, and the University of Houston, among many others. She started to gain attention nationally during the late 2000s when she would often speak out in support of stringent banking regulations in America. She went on to serve as the chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel of the Troubled Asset Relief Program and later served as the first Special Advisor under President Barack Obama.

Elizabeth Warren eventually became a politician and contested in the U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts in 2012. She pulled a lot of support and defeated Scott Brown, the incumbent Republican Senator. Her victory made her the first female Senator from Massachusetts and she has been in the Senate ever since.

Elizabath Warren
Elizabeth Warren with family members

Elizabeth is now running for President of the United States. She officially announced her run on February 9, 2019, at a rally in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The Senator is currently married to Bruce H. Mann, a renowned professor at Harvard University, having divorced her first husband, Jim Warren in 1978. However, she continues to keep Jim Warren’s surname.

What is Elizabeth Warren’s Net Worth?

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren is a wealthy woman. Having been an academic expert for quite a while, teaching in different universities and getting cited by people all around the USA and beyond, it is expected that she has raked in money for herself.

Elizabeth is also an author who has written three books and co-authored six more which are now used both for academic and general purposes. Apparently, she rakes in money from her book sales too.

Of course, the politician rakes in money from her annual salary as a serving US Senator. So, what is Elizabeth Warren’s net worth? At the moment, the senator is reported to be worth about $12 million, according to Forbes.

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How Much Does She Make as Senator?

One of Elizabeth Warren’s streams of income is her salary as a senator. So, how much is she paid as a lawmaker? Let’s take a look.

Our checks have revealed that the average salary of senators in the United States is $174,000 every year. Apparently, Elizabeth Warren’s salary as a senator is the same thing; she now earns $174,000 annually as a US Senator.

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