What Happened To Adam Richman & Why Did He Retire From Man vs Food? 

This article centers on the life of Adam Richman, an American actor and TV personality who translated his love for everything edible into a career even without acquiring any formal education in the field. Surprisingly, just at the peak of his career, he chose to quit the show which gave him instant fame, leaving his fans wondering what could have made him take such a decision. As you keep reading, you will get to discover not only what happened to Adam Richman but also the reason behind his retirement from his popular Man v. Food show, which aired on Travel Channel.

Why Did Adam Richman Retire From Man v. Food? 

Growing up in the food mecca of New York City, Adam Richman’s love affair with food began at an early age as his desire to have a taste of everything made him sample all the different kinds of special dishes the city had to offer. Many years down the line, he started writing a food journal while he was studying at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and this was aimed at documenting the outstanding food companies he was discovering all through Southeastern part of the United States.

Even though he read International Studies, the connection he shares with food naturally propelled him into the food industry subsequent to his graduation. Afterward, he worked in almost all grades of the restaurant world and by so, built a highly impressive résumé. Despite the fact that he never had professional training, Adam Richman succeded at gaining on-the-job experience from all the restaurants he worked in.

For many wondering what happened to Adam Richman, he later went on to do a master’s degree program in Fine Art at Yale University’s School of Drama after which he traveled to the US and acted in several regional theaters. During this time, he was able to savor America’s best local dishes and documented them in his food journal.

Finally, in 2008, Adam earned instant fame after he joined the Travel Channel as the host of Man v. Food. The food reality show, among other things, saw Adam Richman traveling to different cities in America to explore their ‘big foods’. This always ended in a food challenge between man and food at a local restaurant and for him to win, he must finish the often huge amount of food he is served, otherwise, food wins. In no time, the show became a hit, recording the highest-ever ratings on Travel Channel.

Sadly, Adam in a very long statement on Facebook in January 2012, announced that he had decided to quit competitive eating, adding that he now sought to explore, learn, and share all he had learned about food, places, people, and travel, and make the information accessible to everyone. Apart from the fact that he wanted to move on, Adam Richman gave no specific reason for retiring. Following his retirement, the food series also ended that year. However, five years later, the show was revived but with a new host named Casey Webb.

What Happened To Adam Richman?

After the gastronaut left Man v. Food, he lost a lot of weight that made many people ask “what happened to Adam Richman?” Being the host of an American food reality television series, Adam Richman’s weight expectedly increased. However, worried about his health and lack of love life, the Brooklyn native, after four years of entertaining his fans with his extreme eating challenges, told himself that it was enough. According to him, the tipping point came when on catching sight of himself in the mirror one day, and found his image unflattering.

What Happened to Adam Richman
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Meanwhile, a lot of people did not know that Adam Richman had been struggling with his continuous weight gain all through the time he was involved in competitive eating. His dissatisfaction with his ‘new body’ drove him into depression after seeing his reflection in the mirror; it also negatively affected his self-esteem. With the airing of his final episode in April 2012, Adam saw it as the most appropriate time to quit the show and get back into shape in order to save himself.

To achieve this, he completely stopped taking white flour and dairy meals. He also ate small 150-calorie meals every two hours all through the day, concentrating on lean proteins, almonds, salmon, Greek yogurt, turkey, and meal replacement bars. In addition to this, he also practiced water therapy, drinking 3.7 liters of water on a daily basis.

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If you’re curious to know what happened to Adam Richman, you’d be delighted to know that Adam also took exercising more seriously than before. According to him, he had always been a member of a gym but previously, he did only thirty minutes on the treadmill at a ‘leisurely pace’. However, that changed with his determination to lose weight and alongside his weight training, kickboxing, plyometrics, yoga, cross-fit, and soccer practice, the foodie also walked 10,000 steps daily, balancing his energy intake and expenditure by taking supplements.

Thanks to his dedication and hard work, Adam Richman lost 60lbs in no time to the awe of his fans and all who knew him.

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